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Chapter 2: Being With You-

A few days later Sasuke was released from the hospital. Naruto was just happy that he was alright and that he could finally come home with him…not that Naruto had left his side the entire time that he was in the hospital.

"Naruto thank you." Sasuke said breaking the silence that was between the couple as they walked back to the Uchiha mansion.

"For what I didn't do anything." Naruto was really confused by what his husband had just said to him.

"You stayed by my side through everything that has happened between us and supported me and were the only one who welcomed me back with open arms after I left. Now you're going to give me a child and I don't think that I could be happier." A tear fell from Naruto's eye while Sasuke said all of this. He never knew that Sasuke could be so mushy and romantic.

"I love you Sasuke." Naruto said hugging his husband close to him and burying his head into his pale, warm neck. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto and held him close.

"Come on dobe we're almost there." Sasuke said pulling away from him and taking his hand.

"Don't call me that teme!" Naruto yelled at him and considered to stop dead in his tracks and not move but decided not to. A pissed off Sasuke made for a miserable Naruto.

Naruto went up to the door and unlocked it with his keys before letting Sasuke inside.

"Sasuke there is something that I want to show you." Naruto told him in a serious tone. Sasuke was a bit scared by this since Naruto usually never used that tone unless it was something bad.

"Don't worry it's not bad or anything." Naruto said with a smile before leading Sasuke up the stairs and into the room that was a few rooms down from their own. Before opening the door Naruto had instructed Sasuke to close his eyes.


"Come on Sasuke please. I told you that it was nothing bad so please for me." Sasuke gave a sigh and closed his eyes. Naruto pulled down his forehead protector in front of his eyes.

"Dobe what was that for?" Sasuke asked now slightly annoyed.

"To make sure that you don't peek." Sasuke smirked a little at his lover.

"Why don't trust me?"

"Right now I don't. You're a sneaky one Sasuke I'm not stupid." Naruto opened the door and lead Sasuke inside. Naruto lifted Sasuke's protector but still did not allow him to open his eyes.

"I hope that you like this Sasuke." Naruto said before he instructed Sasuke to open his eyes. When Sasuke opened them he saw that the walls of the room had been painted white with a dark blue trim and a dark blue carpet had been put down to match. The windows were covered with dark blue curtains also. To the side of one room was a wooden crib that had the Uchiha clan's symbol on it. Next to the crib, beneath the window was a matching and fully stocked changing table (minus the clan symbol) and in the opposite corner sat a rocking chair that had dark blue cushions on it. On the opposite wall was a small chest that contained small soft toys and right next to it was a matching wood dresser that contained what Sasuke assumed was all of their babies clothing.

"Naruto…how did you manage to do all this?"

"I had help and I made a clone while you were in the hospital to come here and make sure that everything was going smoothly. Do you like it?" Naruto was nervous about showing this to Sasuke.

"Yes Naruto I like it. I like it a lot…you did well." Sasuke said hugging his love.

"I missed you so much Sasuke." Naruto said holding onto Sasuke tighter.

"I know…I missed you too love."

Three Months Later:

Naruto and Sasuke were outside walking around the compound and enjoying the weather when suddenly Naruto stopped walking.

"Naruto what's wrong." Sasuke asked, worry evident in his voice.

"It was nothing. I'm fine." Naruto said smiling and grabbing Sasuke's hand. Sasuke was not convinced so he continued to watch him closely.

They started to make their way back to the mansion when unbearable pain flooded Naruto's body.

"Tell me what's wrong…now." Sasuke said in a voice that left no room for argument.

"Sasuke the baby is coming…" Naruto winced as more pain shot through him. Naruto gripped onto Sasuke hard as the pain got worse then better.

"We're going to Tsunade." Sasuke said picking Naruto up and running to the hospital. Naruto clung to Sasuke like he was his life line.

Within minutes Sasuke bursted through the hospital doors.

"Sasuke-kun..." Sakura said kind of surprised that he was there.

"Sakura I need your help." Sakura ran over to him quickly and looked at the in pain Naruto in his arms.

"What happened to him?" She said looking him over.

"He's in labor Sakura…idiot" Sakura showed Sasuke to an empty room and then ran off to get Tsunade.

"Naruto are you ok?" Sasuke asked taking Naruto's hand in his own.

"I'll be better after this is over." Another shot of pain wracked his body and his gripped Sasuke's hand hard.

I don't know if I can handle this…he might break my hand. Sasuke thought as he looked at Naruto. Then Tsunade barged into the room.

"Ok Naruto you have to use your Sexy-No-Jutsu for this." Naruto let go of Sasuke's hand and preformed the hand seals before a poof was heard. Sasuke took Naruto's hand in his again and squeezed it reassuringly.

"Ok Naruto on the next contraction I'm going to need you to push. The baby's head is right here." Naruto gave a nod and waited for the next one.

He gripped Sasuke's hand has he pushed hard time and time again leaving poor Sasuke with no feeling in his hand.

"Ok Naruto one more and we're done." Naruto nodded and gave one more then a sigh of relief when he felt the baby move from his body and heard crying fill the room.

"Congratulations you two it's a boy." Tsunade said as she held the baby up for Naruto and Sasuke to see before cutting the cord and taking him to be cleaned up as another Nurse helped Naruto with the after birthing.

"Have you two decided on a name?"

"Akio Uchiha." Naruto said and Sasuke nodded in agreement.

"Bright boy huh?" Tsunade said looking at the boy. He had black hair like Sasuke and Blue eyes like Naruto and a skin complexion that was the perfect combination of the two. He had a strong grip on Tsunade's finger too which made her think that he was going to be one of the strongest shinobi in the village…just like his parents. Tsunade handed Naruto Akio and left the room to leave the new parents alone with their child.

"He's beautiful." Naruto said stroking the little bit of black hair that was on his head.

"I love you Naruto." Sasuke said giving Naruto a small kiss.

"I love you too."


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