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Chapter 1:

I live my life like there's no tomorrow

And all I've got I had to steal

Least I don't need to beg or borrow

Yes I'm living at a pace that kills

Runnin' with the devil

Runnin' with the devil

I found the simple life ain't so simple

When I jumped out on the road

I got no love, no love you'd call real

Ain't got nobody waiting at home

----Van Halen

Alex curled further into the impala's rough upholstery. Small lines of sweat ran down the length of his face while he moved fitfully in his sleep. A few moans were dropped every now and then, but otherwise he remained silent. He'd been going through these same movements for the past five minutes. Long, muscular legs kicking out, just inches below the glove compartment and then he would curl them back into his body.

Dean watched amused from the driver's side. Glancing at the rearview mirror, he saw the sleeping reflection of his youngest brother, hiding behind the shag of brown locks. They'd been driving for hours now, or at least he had been. Sam had fallen asleep almost as soon as they'd stepped out of Chicago. His nightmares had lessened some, but still, any sleep for the youngest Winchester, was welcomed in Dean's book. As for Alex, well, he'd tried to stay awake; stirring in the seat like a restless five year old on his first road trip. That was how it always was with his brother though. You couldn't get him to sit still. He craved the adventure of the open road and the thrill of the supernatural, but he couldn't stand the waiting or sitting still part. Eventually after a few hours his head too, had lulled to the side and now Dean was alone, listening only to the light breathing of his brothers while they dreamt.

Up in the distance the all too familiar glow of a neon motel sign appeared. Dean pulled the Chevy off the main highway and onto a private dirt road. Dust clouded around the lean black steel, dirtying the tire rimes and smooth body of the impala. He cringed involuntarily at the thought of the beauty being violated in that way.

The car hit a slight dip in the road, jerking the car forward and then rocking back towards the left as the tires regained their equilibrium on even road again. Alex's head rolled about on his shoulders from the sudden movement. Dean heard the slight cracking of his younger brothers left shoulder while he tried to massage his stiff muscles. Caked blood rested just below the beginning of the boy's hairline and nearly covered his entire left ear. He had a cut lip and a few scrapes here and there, but a bit of a patch up later and he'd be fine.

"Did you dislocate that shoulder again?" Dean almost scolded. Alex grinned through the sleep and moved his body once more for verification.

"Nawe, just really sore. Think they'll have any special spa treatments at this next motel?"

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Your not turning fairy on me, are you?"

"No!" Alex exclaimed then immediately, calmed himself. "No, I just haven't had a nice massage in a while. You know. Body oil, tanned blondes, naked me. It's usually a good combo."

The older Winchester smirked. The impala pulled to a stop in front of a dingy motel room. There were only two other cars besides the Chevy and the area Dean had picked was completely isolated from the real world. They'd left the highway ten minutes ago and there were no houses or any sign of anyone, anywhere. It was the perfect place for the Winchesters to recuperate for a few days. Especially after meeting Meg and watching her swan dive off seven stories and then having to say goodbye to their dad once again, it was enough to send the boys into overdrive. Dean knew Sam was probably worn down from it all, he wasn't sure about himself right then, he was more worried about Sammy. He had seemed so broken up about watching their dad go, like he'd been betrayed or something. It was those damn eyes. Always so emotional, he wasn't afraid to show anything. Alex was a different matter. He'd been all talk up until he'd clunked out a while ago. Dean assumed he was trying to ignore what had happened. Joking around, the wisecracks always fixed everything and hid what he didn't want to be seen. He was much like Dean in that sense, except he didn't know when to actually let his emotions out, ever.

Dean looked out the windshield and then over at Alex.

"I don't think they have any blondes here for you."

Alex looked hurt. "I'm realizing this now."

Alex threw open the door without much respect to the 67 classic and let it shut with a thud that rattled the cars metal body. Dean's stomach churned and he hastily got out of the drivers side. Alex grinned looking over the roof of the car, assessing the disapproving look on his older brother's face and shook it off as nothing.

"You don't treat my car like that again. I mean it she's sensitive."

"We'll I'll remember to apologize to her later."

Alex looked into the back window and saw Sam curled up against the door. He looked tired and hurt and so innocent that it hurt him to have to wake the youngest Winchester. It was the first time in a little while that Alex could remember his baby brother not waking up screaming from another nightmare.

Slowly, he eased the door open. He caught Sam as his body unraveled out of the seat and fell towards the asphalt. His eyes immediately shot open, wide and a bit frightened, but that was what they were accustomed to when something took him by surprise. They relaxed when he took in Alex holding half of his body off the gravel floor, while the rest dangled out of the Impala.

"Are you falling for me Sammy?"

Sam pulled himself gently out of his brother's strong arms and slid out of the car, grumbling about the nickname and being tired. Alex walked around to the trunk and hauled out two duffle bags. Dean was taking care of another bag with a few weapons in it and his own duffel with clothes. Once again Alex's shoulder cracked under the movement of the bag as he slung it over his back. Sam shut the door and looked up at him a bit worried.

"You hurt it again?"

"If I did would I be carrying your heavy ass bag." Alex griped playfully.

Together the two followed Dean to the front desk and towards their room. Alex shifted Sam's bag awkwardly in his grip.

"Jeez, what do you have in here anyway Sammy. I mean you sure aren't a light packer. God, you're like a woman. Everything but the kitchen sink huh?" Alex took a whiff of the scuffed material. "I think your perfume is leaking."

Sam rolled his eyes and picked up the pace so he could walk up alongside Dean. Hanging back a few feet, struggling with the weight slightly, Alex tried not to think about his shoulder. He hadn't dislocated it, but ever since that hunting trip back when he was seventeen and a poltergeist had caught him off guard, his shoulder had never really healed. Every now and then, it would throb or if something like a daeva for example had thrown him into a shelving unit, then maybe it wouldn't feel too shit hot afterwards. He could deal though. Dean had enough on his mind with Sammy and he didn't need to worry about some shoulder.

"Dean, I don't think we should have let dad go like that. It's dangerous out there for him, for all of us. Were stronger as a family."

Alex cringed at the desperation in Sam's voice.

"Sam, you saw what happened back there. He almost died! Meg's right, he lets his guard down. We can't put dad in that kind of danger again. I won't let it happen."

"And what about the demon?

"He'll call us when it's time…"

"What if he doesn't? What if something happens to him before that?" Sam's eyes were swollen with the rise of tears and Dean looked like he was barely keeping himself together. The truth in what he was saying was tearing him apart, but he didn't want to face the facts.

"What if" Sam continued, "what if the demon comes for him? Before dad is even ready? Can you live with that? Having sent him away. It will be our fault. It's like we abandoned him."


Both Winchesters turned to look at Alex. His head ached and he felt himself losing it over what his brothers had to say. Sam seemed sotorn. He wanted to comfort him, to tell him things would work out but honestly he wasn't quite too sure about that anymore.

"Dean was right. It would have been dangerous for dad. And don't say that we abandoned him. You know we didn't. When things are ready he'll call us and we'll kill that bastard together but until then we've all got to relax. We can't start thinking about all the 'what if's'. There are so many, it wouldn't do us any good."

Sam nodded but didn't bother to comment. He took the room key from Dean and stepped through the doorway into the stale humid air of the cramped motel. Alex headed after him, the bags sliding around on his back while he walked. Dean grabbed one of the bags and pulled back on it. A searing pain shot through Alex's upper back, catching him by surprise, but he only emitted a low grunt and scrunched his face. Dean caught the look and shook his head.

"Jerk" Alex whispered.

Dean frowned. "You did do something to that shoulder didn't you genius?"

"You asked if I dislocated it. I didn't. But you know when daeva's are throwing you around like a fucking hacky sack, your not going to feel 100 better afterward."

"Just take it easy, huh?"

"Okay Sam" he remarked and stepped into the room. Dean followed mumbling something about a 'wiseass' before shutting the door behind him.

Alex peered through the thick secure bars of Sammy's crib. The baby coed and turned a smiling chubby face in his direction. He smiled back. His arms reached through the bars, tugging the small blanket over the younger boy.

On the wall in the nursery the train clock suddenly stopped ticking. Alex glanced towards it but didn't think it was all that unusual. Above the crib the mobile turned faster in a wind that didn't exist. Alex felt uneasy and glance once over his shoulder in fear. The room was empty except for the two of them. He shrugged off the feeling and turned towards little Sammy.

"Hey, guess what?" Alex waited for an answer that wouldn't come. "I'm your big brotha. Dean is my big brotha. But I will be yours. Okay?" Once again no answer. Alex rubbed his hand across the baby's forehead and smiled. "Hey, Sammy."

The window to the nursery suddenly swung open. Alex stumbled back in surprise as a nasty wind caught the curtains and twirled them around. He watched, the fear running through his small body, unsure of what to do. His voice stayed silent although his child's mind told him that this wasn't right. He should call for mommy. But he didn't.

His arms were out of the crib and at his sides once again. Something was coming through the window. Alex hurried to pull the gate to the crib down, but it was stuck. The safety latches were far too high to reach and unhook. Sammy would be helpless. He could go find mommy but whomever or whatever was entering the room might take his baby brother before he got help.

Running to the small space between Sammy's change table and his toy box, Alex curled his legs into his chest and hid quietly while a shadow stepped into the room. It almost looked like a man, except he was far too dark to be considered a man. He must be a shadow, Alex thought.

It moved towards the crib and leaned over, just as he'd seen his daddy doing only a few minutes ago. His hands reached towards his baby brother and through the fear he felt anger and hatred rising. He was about to tell the shadow to leave him alone when the creaking of floorboards caught his attention.

Mary Winchester was standing in the door way, her white nightgown swaying around her ankles in the wind. Blonde curls hung loosely around her worried face. She didn't seem scared of the shadow like Alex was.


Alex straightened up in his hiding spot. That wasn't his daddy. The shadow hushed his mom and she mumbled something under her breath before exiting the room. Her footfalls were quiet, yet loud enough to know when she was at the end of the hall.

The shadow reached into the crib once more. This time Sammy let out a soft moan and followed it with a cry. He didn't sound hurt but he was upset. It was then that Alex mustered the courage to confront this man.

Hands on his hips, Alex stepped a foot or so away from the darkness and towards the crib.

"You leave my brotha alone" he trembled, hands shaking uneasily on his small waist. The shadow turned slowly from the crib and smirked. His smile was only visible from the eerie glow that emanated from his yellow eyes. Evil yellow eyes that strangled anything else Alex wanted to say.

His little heart beat faster underneath his batman pyjamas and he could feel his stomach getting sick.


Mommy ran into the room, her eyes wide as the shadow turned on her. Alex shook as Mary was flung by an invisible force against the adjacent wall. A few bones cracked from the impact and the little boy stepped towards his hiding spot. Sammy wailed, as if in agony as their mother's body inched its way up onto the ceiling until it hung just over the crib. Slowly the nightgown she wore cut away at the abdomen as blood dyed the material a sickening red color. Alex watched in horror as his mommy formed a silent cry on her lips. Her blonde hair was spread out about her head and her face was much too pale. She looked frightening and not the comforting mother he'd known.


Sammy cried even louder and suddenly there was no more shadow. Daddy was running into the room, standing above the crib where the baby cried. He reached down and soothed the child, but something caught him off guard. Alex looked up just as his dad did and watched as if in slow motion as another drop of blood escaped from the wound on Mary's stomach.

"Mary!" he wailed.

Fire erupted above them. It devoured her golden locks first and a few raining ashes caused John to cover his face and stumble back. He scooped up the 6 month old child from his crib and raced back towards the doorway. Alex could vaguely hear Dean talking to daddy while the fire continued to rain down overhead. A minute later John Winchester was back in the room, standing beside the crib and looking helplessly up to the ceiling. His wife was barely visible beneath the growing flames.

"Daddy?" Alex whimpered.

He felt sick. The heat was making him dizzy and he didn't quite understand what was happening. Why his mommy was on the ceiling or where the fire had come from. He wasn't even sure why the shadow had come alive. All he knew was he didn't like it. It scared him.

John Winchester looked away from the ceiling and searched the room. He spotted his second eldest son, still only a baby himself, huddled against the wall, the sweat streaking his face black from the smoke.


The boy shook and trembled even as his father picked him up in his arms. John noticed this immediately and realized in concern that whatever had happened, his boy had just witnessed most or all of it.

"It's okay son."

He cupped the back of the boys head with his hand and pushed his face into his chest as he ran from the room and his home. As he tore down the front steps he noticed Dean holding Sammy just below the nursery window. He shifted Alex to the side in his arms and grabbed up his other sons just as the window exploded about them. Glass rained down, but barely touched the Winchesters. Alex gasped and let out a long sob into John's shoulder as they made it across the street.

John set his boys down on the wet grass and looked back towards their house. The room was aflame but everything else seemed unharmed. Behind him, Dean cradled Sammy in his arms, trying to soothe him with a few light words, the way Mary would. Alex sat with his legs folded, a distant look in his innocent eyes. They were big and scared and looked as if they had aged in just those last few minutes. He may not have understood what had happened right then, but John knew with a quick glance, that it had changed him.

Alex jerked forward through the entanglement of blankets. Heart thrashing against the bones of his ribcage, he brought an unsteady hand to his head. He ran his fingers through matted hair that hadn't been washed the night before and took in his surroundings. They were unfamiliar at first, but it wasn't as though he expected to be somewhere he recognized. Part of him felt uneasy because that three year old little boy inside thought they were back in Lawrence.

The dark haired boy looked on through the dimly lit room. His eyes stopped on one of the double beds, where sheets and blankets had been thrown to the floor and where Dean now slept, spread eagled almost. In the next bed, the blankets were tucked firmly under the mattress and the wrinkles looked as though they had all been neatly removed from prying eyes. No one slept in that bed; Sam's bed.

Alex struggled with his own blankets, grumbling at the noise his pull out cot made. He'd been too tired the night before to notice any discomfort but now, awake and fresh, he could feel his lower back giving way to every pulled muscle.

Dean seemed oblivious to the fact that Sam no longer occupied the bed next to his, but now that Alex had picked up on his little brothers disappearance there would be no possibility of falling back to sleep. Of course, after reliving your worst childhood memory, it wasn't as though he could have slept otherwise.

Stepping onto the rough carpet, Alex moved quickly through the small room. Searching the bathroom and finding nothing and then heading towards the door. His hand was on the knob when a familiar smell caught his attention. Sitting on the small table only meters from the door was a brown paper bag and next to it, two cups of coffee.

Alex smirked and picked up his own cup and rifled through the bag. He came out with a Boston cream and a few napkins then continued with his search.

Outside the cramped motel room, the sun was just beginning to rise. Bright neon oranges and soft pinks could be seen through the spaces between the trees. Bruised clouds shifted overhead, shadowing most of the parking lot and dirt road. Birds chirped gleefully while a plane flew overhead.

Alex stepped barefoot onto the welcome mat and took a refreshing sip of coffee. He'd only started drinking the stuff since Sam had come to join Dean and him on the road. Coffee had never really seemed important, but Sam had explained the importance of how a few grinded beans had gotten him through some late night cramming.

"You're up early."

Sam looked up from the cement curb where he'd been sitting for the past few minutes, enjoying the sunrise. He was grateful that Dean had picked a quiet, secluded place to hold up for a while. He needed the break from hunting and the peaceful surroundings were just what the doctor ordered.

"Couldn't sleep."

Alex motioned for Sam to scoot over and took a seat next to him.

"Bad dreams?"

Alex shook his head. "Bad memories."

He never was much of a talker that early in the morning. Sam caught the distant look in his older brother's face as he ate his donut and looked on across the parking lot. He hadn't cleaned up after they settled in last night. Blood still covered parts of his face and had made knots in his hair. He had a bruise on his right temple that was turning a dark shade of purple and yet none of this seemed to faze him. Alex walked around, ignoring it all and came off with a smile. Sam knew he was hiding it and he did a hell of a good job, a talent he had learnt from their dad.

"You still get those dreams about the fire?"

"Sometimes. No so much anymore. I guess after seeing dad last night it just triggered something. No biggie."

The last of a Boston cream stuffed its way into the boy's mouth. Sam rolled his eyes at the oozing filling.


"Wot?" came the mouth filled reply.

"You girls braiding each others hair out here or what?"

The brothers looked up and caught sight of a tired Dean Winchester shivering in his boxers and a t-shirt. He tried to lean casually in the doorway, but it was obvious that he wasn't enjoying the fresh air as much as they were.

"Yeah, I can do yours next if you want?"

"You better watch yourself little brother" Dean warned, pointing a threatening finger in Alex's direction.

The boy just shook his head and stumbled to his feet. Although he'd slept soundly throughout the night, considering the pain in his shoulder, he now felt more tired than he had before he'd passed out. The day was only just beginning and already he was exhausted.

Shoulders slumped, Alex's head hung low as he headed back into the motel room. A hot shower would do the trick.

"Where you off to?"

"Shower" He replied, glancing over his shoulder and catching the strange look in his eldest brother's eyes.

He dragged his feet through their room, picking up the brown duffel bag containing his clothes that he had so carelessly tossed onto the floor the night before. A red t-shirt was poking out so he took that and threw it over one shoulder. Dirty jeans stained with dry blood were next, he pushed them aside and instead grabbed a pair of light blue ones that were badly wrinkled and had some grass stains on the left knee. No one ever said the Winchester men were good at doing laundry. He picked a pair of underwear out of the side pocket and took his toothbrush in hand and headed for the bathroom.

The motel door was opened a few moments later. Sam leaned comfortably against the doorframe, a light breeze from outside tickling the back of his unprotected neck.

Dean headed for the bathroom.

"Hey, you in the shower yet?"

Alex grumbled from behind the wooden door. "Do you hear the water running?"

"Hey, can I get in there and change?"

"Do it after! What's your…"

"I'm heading into town with Sam. Come on man, I don't want to go in my boxers. Just let me in."

Alex pulled a stiff towel off the rack and wrapped it quickly about his waist before stepping back out into the open space. He shot Dean a short glare and watched as his older brother ran to get his own bag and then disappeared into the room.

"Don't take too long" the younger Winchester called.

Taking a seat on one of the beds, Alex turned towards Sam who still took up residence in the motel doorway. He was quiet. Too quiet really. Although he wasn't that much of a talker, Sam was never this passive. The older Winchester knew it must still have to do with the events of the night before.

"So, you boys figured you'd head into town and not invite me, huh?" Alex shrugged away the worrying thoughts of how Sam was doing and tried to make light as if nothing was going on. That was of course, his specialty; making light of things.

"No, we figured while we were in town, that you would maybe get it through your head to take it easy for the day" Dean said coming around the side of his bed and putting his bag down.

"Hey, I don't need any bed rest."

"Of course you don't" Sam smirked.

"I don't. Dean, I've been thrown around way worse before. I mean, that Meg chick didn't even come close…"

"Your shoulders still all banged up. I want you to take today -at least- to just relax. Let it heal for 24 hours."

By then Dean had moved to Sam's side and was shifting his weight from foot to foot, eagerly waiting the moment when he would once again be sitting behind the wheel of the black Impala.

"And what am I supposed to do all day?"

"Take a shower. Channel surf. Whatever your heart desires" Dean opened his arms and indicated the motel room as if it were some expensive getaway to Cancun.

"Oh, ya, nice. I'll just relax, watch some tasteless episodes of the Price is Right. Not Wheel of Fortune though, no, God forbid if I get myself too wound up."

"See that's the spirit. Hey, and if you're good, maybe I'll bring you back a happy meal."

"Just go" Alex growled and nearly tossed the older man out into the parking lot. "Don't take your sweet time either. I don't think I could handle this place for too long."

No one answered him though. Alex stood, tired and sore, watching longingly as his brothers waved goodbye and climbed into the 67 Chevy. He wasn't joking when he said he didn't want to be alone in the room for too long. The main reason was for the sake of boredom. Sure he'd be just as bored when the two of them returned but then at least they could share in it with him. The much lesser reason he didn't want them to be gone long was after the run in with Meg, he'd begun to realize that the closer they came to finding the thing that killed their mother, the more he understood how much he needed his family. Their dad had almost died. It hadn't even been a whole day since those events. There had always been close calls. The angry spirit in Louisiana, the Chupacabra in Jersey, the possessed doll in Boston, they'd all been close calls. Every hunt meant possible death, but this thing that killed their mom, Alex was sure it was something much worse. He could feel it.

It had to be something worse, right? Their father, the great John Winchester had seemed so sure about it. That was why he hadn't returned their calls. The reason he hadn't come to see them in Lawrence or had been there when Dean was dying, right? It had to be bad if he hadn't been there all that time.

Alex felt the pain of hot tears as they blurred his vision for a moment. He blinked them away, hugged the towel closer to his abdomen and hurried into the bathroom. There was no way he'd start to cry now. Not after all he'd been through.

Soon the only hot sensation the boy felt was the warm massage of the shower. The onslaught of water loosened up the tense muscles in his back. Alex tried desperately to get the knot out of his hair, but with all the blood and dirt, it was proving a bit tougher than he had first thought it to be.

Thick fingers combed through the somewhat long brown hair. They caught in the tangled mess and pulled and struggled as much as the boy would will them. He wasn't going to take the chance of ripping any chunks of hair out, so he decided against the struggling and began to lather a bit of cheap motel shampoo into the mess on top of his head.

"The days grow shorter and the nights are getting long, feels like we're running out of time…"

Alex hummed and picked up the bar of soap. It had been used before. The edges were chiseled down and a fresh hair stuck out on top. He knew his brothers hadn't showered already, just rinsed off the blood, so he was a little disgusted when he had to turn the soap over and use the hairless side.

"Every day it seems much harder tellin' right from wrong. You got to read between the lines…God, Dean and his damn music. It's not enough I hear it in the car, but now I'm singing it? And I'm talking to myself too."

Reaching behind to get as his shoulder blade, the bar of soap suddenly slipped from his grip and slid around the ceramic tub. Alex was bent down, picking it back up when he thought he saw the shower curtains move ever so slightly. From the corner of his eye he thought he saw a shadow standing closest towards the door, however by then the hunter in him had told him to stay crouched and the fear coursing through his veins kept him that way.

He snapped his head around in mere seconds and found no shadow. Of course, the movement had jarred a few sore muscles out of hiding. Then, as the pain was receding, footsteps sounded. The curtains moved again but there was no shadow.

Alex tried to listen for more, but with the heavy pounding of the shower he could barely discern the other sounds from the water. He knew he couldn't shut it off, well, not unless he wanted the person to get suspicious or to just jump out at him from behind the curtain while he was bent down.

Looking around the small space, he tried his best to search for something, anything, but the only protection he would have would be the miniature bottles of shampoo and used bar soap.

Mentally slapping himself, Alex readied himself for whatever lurked behind the curtain. Arms at the ready, he steadied himself as best as he could in the slippery tub and ventured to pull the curtain back. Before his fingers even touched it, the plastic was whipped back. The surprise shocked Alex, so that he lost his footing. His eyes played across the room hurriedly while he fell backwards, hitting his injured back on the back edge of the bathtub. He cried out and felt his vision blur for a moment.

A low laugh followed his moans. Alex looked up and the room spun but it wasn't enough to stop him from seeing who stood near him. The short blonde hair, the wicked grin.

"Meg?" Alex gritted through the pain.

She had fallen nearly seven stories. She couldn't have survived that. How had she found them?

Alex squinted and tried to sit up but the pain overtook him once more. He sunk back into the tub, looked up, expecting the woman to attack him but she didn't, in fact, he could barely see where she was. The room was blurring and the water continued to hit his chest and legs. The water was turning cold; he was feeling more tired than he had before and he could barely move.

He sat there a while, waiting for the blonde to kill him, hurt him, anything, but she never did. Alex assumed she must have just been standing there the entire time, but later on he realized she had just left. He had been untouched and lying there in the tub far too long.

From the front of the motel, Alex heard the clicking of keys. It had to be his brothers. He didn't think they'd be back so soon.

"Alex?" It was Sam.

He struggled through the water and wet ceramic coffin but it was useless. When his brother came to get him, he'd have no dignity left, whatsoever.

"Al, you still in the shower?" the door to the room creaked open slightly "Dean dropped me back off, figured I'd rest up too. Can you hurry up, I gotta pee."

Alex smiled at how young Sam sounded when he said that.

"Sammy…" he said, struggling with his body once again.

Sam froze. Pushing the door the rest of the way open, he walked cautiously towards the shower. Alex never called him by the nickname Dean used. Rarely ever.

"Alex?" He peered his head slowly around the corner and caught site of his brother, teeth chattering and laying naked with his back against the tub. "Oh, shit."

He reached forward, pulling the curtain all the way back and got down on his knees next to his older brother.

"Hey, you okay? What happened?"

Alex put a reassuring hand on Sam's shoulder and nodded towards the shower.

"Turn it off, please" he chattered. Sam hit himself for not noticing the blue lips and immediately turned off the taps. Alex sagged further against the ceramic in relief and looked into a pair of worried brown eyes. "I saw her Sam."

"Saw who?"

Alex didn't look too good. His eyes were wandering everywhere and not focusing the way Sam would have liked. He seemed sore and worse off than when Dean and him had left only forty five minutes earlier.

"Meg. She was here. I…I was in here and she surprised me from behind the curtain. I think she's gone now."

Sam frowned. Meg had taken a seven story drop. There was no way she would be around bothering them, besides she couldn't track them down that quickly had she been alive, which she wasn't.

"Al, you saw her. She took a swan dive into rock hard cement…"

"I know. But I also saw her standing in front of me, in here. Jeez, how do you think I wound up on my ass?"

The frustration was overwhelming. Alex combed back a piece of hair that had fallen in front of his eyes. Sam was still leaning over the tub, arms at his sides, watching with apprehension. The look told his older brother everything. There was too much worry in the boys brown eyes, it made Alex uncomfortable. He didn't like to be fussed over and the feelings the younger Winchester stirred inside him reflected that.

"Look, maybe it was nothing and maybe it wasn't. All I want to worry about is dragging myself out of this thing without pulling something."

Sam seemed to take the hint. While Alex used what was left of his strength to help, the two managed to drag him out of the tub and into the main room. The fresh change of clothes that Alex had picked out an hour earlier were still waiting for him in the bathroom, but Sam suggested that it would be better if he slipped into something more comfortable.

In a matter of minutes, Alex was relaxing in Dean's bed, freshly dressed in a pair of loose grey track pants and a white T-shirt. His eyes were closed and the light breathing coming from his side of the room seemed to ease the worry in Sam's heart. The older Winchester had fallen asleep quite fast, but it wasn't something he wanted to think about right then. He just needed to keep alert and make sure Alex slept for an hour at the very least.

Sam wasn't sure why he needed to stay alert. Meg was no longer a threat to the Winchesters. She had fallen to her death. The three of them had seen it. Hell, their own father had confirmed it when they'd met up with him later that same night. The only problem was, why was Alex seeing her? He knew no matter how much his shoulder might be hurting, Alex wasn't the type to start hallucinating. Whatever was going on, Sam just needed to be ready. He wasn't going to let anything happen and he wouldn't let his guard down until he heard the reassuring sound of his brother's car pulling into the parking lot.

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