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I won the bet.

Dean dropped to the ground on instinct as gun shots rang through the air. I ran over to Dean and Sam ran outside. Chris raised the gun again, laughed, and gun shots not only rang through the air but rang through me. I was standing in front of Dean but now I was lying down beside him.

"Son of a bitch!"

Dean screamed at the top of his lungs. He pulled out his gun so fast it was like lightening. I heard more gun shots and Sam yelling for Dean to stop. I felt the blood pouring out of my body from my chest, stomach, and shoulder. Dean was next to me again and I could see both he and Sam were crying. Dean pulled me into his lap.

"Sam, call 911! Do it Sam!"

"I did! I did! Tempest!"

"Dean… is he?" I breathed.

"He's dead Tempest. I killed him."

"Oh Dean…"

"No, don't you feel bad for him! Don't you dare!"

"Dean…I need you to do something for me."

"No, I won't have you talking like it's the last time we'll ever talk! You can't leave me god damn it!"

"Dean, please…"


Sam had both my hands in his and I could feel him pressing his face to them, kissing my palms.

"I won the bet. You have to do something for me."

"No! No! I won't have you do this to me!" Dean yelled tears spilling from his eyes.

I couldn't feel much anymore and I knew I was going to die. It's just something you know especially after you've been shot three times.

"You have to let your family in on your feelings and you have to move on from me and you must never ever feel guilty about anything that happened between us. Not even when we were younger."

"Tempest, please you can't leave us. We need you." Sam pleaded.

I heard the sound of sirens in the distance but I knew I wasn't going to make it. Dean knew too, I knew that's why he bent down to kiss me.

"Sammy, I love you. You are a terrific brother. Never ever change."

"I won't Tempest, I won't." He was crying more and more.

"Dean, tell John thanks for being my dad always."

"I will, but Tempest please if you hold on a little longer please."

"I love you Dean. Remember the bet."

My eyes closed and everything was gone.

General POV

"Tempest!" Sam yelled shaking her hands.

"I love you too, sweetheart. I love you too."

Dean bent down and kissed her again.

"Dean, no you can get her back. Please Dean, try." Sam begged.

"Sammy, Sam, she's gone…she's gone Sam."

Dean grabbed the back of his brother's neck and pulled him into a hug. They were crying and sobbing over Tempest's body. Dean looked behind his brother's body and saw Chris' dead corpse. He knew he could do the one thing Tempest asked, he would ever feel guilty.

Three years later, on the anniversary of Tempest death, Dean, Sam, and John were standing in a cemetery at night. They were dirty, bloody, and tired. Dean bent down and grazed the name Tempest Jones Winchester on the tombstone. They had insisted they have Winchester on there since to them she always was one. A daughter to John, a sister to Sam, and a wife to Dean.

"We killed it, Tempest. Baby, we killed the demon. For sure this time."

John placed his hand on Dean's shoulder, "She knows Dean, I'm sure her and Mary are sharing a beer over it right now."

Sam chuckled to muffle his sob, "Nah, Tempest is playing darts. That was always her thing."

"I miss you so much, T.J. I've done everything you asked except one. I've let dad and Sam in even though dad was a little hesitant," He paused to laugh lightly, "I've never ever felt guilty about what I did and I never will. But Tempest, I can't…I can't move on from you. I will never love anyone else like I've loved you. I'll try because it's what you asked but it'll never be the same. I don't want it to be. You were my girl and you always will be."

Dean kissed his index and middle finger then pressed it to her name. He stood and wrapped an arm around Sam's neck.

"She wouldn't want you to cry, Sammy. You know that."

"I know but I loved her so much, Dean."

John came over and stood between his boys resting a hand on their shoulders. He looked them directly in the eye.

"We all loved her Sam. In different ways but always the same. She knows that."

They stood there for ten more minutes before they got back into their cars and drove away, each one thinking of their different memories of Tempest Jones.

"Oh come Dean, don't make me say it."

"Hell no, T.J. I just saved your ass so you're going to say it."

"You did not save my ass," Tempest mumbled.

"Oh really? Would you like me to drive you back to the party so you can get drunk off your ass and have your dad kill you?"

"Fine, I'll say it."

"Good…I'm waiting."

Tempest mumbled a few curses, "Dean, thanks for saving my ass. You're my best friend and…I love you."

"Aw, I love you to Tempest!" Dean yelled exaggerating the word "love."

"Oh shut the hell up."

Dean will never forget her love for him even then when it took a moment to get it out of her.

"Tempest, I can't do this. I won't be able to do this."

"Sam, it's just a stupid standardized test you'll be fine. For god sake, Dean got a 1380 on his."

"Out of 1600?"


"He never told me that."

"I know he doesn't seem it but most of the time Dean's pretty humble about how smart he is."

"How am I going to compare to Dean?" Sam sighed.

"Sammy, it's not a contest. Dean will be proud if you get a 0 or a 1600. Your brother and your father love you. Don't worry so much."

"You really think I'll do alright?" He asked looking up at her with the puppy dog eyes.

Tempest smiled and ruffled his hair, "I think you'll do great."

Sam will never forget her words of encouragement.

"Mr. Winchester?"

"Yes, T.J.?"

"Can I talk to you?"

"Sure, come on over."

Tempest sat down at the Winchester kitchen table and John fixed her with a concerned look.

"What' up, kid?"

"Mr. Winchester, I know this is really weird but my dad won't understand and you're more of a father to me than he is so I just thought maybe you would understand a little better even though you have both boys and no girls…"

John laughed, "Tempest, cut the rambling and just get to it."

"Could you…um…take me to the doctors….to um…get birth control."

John was stunned for a moment but then thought about what she had said about him being more of a father to her than her own.

"Of course I'll take you Tempest. Get you coat."

John will never forget her smile.

The End