Aki- A slightly angsty slightly romantic onesided lit oneshot. The fanfic universe in abundant in them, but you know you love them.

Living a Lie

I could live a lie.

I mean, it's not like she had the most beautiful eyes in the world. It's not like her laughter was as sweet as honey. It's not like her gentle smile healed me.

I could go on without her.

She was just another girl, not my type at all. There are plenty out there just like her. She wasn't anything special; she didn't mean that much to me.

We didn't compliment each other. We didn't have great conversations. We didn't have much in common. Everyone was right when they though we didn't belong together I don't think we belong to together.

She didn't heal me or anything. She wasn't the one responsible for making me see the beauty in the world when I was blind to it or made me feel when I was indifferent.

It's not like she was my inspiration. It's not like she could see through my facades. It's not like she could see my potential and knew I could do great things and told me so and actually changed the path my life was heading.

She really didn't change me at all. She didn't make me a better person. She didn't teach me how to trust again. I have no regrets at all. I never hurt her and she never hurt me. I'm glad that it ended. It was better for me.

She's not the reason for where I am today. She not the only girl I will ever love. I don't dream of her at night and visualize her during the day. I don't still wish her to be mineā€¦

It's not like I fell in love with her. It's not like I still love her. It's not like it hurts me to see her with someone else.

No way.

Everything's cool without her.

The world still has its color.

There is someone else out there for me.

I didn't like her that much.

I'd be okay if I never saw her again.

Yeah, I could live lie.

I'm a good liar...