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Tempest Jones

It's probably the Goatman.

Did you ever hear the song "You ain't got a hold on me"? It's an AC/DC song; a song I liked to believe was my life motto. But there's one certain person who always had a hold on me. He's funny, or at least he thinks so, sarcastic, cocky, gorgeous, smart, though he doesn't act it, and loyal.

He's Dean Winchester and he was my best friend. We never dated even though I think at some point both our platonic feelings turned to more we never acted on them. He could make me do almost anything, a power he choose to use quite a lot actually. We grew up in Lawrence together. Of course his family would move about a lot but they always came back mostly so the boys could finish school. Dean and I had the love hate relationship. I hadn't seen him in about six years. I was twenty when he told me he was leaving for good and wasn't coming back. I'll never forget that night. But that's another story for another time. I was rushing around my apartment trying to find my other sneaker when there was a knock at my door.


I mumbled hopping over to answer it. When I opened the door I immediately closed it again.

"Dean Winchester you have ten seconds to get away from my apartment."

"Or you'll what?"

"Call the police and tell them that I'm being stalked by two guys that have more money fraud then Frank Abagnale Jr."


"Read a damn history book will you!"

"Come on Sammy's sick and he needs fluids and rest."

"Bull shit."

I heard the distinct sound of Dean hitting Sam and Sam fake coughing.

"If I let you in this apartment you are to leave one hour or less got it?"

"Got it."

I sighed and opened the door. I waved them in and started looking for my shoe again. They took a seat on my very small and crappy couch while looking around the place.

"This is quaint …" Dean said sarcastically.

"It's a shit hole. What do you two really want?"

"Help," Sam said softly.

I finally took notice of him even being there. I used to baby-sit him all the time. I pulled my head out from behind a chair and smiled at him.

"Hey Sammy, how's life been treating you kid?"

"Not to good Temp, my girlfriend Jess she died about three months ago."

"Aw Sammy I'm so sorry. How did it happen?"

"Same way as mom," Dean answered for him.

"Jesus, I'm sorry that had to happen to you Sam. Wait you need help? What do you need help with?" I asked continuing my search for the long lost shoe.

"Research and you being my favorite little history buff I thought you could help." Dean said trying to catch my gaze as I ran around the apartment.

"Research about whom or should I say what?"

"Can I ask what the hell you're looking for?" Dean snapped.

"My sneaker, I'm going out tonight hopefully as soon as you two dips leave and I can't do that without my other sneaker." I said looking around in my small kitchen.

"You mean this one?" Dean asked holding up my other sneaker with an innocent smile.

"Where did you find that?" I asked grabbing it from him and putting it on.

"It was under the coffee table babe."

"Don't call me babe. Now what is this research about?"

"There's been mysterious teenage death's around town. You haven't heard anything about that?" Sam asked somewhat shocked.

"I don't watch the news it depresses me plus every time I see something on the news I some how start thinking it could be supernatural related. So is there anything similar between the victims?"

"Not really…"

"Not really or something that seems like nothing but could be something?" I asked Sam skeptically.

"Well, they were all overly attractive kids and they were all torn up practically devoured."

"They were hot?" I asked bluntly.

"Pretty much."

"Oh yeah you should have seen this one chick she was smoking." Dean whistled.

"Well that actually narrows it down quite a bit. It's probably the Goatman." I said nonchalantly.

"The who now?" Dean asked.

"The Goatman, god and I thought I was talking to the sons of John Winchester."

"You are walking on thin ice Temp." Dean warned.

"Oh calm down Dean, the Goatman is one sick puppy though."

"Can you tell us about him?"

"I suppose, let me get my books…"

I walked into my bedroom and reached under my bed till I felt my books. I grabbed the top one and walked back into the living room. I sat in between them and opened up the book towards the end.

"The Goatman was actually a man at one point. He was experimenting and like most single scientists he screwed up probably because he wasn't getting laid and put all his heart into his work."

Dean laughed, "I've missed you Tempest."

"Yeah, well I wish I could say the same. Anyway he hunts good looking teens because he's jealous so he takes pleasure in eating most of the meat on their bones."

"How do we kill it?" Sam asked.

"He's invulnerable to guns so it's sort of like a Wendigo so I suggest a flare gun."

"Sounds simple enough," Dean stated smiling.

"Yeah it sounds it doesn't it? But this sorry SOB is strong guys. His legs are a source of great strength; you get kicked by one of them and its lights out for the night. He's hard to track too. Where's he been attacking?"

"Um…around a stretch of thirty mile road."

"By woods?"

"Yeah on the right side…"

"Go 15 miles in and go into the woods you'll probably find him in the middle. Well, that's about it so I'll see you guys in another what six years? Have a nice day."

I smiled and opened the apartment door nudging my head trying to get them to leave. Dean smiled but didn't budge.

"Where are you going tonight?"

"To a bar with a friend."

"A guy friend?"

"No, my friend Sarah. We're going to go pick up guys."

"Can we come?" Dean suggested.

"What?" Sam and I asked.

"Yeah, we need a night off it'll be fun. We'll pick up your friend so let's get going!" Dean smirked at me as he headed out the door.

"Do you realize how much that man infuriates me?" I asked Sam grabbing my coat.

"Oh I have an idea…" Sam laughed following Dean out.