Chaotic Worlds: Book 1

Chapter 1: Dreams

Disclaimer: Chaotic Worlds is intended to be a multi-crossover fanfic influenced by a great number of anime, comics & even live-action series. Examples include X by the manga group CLAMP, characters from the DC Comics universe & maybe even Power Rangers to name a few. While my main characters are original ones, they are based on characters that are based on the works of others. Guest characters making appearances in this fanfic will also not be mine. As such, I'll do my best to add disclaimers where necessary to avoid having angry people with copyright lawsuits all over my ass. Enjoy!

Universe 1566

"Ah crap!" the young man exclaimed, his mouth full of bread & peanut butter & raspberry jam, as he bolted out the front door of his house racing on the pavement. His left hand carried his open school bag, from which his textbooks & homework dangled precariously while his right hand carried the remainder of his sandwich. He could hear the horn of his schoolbus, calling out for late passengers. Stuffing what remained of his sandwich into his mouth, Ken put on an extra burst of speed and sprinted to his schoolbus, making it just in time. Inside, he found his best friend sitting near the back snickering at him. He slid into the empty spot beside Jake, then ran a hand through his tousled hair in a futile attempt to make it more presentable.

All the while not noticing the tall stranger in the black overcoat who had been observing him the moment he had left his house.

"Cutting it close today, aren't we?" smirked Jake Turner as his childhood friend sat beside him, panting heavily. Jake was slightly shorter than Ken & the two had been best friends since they were four. In fact it was easy for Jake to make friends with almost anybody. He had a trustworthy face, the kind strangers would trust even during a first meeting. Add to that his obvious leadership qualities & it was easy to see why Jake was president of the student body at their high school. His expression turned serious slightly on seeing the nervous look on Ken's face. "You overslept? Usually you're always on time. What's so different about today? Didn't your parents give you a wake-up call?

"No man. That's the thing that's been worrying me. Even though the rest of my family's been at my grandparents since the previous weekend, either my mom or my dad to call me to wake up," replied Ken.

"Huh. Weird."

"What's so weird about 1 missed call, Ken? Maybe they had a sleep-in & forgot to wake up themselves," piped up Cassie Bennett, Jake's girlfriend who had been quietly sitting behind them.

"You don't know his dad, Cass. Not that well I mean."

"He's right Cassie. As far as I can remember, my dad's always dragged me out of bed every morning for morning training, no matter rain or shine. I don't think there's ever been a morning where he didn't try to wake me up by overturning my mattress or with a flying kick to my gut."

"That's kinda overboard…You know about this too Jake?" Cassie asked Jake.

"Yeah he's not joking Cassie, I was staying over the morning Uncle Karl tried to wake Ken up with a flying kick. Had a bit of a corkscrew to it too, if I recall…"

"Yeah you'd remember that, Jake, I used you to block that one."

"Oh yeah…"

"Why do you have to do morning trainings everyday Ken?"

"My dad's the chief executive of this small security company. As his eldest, I'm expected to take over when I'm of age so all this martial arts training everyday is to prepare me…is what he said. In any case, I've always woken up early every morning if not by myself then my dad would wake me up, so much so that I've gotten used to it. Even when he wasn't at home like the past few days he'd call me non-stop to 'get my lazy fat ass out of bed & go train'. After all that, oversleeping & waking up late just doesn't seem…right to me. Somehow."

"There's something else right Ken?" Jake asked, a shrewd smile on his face. "I know all about your morning trainings buddy. Hell every summer your dad not only dragged your butt out of bed but also mine too. I know from experience that one of you would always wake up the other so that the trainings could begin. The question is if your dad didn't wake you up, how come you couldn't wake up yourself to call & wake him up?"

"You catch on fast don't you."

"It's a gift," replied Jake modestly. "Now spill the beans man, how come you were late this morning?"

"I…had a dream. Something's gonna happen soon, something big. It wasn't a good dream but it wasn't exactly a nightmare either. I just got the feeling that whatever it is, it's gonna change my life, in a big way. Forever."

"It's just a dream, Ken," reassured Cassie.


As the bus drove closer to the teens' school, the stranger in the black overcoat maintained a save observing distance between & himself, effortlessly leaping between the rooftops of the nearby apartment building. His assignment had been clear. He was to watch over Ken Fanell & his friends.

As the school bell rang signaling the end of the school day, a collective sigh of relief could be heard echoing throughout the school halls, followed by the usual clattering, dragging & scraping of chairs being pushed back to their tables, of lockers opening & closing & of other routine noises. Jake & Cassie were making plans for a date during the coming weekend. Ken walked slowly behind them, his face bearing the same worried expression he wore that morning while he checked his cell phone for any messages. It didn't take Jake & Cassie long to notice this. Not to mention some of their other friends.

"Ken, you've been wearing that same gloomy face for a whole day man. Keep that up & your face's gonna stay like that forever," joked Matt Conway, a linebacker on their school's football team.

"Don't be such an insensitive wart, you dumbass," retorted his best friend Lisa Hunter while swatting the back of his head hard. "Can't you see he's worried about something?"

"OW! Ok, ok I'm sorry alright? Now could you stop looking at me like that? Ken, buddy, you ok? You look out of it."

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine…nothing to worry about really."

"Jake? Cass? Care to explain it to me & Rachel here about why our boy's standing here so depressed?" asked Matt. Like Jake & Cassie, both Matt & Rachel had known Ken since they were kids & were close friends with him. The five of them had grown up together in the same neighbourhood & shared many happy memories between themselves. Ken understood that it was only natural for his friends to be worried for him, to want to help him. Yet while he was grateful inside, at the same time he did not want them to be involved at that moment. He did not want their lives to be changed too. For his dream had not just involved him, but also his four friends & two others.

These thoughts went through his head as Jake & Cassie related to Matt & Rachel the dream that he had told them about that morning, occupying his confused mind so thoroughly that he barely heard Jake talking to him.

"Ken. KEN."


"You agree with everything I told these two, right? About your dream?

"Oh yeah, sure. Everything." He hoped his tone sounded convincing. It wasn't. As usual Jake saw through him. He sighed, exasperated. He knew Ken was hiding more than he was letting on. He just didn't know why. Enough was enough. It was time to know the truth.

"Look, man could you just…" he began when he was interrupted by beeping from Ken's cellphone. Instantly, Ken took out his cellphone & began reading the message that had appeared. As he did so, the tension in his body began to loosen considerably & the worried frown on his face gradually gave way to relief.

"So who was that?" asked Cassie, curious.

"My mom, she just left me a message saying that my family's back, that's all."

"Yeah well you look a bit too relieved about it…" answered Matt dubiously. Ken just smiled. It was obvious to him that his friends wanted a proper explanation for his behavior that morning.

"Okay, to tell you the truth, I just had this feeling that my family was somehow linked to my dream. Like I said, it wasn't exactly a good dream so I thought it was a premonition that something had happened to them. It kinda had me worried the whole day."

"Is that all? Did your dream…have anything to do with us?" At this comment of Jake's, Ken looked sharply at Jake, alarmed. So did the other three. The relaxed atmosphere between the five had charged up with tension again. Ken didn't answer, choosing instead to turn abruptly and walk away as fast as he could. "Let's find a more quiet spot, ok?" he muttered as he headed in the direction of the park closest to his house.

Once the five were sure they were alone, Ken turned to face his friends & looked at them apologetically. "Jake was right," he explained. "My dream didn't involve just me but also you guys. In my dream, we were standing in a circle facing each other, along with two others."


"My younger cousin, Kyle was one of them. The other guy, I don't know. I've never seen him before…all I could tell was that he was slightly older than the rest of us. So there's seven of us in a circle looking at each other, and we're all looking at each other not knowing what's going on when all of a sudden seven beams of light, in different colors, come down and split up…c'mon Matt don't give me that look, I swear I'm telling the truth here," Ken explained patiently, all the while becoming increasingly aware of the incredulous looks that had begun appearing on his friends' faces. "I know it sounds like I'm pulling your leg, but I'm telling the truth here. Just hear me out."

"Well, you've never lied to us so I don't think you plan on starting now right?" Matt smiled.

"The seven beams of light, what about them?" asked Rachel.

"They split up, each beam coming to each of us. And here's where it got weird. The beams changed into animals, then changed again into people, coming to stand in front of us. Jake, you had a red bird, a…phoenix yeah that's it. Matt had this green bull or lion, I couldn't be sure. My cousin Kyle had a white falcon. I couldn't see that clearly for the girls or the other guy."

"What about you, Ken? What did you get?" asked Jake, clearly interested in Ken's story no matter how far-fetched it seemed.

"A blue dragon, big body, two arms, two legs, gigantic wings. To be more specific, it looked as if he had lightning dancing all over him. I knew that he was strong though, I could feel it in my bones. Then he changed into a human, wearing blue. He just told me one thing, 'After so long, the time of the Seven is at hand once more. You are the one who will wield me in battle. Make sure you remember my name.' But even though he said it, I couldn't catch it. I couldn't hear his name. Then just like that, he was gone, and I woke up." Ken finished.

"What about us?"

"I think you guys went through the same thing I did, because your own, uh, beams were talking to you. All of them disappeared simultaneously after that, and that's the whole story. Whether you guys believe it or not." Ken smiled sheepishly after relating his dream, knowing that his friends, like him, found it hard to have faith in such a dream. It was Matt who voiced out the thought running through each of their minds.

"You do realize that something like this only comes out in Power Rangers kind of stories right? The fantasies with the "darkness is coming back and we're the only ones who can stop it" kind of plots? I mean, we're 18, all of us. Aren't we a bit too old for all this?

"Hey, I'm just telling it like it is, alright?' Ken snapped, feeling a bit irritated at Matt's disbelief & also a bit embarrassed about his story. "I saw what I saw, and I'm not lying to you people. Anyway, when I woke up I had this strange feeling that somehow, my family was somehow related to my dream indirectly. That's why I've been worried about them. In any case my family's fine and nothing's happened to us so far right? In the end it's just nothing more than a dream."

"You may be right about that young Fanell, but would you consider this a dream then?"

Taken aback by the otherworldly voice, the five teenagers looked around them nervously, trying hard but failing to quell the rising panic in their hearts. They froze as they looked ahead of them. Not fifty meters from where they were standing, a great number of cards had begun materializing out of nothingness, each card colored black & bearing a complex yet sinister purple engraving. Time seemed to stop for the five of them as the cards began to transform, taking the shape of men in black suits. All wore black sunglasses, and all looked indistinguishable. The black mass of suits began to advance towards the five.

"Oh damn."

Author's notes: There you have it, the first chapter. This fanfic is intended to be a multi-crossover fanfic, influenced by anime, comics and even live-action series eg power rangers & even the kamen rider series, to name a few. Might not seem like much right now, but I've spent a great deal of time thinking over the plots and I promise I'll make this thing BIG. Positive reviews are greatly appreciated and I don't mind criticisms either, so long as they're constructive.