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Unseen Sparks (Magnetic Thread)

Tenten zipped through the trees, slicing air as she slashed ten kunai towards Neji's arms and legs. His lips moved rapidly as he blocked the weapons easily as a juggler restacking toy blocks, never stopping his haunting drone. He was trying desperately to make her understand-something- because the intent burning in his eyes darkened the forest with every syllable. And bitterness was etched into the sharpness of his face like a web.

He leapt forward, spinning a katana in rapid circles. The sound was vibrating like a gong's cry through the air, and yet she couldn't hear a single word.

She narrowed her eyes, sweat lining the curves of her face as she growled with the force of her concentration. Flares were blurring her senses, electric pulses that flamed at the sight of his face. What was he saying? Probably something about fate again.

She flipped backwards, beating her feet against bark as she leapt away from his blows. His lips were moving faster now, eyes only burning brighter as the night drowned away the sun's last words. They were flickering faster and faster like lightbulbs ready to explode if unnoticed and his fingers were shooting out, some managing to stab cords of pain through her back despite her desperate twisting.

It was a cruel game of hide-and-seek, with her as the mouse, wincing as she snaked around the same branch over and over again, spinning back and forth to avoid his furious fingers only to get hit yet again.

(Why do I keep taking the same punches over and over again?

Even so, I'll keep on fighting.

That's the mystery of life.)

Damn him and his accuracy. He held the whip in close combat, the snake that could swallow her in whole with a glance. Single white orbs glared against the steaming volcano sky, erupting with questions and confessions. The sight was inescapable and at last Tenten fell back, gasping with sudden panic before clashing hard into bark. "Ugh!" she moaned, instantly hating herself for the noise.

She had a second to blink before he fell on her, thrusting his fingers towards her face. She flinched, anticipating rapid payback. He must've noticed she wasn't listening!

Her eyes widened as he gently touched her lips.

Smirking, he said softly, "You didn't hear what I said."

A dark blush instantly spread across her cheeks.

She opened her lips but no words came out. His eyes sparked white-hot as he watched her, a small teasing smile on his face. Her face was burning. Steam must've been rising from her breath. She cursed mentally, ironically wishing now to make a sound- anything to fill the silence waiting like morning fog in his eyes. Goddammit, what did he say? She had seen him mouth the word 'fate', but…

She had never seen those white sparks flash through her own reflection before. It was a deep hunger, flickering purely through mist that invited her in. At last, she smiled, voicelessly seeping confessions as she kissed his tense fingers, suddenly feeling his veins burn against her lips.

A magnetic thread suddenly sparked between their skin, pulling them closer in an electric flare that begged to circuit. She gave in thirstily, drinking in his touch as his fingers instinctively moved closer. She glimpsed a rare close view of his face flickering red with obvious restraint. At last the tensing veins broke loose and he pulled his fingers aside and leaned in. A cool breath released heavily from his lips, quickly brushing hers. His deep tones panted through the surface of air, blowing away all doubts with that single sound of wanting before their lips met in a single, sweet touch.

Lightning shot through, flowing freely between the two. Embers seeped and blossomed the blazing glow of a flower deep within the wires as each fought breathlessly for control of the magnet.

At last they broke away, electric sparks still flashing between pearl and amber in the air. She laughed, panting as an amused sweetness lined the emptiness between her fighting lungs and the glass eyes that she gazed at through half-lowered lids.

"You were saying about fate?"

He smirked, touching her lips again and feeling the sparks still flicker through.

"Its not the only thing that connects us." he whispered.

(It shouldn't be too far from here-

A view you've never seen before.)