Vicious Trollop

"Emily! Hello!" Shira Huntzberger exclaimed, "What on earth brings you here?"

"Hello, Shira" Emily smiled graciously as she was let into the Huntzberger home, "I'm here on official DAR business"

"Really? Well, what can I do for the Daughters of the American Revolution?" Shira asks, motioning for Mrs. Gilmore to sit

"We were wondering if we could borrow the portrait your family has of Benjamin Franklin? The one done by that famous painter, oh! What's his name?..." Emily snapped, deep in though, trying to remember

"Of course you may borrow it, Emily. And to be quite honest, I don't remember either" She giggled, "Tea?"

"oh, yes, please" Emily nodded softly, then took a small sip

"Anything else, dear?" She asked

"No, Shira, nothing I can think of"

"If there is, give me a call, hmm?" Shira smiled

"I will" Emily grinned

"So, how about a little gossip" Shira suggested while shrugging a shoulder and smirking

"What have you got?" Emily leaned in, interested

"Word is, Aurora Dickerson was caught in bed with someone that was most definately not her husband" Mrs. Huntzberger whispered

"Oh, everyoone know that woman hasn't been faithful for the last ten years... and they've been married for six!" Emily laughed

"I know! But what everyone doesn't know is that the person she was cheating with... was the maid!" Shira said, eyes alight at Emily's shocked gasp


"Yes! It appears Aurora is feeling a bit confused of her sexuality preference" Shira grinned

"Well, dear God. You never really know a person..." Emily trailed off

Shira nodded. Their conversation continued for quite a while. Finally, Mrs. Gilmore was ready to leave. Just outside the main door, Shira asked a question that had been bugging her for ages

"Emily, that lipstick shade is gorgeous. What is it?"

Emily blushed deeply, before straightening up, shoulders back, head up proud, "It's called Vicious Trollop"

Shira's mouth dropped open in shock, "Why on earth would someone name a lipstick that?"

Unbidden a response came out, "Because Dirty Whore was taken?" Emily's eyes widened in shock at what she had mistakenly quoted, before she turned on her heel and walked away to her car, avoiding embarassment

Shira was left there on the front porch, mouth gaping wide and eyes bulging

"Oh dear God, I can't believe I just said that" Emily whispered as she drove away, but a small smile crept on her lips at what happened, "I'll have to tell Lorelai..."