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Part XII: Epilogue


"Though love may break, it never dies."
- My One True Friend, Bette Midler

"Even through it all, I'm always on your side."
- Always On Your Side, Sheryl Crow & Sting

Roy never gave small towns much thought. He had heard plenty about them, of course – everyone had. He had heard about how everyone knew everyone in small towns, and it was the main thing he was counting on since otherwise he wouldn't have any idea how to find her. He had only been told she lived in Shaver Lake and it wasn't like there was a directory he had been able to find. (How could any city, small as it might be, not have a directory online somewhere?)

One thing he hadn't expected was that there would only be one public eatery of any particular repute. The Starlight Diner looked much like any other greasy spoon found anywhere else in the country, only this one was couched between a hardware store on one side and a bookstore on the other along what was apparently the main street.

This was a big plus. He had worried that he'd have to ask around several places, but if there was only one, well, so much the better.

The bell over the door tinkled merrily as he entered. He drew some attention as he walked in and since it was lunch time, it seemed everyone in the town was at the counter, tables, or booths along the walls. A few people dressed in business attire stood up from a booth along the back and made their way toward him, waving to the man behind the counter. As they walked by him to get to the door, they glanced curiously at him. He smiled his charming smile and they stepped outside into the northern California sunshine without a word.

He made his way to the counter, smiling at the man behind it who was staring at him in expectation.

"What'll it be, stranger?" the man asked, pleasant enough.

Roy smiled even brighter as he approached. "A coffee to start with," he answered and when the man set about pouring him a steaming cup and putting the cream and sugar within reach he continued, "And second, I was hoping someone here might be able to help me find someone I was told lives in this town."

"Oh?" The man asked, looking somewhat suspicious.

"She's an old friend of mine from our younger days, the name's Rachel Roth?"

The man seemed to think about it for a moment. "Rachel Roth, huh?" he asked.

"You mean Doc Rae?" a woman, about the man's age asked, coming up behind the man with a few plates in her hands.

Roy smiled at her charmingly, "Yes, I believe she is a doctor."

"Well, her offices' are just down the street there," the man said, as if he weren't exactly sure he wanted to be saying it. "You're an old friend of hers, you say?"

Roy nodded, "Just down the street?" he asked, starting to take out money to pay for the coffee. "Thanks—"

"Well, she's not there now," the woman offered, walking out from behind the counter to drop off her plates with her waiting customers.

"Oh, that's right," the man agreed. "It's Wednesday."

Roy was confused. "She doesn't work on Wednesday?"

"Of course she does," the man said, offended. "She makes house calls on Wednesdays."

"Not all day mind you, but from noon till about 4, give or take, depending on who needs to see her," the woman explained, wiping her hands as she came back around the counter.

Roy took a sip of his coffee, his eyes widening in pleasant surprise. "This is good coffee!"

"Best in five states," the man said proudly.

Roy smiled and took another sip before asking, "Might her office know where she's visiting now?"

"Her office won't know," the woman provided. "Doc Rae herself often doesn't know where she's off to when she goes off...it all depends on who needs her, you see?"

Roy didn't particularly see. How could she not know where she was needed unless those that needed her called her office? "Is there some way I can get in contact with her?" he pressed.

"You should wait," the woman said. "It's almost two now, she'll be in for her lunch at two. She always is on Wednesdays." And without waiting for his reply, the woman was off to take someone else's order.

Roy looked at his watch, finished his coffee, and considered whether to wait or try and find her office just in case they might know where she was after all when the man refilled his cup.

"Why don't you stick around?" the man asked, filling the mug up with practiced ease, "Take that booth over there," he pointed, "And you can have some lunch yourself while you wait?"

Roy smiled, "How's the pie here?"

"The best in ten states," the man boasted.

Roy laughed and walked to the booth, taking a seat, ignoring looks as he passed. "I'll have the pie," he told the woman as she walked by.

"You got it, hun," the woman confirmed, walking back toward her husband behind the counter.

"Maybe we should call the sheriff?" her husband asked, looking at Roy.

"I'll do it from the back," the woman agreed, walking to the office to do just that.

A few minutes later, at ten minutes to two to be precise, the bell over the door tinkled once again, but considering it had been tinkling pretty consistently since Roy had sat down he hardly noticed.

Also, the fact that Roy had discovered that the best pie in ten states really was the best pie in ten states, might also have contributed to the fact that he didn't even notice how the man behind the counter stopped what he was doing to meet the newcomer's eyes. Or, how the newcomer took off his hat and found the top of Roy's bright red capped head even before the man behind the counter motioned to him.

Roy didn't even notice when the waitress that had brought him the pie stepped around the newcomer, greeting him: "Sheriff," looking pointedly at Roy.

"Afternoon, Maddie," the Sheriff greeted as he walked to the booth along the back, approaching Roy from behind.

In fact, his preoccupation with the fabulous pie and the fact that Roy was so used to attracting attention combined so that he didn't notice he was being stared at or approached at all until he felt the gaze of someone directly behind him boring into his back, right between the shoulder blades. He put down the fork carefully on the side of the plate, half his second slice of pie still waiting to be consumed.

"So, I hear you're looking for my wife."

Roy considered how to approach this situation, and turned to face the owner of the deep voice. His eyes first caught on the badge that had "Sheriff" engraved on its shiny silver surface, and he thought, 'Great…I've attracted the local law…and he's Rae's hubby.' Understandably, it took a moment for recognition to dawn on Roy, even as his attention spread from the uniform up to the youngish face framed by strands of longish black hair just grazing the tops of his ears.

"Fuck me, you're the sheriff?!" Roy exclaimed.

The Sheriff walked around the booth and took the seat across from him, smiling at Roy's amazement. "Hello, Roy," he greeted, still smiling.

Something else sunk into Roy's mind as he looked into the amused blue eyes of his old friend who had for all intents and purposes, completely fallen off the radar. "Wait...your wife?" he pressed, even more shocked than the first time.

"You were looking for Rae, weren't you?" he asked innocently.

"Dick, you fucking bastard," Roy said, smiling despite himself. "You know exactly why I'm surprised!"

Richard leaned back in the booth as the woman from before brought him his own cup of coffee and walked away with a wave. "Is it really that hard to imagine we got married?"

"It's hard to imagine I wasn't invited to the wedding!" Roy accused.

Richard shrugged, "You were invited," he countered. "We didn't know where you were, and we couldn't exactly go asking around."

Roy frowned, "Why not?"

Richard sighed, "We're trying to keep a low profile here," he explained. "We didn't want to call too much attention to this."

"But it's not a secret that Rae's a doctor here…it never has been."

Richard nodded. "It isn't a secret, no. It hasn't been advertised, but it isn't a secret. We just thought it best if the least amount of non-essential people knew that we were trying to make a life for ourselves here," he shook his head, leaned back, and sipped from his plain white mug of coffee. "You were the only one of the people we wanted to invite who we couldn't get in touch with – you disappeared off the map, Roy. I mean, none of the old guard knew where you were."

Roy blushed and leaned back too. "Well, I needed to take some time to find myself, I think."

Richard gave him a look he was familiar with, the considering-guy look, wherein he weighed his options between asking about an obviously personal thing and keeping mute about it. "When'd you lose yourself?" he finally decided.

Roy chuckled, "Long story," he evaded. "Maybe some other time," he smiled to let his friend know he meant it and then leaned forward again, resting his arms on the clean Formica table. Roy shook his head, "I'm so gonna kill Vic," he decided. "He could've told me you were married!"

Richard nodded, "Oh, I will bet you anything I'll be getting a call from Vic tonight."

"So," Roy grinned, "You and Rae," he shook his head. "I gotta admit, I always kind of thought you two had a thing-not-a-thing going on, you know?"

Richard raised a brow, "A thing-not-a-thing?"

Roy shrugged. "You know what I mean."

Richard chuckled, "Obviously, I don't."

Roy grinned mischievously. "Well, I wasn't sure about it until that time you almost broke my leg during that sparring match we had after I'd asked Rae out on a date, remember that?"

Richard narrowed his eyes, "Oh yeah..." he said in a serious pensive way enemies of justice had learned to fear. He grinned and it was dangerous and sharp. "I remember."

Roy frowned, "You know, I had thought the sprain was an accident, but now I'm starting to wonder."

Richard chuckled. "Which reminds me..." he raised a brow, "Why are you looking for Rae, anyway?"

"I was actually in the neighborhood," Roy answered breezily, remembering his pie suddenly and digging up a large forkful. "I'd heard Rae was living here, thought I'd drop in and--"

"What?" Richard prompted.

Roy laughed, "Dude, easy," he said. "I really did just want to drop in and say hi, see how she was."

"Hm," Richard allowed.

Roy quirked his lips challengingly. "Threatened, Blunder Wonder?"

"Of you?" Richard asked. "Hardly."

"Well, I'll have you know--" Roy started.

"Yeah, sure, uh-huh," Richard didn't let him finish.

"What do you mean by that?" Roy asked, sitting up.

The bell over the door dinged, but although Richard's eyes flicked over Roy's shoulder, Roy ignored it. Richard smiled and put down his coffee cup.

"Are you trying to insinuate there is some woman on this planet I couldn't--" he cut himself off as he finally noticed the look on Richard's face. His face fell. "She's behind me, isn't she?"

"Do go on, Roy," Raven's unmistakable voice came from behind Roy. He turned in surprise to look at her, grin faltering and eyes widening as he took in the rest of her, then settling back into a wide smile as he met her eyes again. "What is it you think you can do to any woman on the planet?"

Roy stood up and grinned in shock and surprise. "What does that matter?" he asked, waving that away and pointing at her, "You're pregnant!" he exclaimed.

Raven looked around her at the diner as Roy's exclamation called the attention of everyone in the restaurant. She waved a greeting, and waited until everyone's attention went back to their food and their conversation with a few snickers before turning back to Roy. "Observant as ever, Roy," she deadpanned.

Richard scooted over in the booth, making enough room for her to slide in next to him, but Roy embraced her, wrapping his arms around her rather protruding form before she could.

"Wow, it's never been that hard to hug you before!" Roy chuckled. "But you look great!" he hurried to assure her.

Raven slid into her seat, putting her black medicine bag on the floor next to her. "Thank you," she said before Richard could interject to ask about when Roy had hugged her in the past. She smiled at Richard and busied his lips with a kiss.

Before they knew it, the woman who originally brought Roy his pie and Richard his coffee had a steaming plate and a glass and was placing it in front of Raven.

"There ya go, hun," the woman said, smiling at her in welcome.

"Thank you, Maddie," Raven smiled and took a drink from her glass. "Oh, I needed that," Raven told her. "This is your best iced tea yet, I think," she told the woman.

"You shush," Maddie said, waving the comment away. "How was Mrs. Jenkins today?"

Raven smiled, pleased. "She's responding exceptionally well to the treatment." Raven nodded, "She'll be tending her garden come Spring, you wait and see."

Maddie grinned. "That's real good to hear," she nodded. "Can I refill your cups, gentlemen?" she asked.

"Maddie, have you met Roy?" Raven asked, starting in on her plate and motioning to him with her chin. "He's a friend of ours from our boarding school days," she explained.

"Nice ta meet'cha," Maddie nodded.

"Maddie, did you make this pie?" Roy asked, smiling.

"Sure did," Maddie answered proudly.

"Then I'm really glad to meet you," Roy said charmingly.

Maddie laughed and waved him off too. "G'on you charmer," she said. "You're not getting any more pie outta me, there's only one slice left and that one's Doc's."

"You tell 'em Maddie," Richard said from next to Raven.

"No, I did not save you a slice either, Sheriff, so you'll have to beg your wife for a bite of hers if you want any," she said, and, winking at Raven, went back to the counter.

"I think Maddie likes you better than me," Richard told Raven.

Raven smirked, "Oh, I know she likes me better."

"What are you eating?" Roy asked, his attention finally falling on the concoction of substances he couldn't really distinguish.

Richard laughed heartily but Raven looked at Roy as if he was daft for not recognizing it.

"Chicken soup," she answered.

"That," Roy pointed, "is not chicken soup." He shook his head. "It can't be." He narrowed his eyes in contemplation of it, "Unless it mutated."

Richard nodded. "Its chicken soup all right," he confirmed. Raven gave Roy a look as if saying 'I told you so' before spooning up more of the strange mixture. "With some white rice and milk in it."

Roy made a face. "Eew," he said. "Chicken soup, white rice and milk?"

Raven shrugged and swallowed. "I'm apparently suffering from some sort of dietary deficiency, probably calcium and potassium, but all I've been craving since my third trimester is chicken soup with rice and milk."

"That and egg yolks mixed into vanilla ice cream," Richard added.

"Double eew," Roy said.

"Actually, the ice cream with the egg yolks isn't half bad," Richard defended. "And to tell you the truth, the chicken soup thing is much better than what she was craving at 6 weeks."

Roy was almost afraid to ask, but he did anyway. "What?"

"Kori's Pudding of Friendship."

Roy shuddered. "Oh, man!" he exclaimed, wincing. "That isn't right!"

"When we told her, she made enough to last us three years," Richard laughed. "Can you imagine having that in your fridge?"

"I knew I didn't like it," Raven admitted, "I just couldn't seem to stop wanting to eat it." She shook her head, raising the last spoonful of food into her mouth. "Thankfully, I moved on from that."

"So..." Roy said thoughtfully, "Does that mean you don't really want the pie Maddie's got saved for you?"

"Touch my pie and die," Raven said calmly.

Richard shook his head. "Roy, trust me, you do not want to get between a pregnant woman and her food," he advised.

"Marriage has made you soft, Dick," Roy teased.

Richard laughed, "Just wait until you get married."

"Me?" Roy shook his head adamantly. "Not gonna happen."

"That's what you say now," Richard said.

"Nope, I know it," he assured. "The only woman interesting enough to keep me entertained that long is already married," he grinned cheekily.

Richard narrowed his eyes at him. "You want another broken leg?"

Roy continued grinning. "I don't think you can take me now…small town life's softened you up, man."

"You think so?" Richard asked.

"Positive," Roy taunted.

"Wanna stake your limbs on that?" Richard asked, raising a brow.

Raven rolled her eyes and zoned out of the conversation, her mind going to thoughts of her day so far and what she would have to do yet until she felt the first twinge. She paused, fork halfway to her mouth for another bite of pie, and waited. When it didn't go away as quickly as the other ones had in the past, she brought a hand to her distended abdomen and looked at her watch. There was no reason to hurry, she thought. She could afford to finish her pie. It was probably a false contraction, anyway. She wasn't due for another week and a half.

The boys, meanwhile, were too preoccupied with their pissing contest to notice any of this but that didn't really surprise her. Richard was a wonderful husband, but he never really noticed the little things. She looked at her watch and relaxed some when she noticed that ten minutes had passed and she hadn't had another contraction and swatted at Roy's surreptitiously extended fork when the occasion called for it.

"Aw, c'mon Rae!" Roy begged. "The crumbs! That's all I'm asking for!"

"Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't kick your ass, Roy," she warned.


Richard laughed and sipped at his coffee. "So, where you heading, Roy?" he asked.

Roy raised a brow, "Are you subtly trying to ask me to leave?"

"No," Richard said, shaking his head. "I was just asking. You did say you were just passing through."

Roy narrowed his eyes comically. "You telling me to move along, Sheriff?" he asked in a really bad imitation of what could only be John Wayne.

"What?" Richard asked innocently. "It's not like you were planning on settling here or anything." When Roy didn't immediately answer, he lowered his mug to the table and raised a brow, "You weren't, were you?"

Roy leaned back casually, sipping at his own coffee. "Maybe."

"You wouldn't last a week," Richard predicted.

"You seem to be doing just fine," Roy pointed out.

"Yes, well," Richard smiled, "I have a reason to." He glanced at Raven. "I'll be fine anywhere so long as Rae's with me."

Raven glanced at him and they shared a smile.

"Aw," Roy cooed, smiling. "Aren't you two the cutest thing?" he teased. "You know, now that I think about it, how did you two finally end up together?" he asked. "I mean, last I heard, we all split up and Rae, you stayed West in school and Dick you ended up in Blüdhaven didn't you?"

Richard sobered and nodded, "Yes, that's right."

"So, how did you manage to…" they glanced at Roy when he trailed off and Roy motioned with his hands, "Meet up again?" He watched them as they looked at each other and knew there was an obvious story there. "Wait," he said. "Those rumors I heard through the grapevine about you two avoiding each other all those years wasn't true, was it?"

"I guess it was," Raven answered carefully.

Richard reached out and took hold of Raven's hand on the table top.

"So?" Roy prompted.

"There was a miscommunication," Raven said. "We cleared it up."

Roy exhaled. "Serves me right for trying to get juicy details from the most closed mouthed of all of us," he mumbled under his breath.

"She came to Blüdhaven for a conference," Richard explained a little more. "I saw her. We...talked."

"And then?" Roy prodded.

"Then I came home," Raven answered.

"Then you obviously didn't really clear anything up," Roy exclaimed. "Gahd, you two are so stubborn."

"We did clear things up, Roy," Raven answered. "And it was difficult to leave," Raven admitted. "But it was the only viable option."

Roy turned to Richard. "And you let her go?"

Richard nodded soberly.

Roy smacked him across the arm.

"What the hell, Roy?" Richard asked in surprise.

"That was for letting her go, dumbass!" Roy said exasperatedly.

Raven smiled, but Richard and Roy were arguing again and they didn't notice. They also didn't see the smile turn into a wince and Raven look at her watch and frown.

"Damnit, Roy, stop that!" Richard said, smacking Roy back. "I eventually got my head out of my ass and came and found her."

Roy smiled. "I'm glad," he leaned back. "Really glad for you two," he said sincerely. "The last time I saw you, Dick, you worried me, you know?"

Richard scoffed.

"You did!" Roy insisted. "I was too into my own problems to do anything about it, but you looked like you were a walking corpse...a walking angry corpse."

Richard nodded and he and Raven shared a look. "I didn't have my hope."

"You look good now," Roy nodded. "Both of you."

"Is that why you came looking for me, Roy?" Raven asked.

Roy flushed and busied himself with the salt and pepper shakers. "Well, the last time I saw you at Vic's was like two years ago, wasn't it?" he asked. "And whenever anyone mentioned Dick you sort of flinched." He shrugged. "You two were always so close, when the news got out that Nightwing," he whispered the name, "had retired and disappeared a few months ago, I wanted to make sure you were okay, I guess."

Raven smiled at him and reached out to take a hold of his hand and squeeze it. "Thank you."

Roy flushed even brighter and grinned, "Does that mean I can have your crumbs?"

Raven frowned and took her hand away, pulling her plate closer to her and narrowing her eyes at him.

Roy laughed and turned contemplative; "You know..." he started. "Maybe I'll just have to find myself some girl worth settling down for?" He looked from Richard to Raven, "Know anyone?" he asked cheekily.

Richard grinned mischievously. "Hey, maybe he and Julie would get along, huh, Rae?"

Raven snorted delicately. "Julie would chew him up and spit him out."

"And Julie's daddy would make certain your body was never found," Richard agreed happily.

"And far be it from the Sheriff of this fair town to do a damn thing about it, I suppose?" Roy asked.

"Sorry," Richard said, leaning back again. "Sheriff'd be way too busy."

"Saving cats from trees, I suppose?" Roy snarked.

"Nope," Richard replied, unperturbed. "That's George's job."

"George?" Roy asked, despite himself.

"Fire Department Chief, runs the local firehouse station," Richard answered.

"Hey, maybe I could be Fire Department Chief."

"Have to get rid of George first, I suppose," Richard mused.

"So?" Roy shrugged. "How tough could this guy be?"

"See for yourself," Richard nodded behind Roy.

"Where?" he turned around, but saw no one that looked like a Fire Department Chief anywhere in the tables or booths behind him.

"That's her there," Raven pointed, waving when she caught the attention of the brunette sitting with two other women, all about 35.

"Hey, Doc!" George called, smiling. Her table-companions followed suit.

"Hey, she's pretty cute," Roy said, smiling charmingly at her.

George frowned when she caught his smile and turned back to her table.

"Don't even bother," Richard said, chuckling. When Roy raised a brow, Richard shrugged. "She's got a gun permit."

No one noticed when Raven stopped what she was doing, looked at her watch again, and frowned. Still, she managed to stop their discussion about the merits of tough girls with two simple, calm words.

"It's time," she said casually.

"Time?" Richard looked at his watch. "Time for what?" he asked. "You don't have another appointment to see yet, do you?"

Raven shook her head, raising a hand for Maddie's attention. "The time, Richard," she said, turning back to him. "The one we've been waiting nine months for."

Richard's hand, going lax from surprise, unfortunately dripped coffee onto his arm, which in scheme of things wasn't altogether too bad since Roy spit out his coffee in surprise projecting clear across the table and right into Richard's face.

"What?" Roy managed, coughing.

When the pain cut through Richard's shock, he jumped and wiped at the hot coffee on his face. Luckily, it wasn't as hot as it could have been and he wasn't scalded.

Roy looked at him just as Raven was starting to stand oh-so-calmly (and carefully) from the booth. "Rae's..." Roy blinked. "You're not...are you?"

"Now?" Richard squeaked. "It can't be the time, Rae!" Richard argued. "You're not due for another week and a half, I've got the plan all set for a week and a half!" he insisted.

"Tell that to the baby, Richard," Raven replied calmly.

"Okay, okay," Richard tried to collect himself, while still wiping absently at the spots of coffee on his uniform sleeve. "This calls for Plan OONA," he told no one in particular.

"Plan oona?" Roy asked. "What the hell are you talking about, man, you're wife in labor!"

"I know!" Richard exclaimed. "And I'm handling it."

"No," Roy pointed out, "She's handling it," he motioned to where Raven was talking to the waitress.

"Call Julie, would you?" Raven asked Maddie. "Let her know I'm on my way back, to please cancel all my afternoon appointments, and to call Kim at the hospital and ask her to come?" She paused to grab her bag and exhaled as another contraction hit her. She looked at her watch again. "Tell Julie they're about ten minutes apart, so Kim should hurry, and Amos too, if he finally wants to be here."

Maddie nodded. "Will do, Doc, no worries," Maddie said, excitedly, patting Raven on the arm. "You just go get comfortable, now, and everything will be fine...we'll be looking forward to meeting the new little Grayson, alright?" Raven smiled at the woman and before another word could be interchanged, Maddie turned to the counter, "Wilbur! Get on the phone and call Julie at Doc Rae's office! It's time!"

The loud exclamation had everyone in the diner up in arms, exclaiming congratulations and words of encouragement to the soon to be mother as she carefully made her way across the diner toward the door.

Maddie laughed when she turned to find the Sheriff looking about as if he'd lost something and wasn't quite sure what, mumbling about a plan and their red-haired friend looked about as shell shocked as they came.

"Grayson to Dispatch," Richard called into his communicator when he found it. "Gretchen, come in, it's time!" Richard turned to George, "George, do me a favor? Clear the streets would you?"

George smirked and saluted. "Will do, Sheriff."

"But the streets are clear, Cap," one of the women with her whispered.

"Just nod and go along, Sally, his wife's in labor," George replied.

Maddie approached and Richard tried to look calm. "Everything's going to be okay, Maddie, I've got a plan."

She approached smirked. "'Course you do, Sheriff, but unless you want your wife to walk herself back to the clinic you might want to get your butt out of that chair and go to her now and worry about your plan later."

"Oh, crap, Rae!" Richard called out, hurrying out of the booth, smacking Roy in the back of the head as he passed, "C'mon!" He reached the door of the diner and called out after his somewhat wobbly wife, "Rae! Damnit, wait for me, would you?"

"I so didn't sign up for this," Roy mumbled as he got out of the booth. Remembering something last minute, he turned to Maddie. "Don't we owe you...?"

Maddie laughed and shoved him toward the door. "G'on! Sheriff'll settle accounts later!"

The entire diner who had been watching the events unfold with much interest since Maddie called out for her husband to make the phone call, started laughing at Roy's question and Maddie's amused answer.

Roy half walked and half jogged to reach the door. "Hey!" he called when he looked outside to find Richard following Raven halfway down the sidewalk. He looked at where the green and white car marked Shaver Lake Police Department: Sheriff on the door sat parked directly in front of the diner. "Isn't this your car?" he called out, pointing at the car.

"She wants to walk," Richard called back. "Hurry up!"

Roy hurried to catch up to them and frowned. "Couldn't we use the sirens?!" he asked as he approached.

"Don't need 'em," Richard said.

"Whole town knows I'm in labor by now," Raven answered and as if to prove her right, people slowly started emerging from the stores that lined the main road, calling out congratulatory statements.

Roy chuckled as he walked along side them toward the clinic. "Small towns..."


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