Prologue She had light brown hair hair going down to the middle of her back, she was about a little over five foot in height, she had dark green eyes, she was wearing a dark green sweat shirt and a pair of dark grey jogging pants, and was carrying a black backpack, and she was about 14 years old. She was traveling down a dirt road, she had woken up 2 hours ago in the middle of a forest, she didnt have any memory of anything when she woke up, she remembered normal things like what her name is and what her shoe size is, she had faint memorys of her parents and her brother, but of the town or village she lived in and the people there she had no memory of. she was scared going down the road but she did feel a little protected, because she had her "power", her special power that only she had. She lived in a world full of ninjas, which she thought was cool but yet scary at the same time. She had always dreamed on going on adventures and doing all kinds of things, but she hadn't counted on this, walking through the woods all alone. She knew that bandits could attack and probly even some thug ninjas, she wasnt worried about bandits just the ninjas, she knew ninjas were trained in speed and accuracy and killing skills, she wasnt as fast or as accurate as them, but she did have her power. She had always wanted to be one but that dream she had lost now, and even though she was scared about what or who could come out of the dark woods, she wasnt really paying attention to that, She was thinking about what had happend to make her wake up in the middle of the woods, without any memory of where she had lived or any of her friends she only had some memories of her family. She was barely watching where she was going and she tripped but caught the ground. And she shifted her knees starting to get up but she stopped, because she knew that her parents were dead, and she didnt know where her brother was, she just wanted to disappear, to forget her worries. And instead of trying to get up she cried, she just let all the sadness out.


( 1 Hour Later )

In the distance she could see a sign above an entrance to a village surrounded by giant tree trunks. She was happy at the site, she was starving and didnt have any food in her pack, luckily she had found some money in the pack when she had looked through it earlier along with some clothes and some other items. As she walked toward the village she was happy just at the sight of sign that read "Welcome to the Village Hidden in the Leaves". She was happy because this was a sign of life, something she hadnt seen since she woke up.