"Finally! Something to do, i haven't been given a mission in weeks." Naruto exclaimed putting his hands over his head grinning.

Sakura groaned. "Naruto this mission isn't for your entertainment, its really important, so you better not goof off." Even though Inner Sakura had her own opinion. "Alright,a mission.Finally!". Naruto crossed his arms and pouted."I dont goof off..." "On that one mission you ran off because you saw a ramen shop" "I was hungry..." He frowned. "Then there was that one where you started fighting that villager for no reason..." "He called me a pipsquiek" "...Blowing our cover and we had to fight ten ninjas"Naruto drooped over with his arms hangly loosely toward the ground. "Alright,alright...i see your point" he whined.

Kairi barely listened to what they were saying. She was thinking about other things, preferably a certain brunette.Giving her food and a place to rest. He even saved her life. Even more then once.(I was such a jerk to him. Even though he did kinda deserve it...but still. I was harsh on him...Even though i wouldnt have said anything to him if he had just said "something" that told me he actually cared about me) A wave of anger passed through her, but then it changed to sorrow, which changed to embarrassment.(What The Hell! Why do i want him to care about me so much?! Why do i care so much about him caring?! Why do i even care about any of this?! Why do i keep using the word care?!...Not to mention "Why"...Now im just sounding stupid...) She sighed and stared down at her feet watching the dust kick up as she dragged them lazily.(I need to stop thinking about it...about him.) A slight smile worked its way on to her face.(Thats impossible) Then her palm connected with the side of her head. (What am i talking about?!) She scowled then whispered. "Stupid Kiba..." She looked at the path in front of her. It was completely dark. The only thing giving them light was the moonlight. Noticing this she looked up. Dark green eyes stared at the moon pleadingly, as if it could make everything better. (Why couldnt he just say something, anything...I just wanted to know that maybe...just maybe...he...)

Sakura knew what was going on with Kairi since she hadnt even spoken a word and had her head hanging down towards the ground since they left the village. (Why didnt he come? Its not like he had anything important to do. I cant believe he would just leave her like this.)

Naruto suddenly ran up and jumped in front of Kairi. Kairi stopped suddenly being pulled out of her daze. "Dog-breath is a jerk. You should just forget about him. Its terrible that he makes you so sad." Kairi was surprised when he said this then recovered after a few seconds quickly thinking up something. "I have no idea what your talking about..."(Oh, ya, that was good kairi) Naruto crossed his arms and "Hmfed" at this. "You like him dont you? I dont see why, i mean theres nothing good about him. Espicially if he makes you sad." Kairi frowned, but then put on a faint smile and put her hand on his shoulder. " Thanks Naruto but dont worry about it." Naruto blushed at the contact then after a few seconds grinned. "Your really pretty. He doesnt deserve you. I mean why have a guy like that when theres me." Sakura mentally slapped herself. (Naruto you idiot. Why did i even bother to tell you...)


Narto looked back at Kairi and Kiba walking behind him. They were talking and then he noticed she was wearing his hoodie.



"What do you think Kiba and Kairi are talking about."

"I dont know"

"Well,i think its kinda weird. First he yells at her yesterday. Next she stays at his house. Then he avoids her all today. After that he dives in the river after her. And now hes giving her his clothes. Somethings weird is going on with them..."

The pink haired girl rolled her eyes at this.

"Naruto, your an idiot."


"They like each other doofus."

"Huh, wait. How do you know"

Sigh "Because its obvious."

"It is"

"Yes Naruto"

"Why would she like Dog -breath?"


"Im the strongest ninja in the village. Im even gonna be the next Hokage.!" Naruto pointed to himself grinning. "What do you think Kairi" Kairi sweatdropped. "Uh...of course you are Naruto." She managed a fake smile.

Sakura then came out of nowhere and grabbed him by his hair.

"Naruto lets go."

"Wha...What are you doing Sakura. Hey! That hurts."

Kairi watched her drag Naruto away. Then she went after her.



"Well...why did you guys, well become my friends so fast. I mean you only knew me for a little bit and you were taking me shopping and helping me with those wolves."

"Oh, well you did save our buts back there. And you didnt give us any reason not to trust you. And when you were attacked we jumped in because...we already lost someone very important to us. So i guess were more careful with our friends safety." A single tear slid down her face. A hand came up to wipe it away. "We didnt want to see anyone near us get hurt again."

"Sakura..." Kairi put a sympathetic hand on her shoulder.

"Someones coming!" They turned around to see Lee in a fighting stance. Naruto and Sakura both took out a kunai and faced behind them where they had just came from. Kairi faced toward the darkness with her eyes glowing blue. She stared at the darkness, straining to see any sign of the aprroaching danger. There was no feeling though, telling her that whatever was coming was a threat. Then red came into view. Two spots of red, coming closer. As it got closer she couldnt help but smile, since it was Kiba.

Naruto frowned at this. "What are you doing here?" Kiba looked at him with a look of determination on his face. "I came here to help." "It is good you are here Kiba. You are very noble." Putting a hand up to rub the back of his head. "Uh..yeah" Then he looked around, catching her gaze. Still with the determination in his eyes. She broke it, turning her head the other way.


After Sakura greeted Kiba she pushed them on. "Come on guys, we need to keep moving." She then slowed down long enough so that she was walking by Kiba, since he was traveling in the back. Then he got elbowed in the ribs. He looked questioningly at her. "What took you so long" Talking so low so that only he could hear her. "What are you talking about?" Sighing. "Boys are so stupid..." Her elbow connected with his arm again then pointed forward. Rubbing his arm he followed her gaze and saw Kairi, head slighly pointed to the ground. "So?" "What do you mean so? Shes been depressed since we left!" "Why would she be like that?" Resisting the urge to hit him "Because, genius, you didnt come!" Kiba shifted his gaze to the ground. (Kairi didnt care if i came or not...i wonder if shes still mad at me...)

Sakura grumbled then walked up to Kairi. "Kiba wants to talk to you."


"Kiba says he needs to talk to you and that its very important."

"I dont think..."

"Just go!" Spinning Kairi around and pushing her towards Kiba who caught her. Next she went over to Naruto. "Naruto, can you go up in the front." "Why?" "Well, you are the strongest here arn't you? It be the most logical thing for you to be the one in the front scouting for any danger." "Uh...YEAH! Your right!" Grinning he went up to the front. Then she grabbed Lee. "Come on, will guard the rear." "Sakura, dont you think this is far enough." Asked a bewildered Lee who was being dragged away from the goup. "No"


"Uh..im sorry" Kairi slowly pushed herself off Kiba. He looked away "Um...thats ok" She took her position beside Kiba. They walked on without a glance to each other.


"And then Guy-sensei taught me the Leaf Whirlwind technique. Then after some more rigorous training..."

(sigh Something better happen with them because i dont want to find out im doing this for nothing. I dont know how long i can listen to Lees life story.)


"Kiba" She started not knowing exactly what to say. "Why did you come"

"I told you, i wanted to help"

"...It didnt seem like you wanted to when i left..."

"I just changed my mind."

"What made you change your mind?"

"It just changed. What? You didnt want me to come?"

" No. I didnt say that. I just wanted to know why you came. You didnt seem to be in a good mood. And i yelled at you...Im sorry."

"Huh" He shot his head towards her in surprise.

"I was pretty rude. Yelling at you and all. I guess i was just mad cuz...(I was mad because... i wanted to know that he cared for me...)

"Cuz what?"

"...Cuz, uh, i was just tired...After everything that happened today, it was just alot to think about. And i was still a little tired from yesterday. So i apologize."

"No. Its my fault. I was a jerk." His fists clenched. "Ive just been feeling weird lately."

Kairi guessed this had something to do with what happened yesterday.

"I came because...i want to make sure nothing bad happens to you. I owe you that after the way ive been treating you."

"Kiba you dont owe me anything." She said quietly.

"Yeah i do. At least i feel like i do. And even if i didnt owe you anything id still help you..."

Kairi felt a hand on her shoulder and turned her head around.

"Were heading into unknown territory. We should be silent from here on out." Sakura said with a serious tone. They got back in a group and walked on without another word.

( 3 Hours Later)

Sakura decided they should camp for the night. Kiba and Lee left to get fire wood. "Naruto what did you bring?" Sakura asked grabbing for his bag.

"Uh, the important stuff."

Sakuras eyebrow twitched. "The only thing in this bag is ramen!"

"But Sakura, you cant expect me to go hungry!"

"Naruto your such an idiot!"

Kairi smiled at the squabble. Partly because these were "her" friends who were fighting. She didnt have any memory of her life before. But it felt she never had any friends. Maybe before she had lost her memory, in her life before, she never had any friends. Well, she was going to find out soon. Tsunade said there was no one left in the village. But if she went there her memories were bound to come back, right? Then she would know, about her family, about her friends, about her life. Only if her memories came back...

"Heres the wood."

Kiba and Lee came out of the trees with some branchs and bark.


After the fire was made Sakura cooked some of Narutos ramen for all of us. Naruto complained about this, Sakura said she was using it because there was so much of it. Then when we were done eating Kiba stated we should get some sleep and asked if anybody wanted to take the first watch.

"I will" I was still wide awake, plus it was my journey so i guess it was kinda my responsibility. "I think i should" Kiba said standing up. "No, i already volunteered. Besides, why did you bother asking if you were just going to do it yourself anyway." Kiba closed his eyes. "Fine" He sat down with one leg up and put one arm on his knee. "But i take second watch."

It was decided Lee would take third watch and Naruto would take fourth. Everyone had a two hour shift. We would get up at nine o' clock and continue on. I looked around. Everyone had gone to sleep. Well, not everyone.

"You know, you should get some sleep." I muttered looking over at Kiba.

"Im going to stay up and make sure nothing happens."

"This is my watch. I can do it without any help."

"My ears are super sensitive. I can hear whats happening far away." He said casually.

"Well then, since your doing my job, that means i can go off for a couple minutes." I huffed grabbing my backpack and heading off towards the trees.

"Where are you going?" He said with urgency standing up.

"I have to go to the bathroom."


(Look at me, i have dog hearing and dont think you can do your job so im gonna make sure you dont mess up. Because im an "Inuzuka". Jerk) She sighed and leaned against a tree. (...Well, i guess hes just looking out for me. I just dont want to be treated like im helpless. Maybe im just grumpy cuz im tired. I guess...he just wants to protect me. Maybe...he likes me...) She scoffed. ( In my dreams, oh well...What am i talking about i dont like him that much, do i?...Oh well, who cares) She leaned down and grabbed her backpack. (Who cares) In the moonlight you could see the faintest smile cross her face. "I do" was whispered.


When she got back to the campsite Kiba was putting some wood in the fire. She sat down where she was before in fetal position staring into the fire wondering about the day ahead, and a certain person.

"Are you ok?"

"Ya, im fine...i guess im just a little tired."

She saw the playful smile slide across his face out of the corner of her eye. "I thought you were doing the first watch."

" Just be quiet, it seems like you were gonna do both of them anyway."

His voice got soft. "Go to sleep. I can take care of this."

The word "Thanks" was the only word that was heard as she laid down. And it just so happens she did dream of a certain someone in her dreams that night. It might have been the best dream she ever had.


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