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Fueled Anger

Chapter 1: Breaking Ties

When Harry had finished destroying the objects in the Headmaster's office in a fit of rage…Dumbledore had laid yet another bomb on his 'weapon'. "I'm sorry that it has come to this my boy, but the prophecy has been written. I would never ask for someone to carry this burden like you have…but only you can destroy Voldemort. Please forgive an old man such as myself, but I have to tell you that you will be returning to the Dursley's for the blood wards to remain intact."

The fifth year Gryffindor was always an intelligent student, but he always did poorer then everyone else to remain average. Something wasn't right with him about why he had to return to the prison he resided in for the past fourteen years. He felt something like a prick at the back of his head while the Headmaster was looking at him with his unusual twinkle in the old man's eyes. "How long will I be there?" He said with a little edge in his voice.

"I will ask Arthur and Molly if you could visit the Burrow in the late summer. With Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters out among the wizard folk again you will have to remain indoors. I also have to ask you that you do not send out your owl Hedwig with any letters to your friends. She could easily be intercepted. Now off you go breakfast my boy." The manipulative Headmaster said with his twinkle back in full force.

Harry didn't even give the old man a second look as he walked out of the office and stepped onto the spiraling staircase. When he finally reached the bottom of the staircase, his head start pound with every step he took. 'I better hurry to the common room and lay down. Why of all times would I suddenly develop a migraine?'

As he trekked on to Gryffindor tower, he passed several students that he didn't want to speak to, but two fifth year Hufflepuff's stopped him. Hanna Abbot gently grabbed his forearms to stop him. "Harry, are you ok? You're looking kind of pale?"

He smiled weakly at her as another short burst of pain behind his right eye made him wince. "Thanks, but I'll be fine after I go lie down."

"You look like you're about to pass out Harry. We should help you get to the hospital wing." Susan Bones said with a little concern.

"I think I've already set the record for being in there so far, but seriously I'll be fine. I have to pack my trunk anyway. Don't let me keep you from breakfast." He gently got out of their grasp and continued his journey to his temporary bed.

Susan and Hanna watched as he trekked up the staircase and snuck behind one of the portraits to use a secret passage up to his common room. "Do you think we should get Madame Pomfrey?"

"No, he'll be fine Hanna. He's been through much worse, but honestly I've never seen him that pale before. We better get to the feast before Umbridge comes through the doors ranting and raving about breaking Ministry 'educational decrees'." Susan said as she walked with her friend into the Great Hall. The two of them walked to their designated house table.

Hanna looked over at the Gryffindor table and saw that Ron wasn't present at the table, but Hermione was sitting next to three of the six students who left the school late the night before. A few of the other Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's that were in the DA were suspicious to why their 'leader' wasn't there.

As they started speculating, the owls descended down from the rafters and headed to the students to drop off the Daily Prophets. Dumbledore looked over at Minerva's copy and saw that the battle at the Ministry was published. 'Where is that child at? I told him to come down to breakfast…'

Meanwhile up in the fifth year Gryffindor dorms, Harry was putting his things into his trunk while dealing with the throbbing pain in his head. He saw the shattered two-way mirror at the bottom of his trunk, and quickly covered it up with his clothes. After he shut the lid closed and locked it before he collapsed on his bed.

Harry was actually having a good dream until it was ruined by someone shaking him. Very slowly he opened his eyes and put on his glasses. "Neville…?"

"Did you enjoy your sleep? You've been out since yesterday morning, and hopefully you packed your trunk because we leave for the train in twenty minutes."

"Yeah I did that already, but did you just say that I've been asleep since yesterday morning?" He asked as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

The Longbottom heir put another book on Herbology into his trunk. "Yeah you were out of it. A few of us tried to wake you, but you didn't even twitch once. Have you seen my dress shoes? Oh never mind I found them."

'I can't believe I slept that long.' He thought to himself as he got out of bed. Quickly he grabbed a change of clothes from his packed trunk and ran into the shower. 'Heaven forbid if I show up to the Dursley's prison smelling like garbage.'

When he came out of the shower ten minutes later…he saw Neville closing the lid of his truck closed. "Are you ready Harry?"

"Neville, can you answer a question for me? Do you blame me for getting you injured at the Ministry?" He asked as he put his dirty laundry into his trunk.

"No I don't blame you at all. You were the one that helped me find courage to go into battle against Death Eaters and to help myself. I should be thanking you because I never once had confidence in myself." The Longbottom heir said as he clapped his fellow Gryffindor on his shoulder.

He smiled at him and used a levitation spell on his trunk. "I guess we better get down there before McGonagall storms in here breathing fire and clawing us for being late."

Neville couldn't help but grin at the sarcastic comment. 'There's no denying it…she would do that in a heartbeat.'

Both of them traveled down the way to the carriages in moderate silence until Luna appeared out of nowhere to join them. "Hello Harry and Neville. The Nargles around you two seem quite content."

"Nice to see you too Luna." He said to her as someone ran into him.

"Watch it Potter! I would certainly hate it if Dumbledore's lapdog adds yet another scar to his forehead!" Malfoy sneered as the group of Slytherin cronies laughed behind him.

Harry's emerald colored eyes became a much darker green and the glare he sent at the self proclaimed 'Slytherin Prince' could've melted glaciers. He was dragged by his Gryffindor and Ravenclaw into one of the carriages before he would've lost it. Neville put his hand on his shoulder. "Just ignore him Harry, he never has anything good to say since his 'father was thrown into Azkaban'."

Unfortunately he didn't say one word as other friends joined them in the carriage. "Listen mate, he's dead and not coming back." Ron said without a shred of tact in his head. Hermione looked outraged and his sister didn't have the slightest bit of concern on her face.

Harry turned his eyes from the scenery and narrowed his eyes at his friend before staring back out the window in complete silence. 'Why did he become my friend in the first place? He's too much of a controlling moron and gets angry when other people don't agree with his prejudice views.'

It took the students of Hogwarts nearly 3 hours to return to King's Cross. For Harry it didn't come too soon enough, but that was only the first part of his troubles when he saw Tonks, Remus, and Moody speaking to his Uncle. 'Gee thanks for the nice little speech I'm going to get on the ride home. Why can't they butt out of my life?'

Tonks walked over to him and gently squeezed his shoulder. She couldn't find any words to say to help him with the loss over her favorite cousin. He gently smiled up at her and suddenly his face became like stone when he looked over at his uncle who should've been admitted into the hospital for high blood pressure. "We don't have all day boy!"

He turned around long enough to say goodbye to his friends before walking off to put his luggage into the Dursley's new car. 'Gee with all the new cars they keep getting…it makes me jealous that they barely allow me to live with the little scraps they let me digest. Bloody tossers.'

Throughout the entire ride home he ignored his uncle's babbling on about how much he hated magic with his Aunt agreeing with him, but his fat whale of a cousin was looking nervous. "DID YOU UNDERSTAND ME FREAK!" His uncle bellowed at him as he was driving.

"Sorry did you say something?" He said without thinking.

Vernon slammed on the breaks in the middle of the highway and nearly caused one hell of a car crash when his wife yelled for him to keep driving or pull over. Luckily for the young Gryffindor his uncle couldn't turn around to physically assault him…until they pulled into the driveway into the 'Dursley Prison'. 'Gee all they need are the barbed wires, light towers, and armed guards walking around to make it reality.' He thought as he took his things from the car and brought them inside the house.

Once the door was closed all the air was driven from his lungs when his uncle's meaty fist was driven into his stomach. "YOU CAN THINK AGAIN IF YOU'RE FREAKY PEOPLE CAN THREATEN ME BOY!? ANSWER ME!" His uncle bellowed and backhanded his nephew across his face. "GET THIS TRASH OUT OF HERE AND NO MEALS FOR A WEEK!"

Dudley couldn't help but get in a lucky shot by kicking his cousin in the ribs and smashing his fist into his nose. "That's for sending that Dem-what's it after me earlier this year!" He yelled at him as he shattered his glasses by stomping his fat foot on them.

After that the two fat and winded beached whales walked off to sit infront of the television. Harry wiped the blood from his nose with the back of his hand as his aunt walked up to him. She handed him a new pair of glasses. "I don't want you ruining my rose bushes since your blind without a pair, and go up to your room. Put some tissue in your nose and pinch the bridge of your nose to help stop the bleeding."

He looked at her strangely because she never helped him before, but then again he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He took the glasses and took his things up to his 'cell' before having to go out and perform the normal slave labor as usual.

For the next couple of weeks the same routine happened. He would work without a break and if he complained once or didn't do the chore correctly he would receive even more chores to do and deprived of food for punishment. Harry was suffering from the heat and collapsed onto the makeshift bed. Later that night, his uncle came home heavily smelling of alcohol and decided to take his frustrations out on the freak because he was fired from his job for sexual harassment.

After his uncle left his room he was nursing his wounds, but he was sick and tired of putting up with this. His Aunt came into his room with some antiseptic and some fresh bandages. "Why are you suddenly helping me when you haven't considered it in fourteen years?"

"Because I don't want your headmaster coming here again that's why." She remarked with cold distain in her voice as she walked out of the room.

'What did she mean by Dumbledore being here before?' He thought before he started to piece some things together. Loosing Sirius…found out that he was to be killed or to kill by some prophecy that Dumbledore hid from him for so long…and how he felt so weak. He hated Voldemort so much that he wanted to kill him right then and there in the Ministry of Magic, but he was being held back somehow.

'I hate this world…I hate Dumbledore…I hate Riddle…I hate everyone and everything about the Wizarding world. If they wanted a savior then why have they turned their back on me by saying that I'm some 'insane child who's so hell-bent on getting attention that I'll go to any length to seek it?' How would all of those bastards feel if their so-called 'savior' committed suicide? Also let's see, Bellatrix also taught me how to perform an unforgivable by saying that I need to feel the emotion to do it.'

He walked over to his trunk, kicked it open, and took out his wand. "Find a new tool Dumbledore! AVADA…"

Outside 4 Privet Drive, Tonks was on patrol that night. She was listening into his room with an extendible ear when she heard his statement. Her instincts said that he was bluffing, but her mind was screaming that he wasn't. 'I couldn't give a damn if Dumbledore gave me orders not to get involved or gets upset…I'm going in there to stop him."

She broke her way into the house and rushed to his bedroom. Quickly, she unlocked the padlocks on his room. "KED…"

"EXPELLIAMUS!" His wand left his hand and flew into her hand. She walked straight up to him, and came very close to slapping him. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"

"About to kill myself no thanks to you." He spat right back at her.

Vernon woke up because of the shouting, and he was going to beat his nephew until he understood not to bother anyone at 2 am. "BOY! HOW DARE YOU WAKE ME UP AT THIS UNGODLY HOUR! WHAT ARE YOUR FREAKS DOING IN MY HOME! I WON'T STAND FOR IT I TELL YOU! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE THIS INSTANT!"

"Go ahead dear uncle…beat me like you always do. See if this time your fat arse can kill me for waking your sorry drunk ass up." Harry spat back.

Consumed by drunken rage, Vernon stomped over to his nephew without paying any more attention to Tonks and punched him in the face. "I WON'T BE TALKED TO LIKE THAT FREAK!"

She was horrified to see his uncle taking it out on him. "Get off of him!"

He wasn't listening and he backhanded her across the face when she interfered. Harry's face was bruising, swelling, and bleeding in certain spots from where the wounds reopened. "HAD ENOUGH YET?"

Tonks got up to her feet and kicked Vernon hard in the ribs. "Don't you ever touch me again you fat blob! I don't give a damn what Dumbledore thinks, you are not staying here. Hurry up and get packed."

Harry got to his feet with her help, and started kicking his uncle in the same spot until he heard bones breaking, and then he spat blood onto his uncle. "You're lucky I went easy on you dearest uncle. I hope you die slowly because you don't deserve a quick death." He packed his trunk, and grabbed Hedwig's cage. She put his hand on an old newspaper and they portkeyed away to the Headquarters. What he didn't see was his Aunt walk into her nephew's room and threw her wedding room at her husband before walking out with a suitcase.

When the swirling colors stopped clouding his vision, he saw that they were inside the drawing room without alerting anyone. "Harry, I want you to go put your things up in Sirius's bedroom. I'll come up to get you in a few minutes so we can take care of your injuries."

"Fine." He growled out while trying to regain his bearings.

'Hang in there kiddo. Dumbledore is going to get it.' She stormed into the Order meeting that was taking place.

"I have called this emergency meeting of the Order because Harry has gone missing from his family's home. Nymphadora what happened to your face?" Dumbledore asked.

"He has not gone missing. I brought him here because he tried to use the killing curse on himself, and I received this due to his fat abusive uncle. Harry has it much worse than I do. How could you leave him in the hands of those filthy muggles! THEY ABUSED HIM EVERY DAY OF HIS LIFE AND I WON'T BRING HIM BACK THERE!"

He sighed heavily at the outcry of his Order and put his hands up to silence them. "This is very unfortunate, but I'm sorry Miss Tonks he will go back there for the blood wards to remain intact. After all his birthday is not for another two weeks, after that I will see if he could stay with the Weasley's again."

Before anyone could say anything the door was opened with authority. Every member of the Order except Tonks finally saw his face. "Forget the blood wards old man. Did you not remember that Voldemort took my blood so your pathetic wards have been nullified? Or has your brain gone to shite over the past 150 years of your life!"



Snape on the other hand smirked at Potter's words. 'It's about time someone put her in her place.'

"Harry! I think you should respect your elders." Dumbledore spoke to him in his grandfather voice.

"There are only four people I trust and respect. One of them is Tonks, one is Remus, another is me, and the other isn't you. I've had it with all of you following me everywhere like some lost little puppies. I don't need to be chaperoned everywhere I go or locked up in a house like a jail cell!" He yelled without even paying attention to how his scar started to bleed. Without another word he summoned his wand, and his Gringott's key. Then he walked out of the house to summon the Knight Bus.

With a loud bang the bus halted in front of him, and he climbed on without saying a word. "And where're ya going to?" Stan asked.

"Diagon Alley."

"Well we can't go into Diagon Alley but I'll drop you off at the Leaky Cauldron. That will be 7 sickles." He said as he collected the fare, and the bus took off with a bang as the Order came out to stop him. "Say what happened to your face mate, and what's ye name?"

"Nothing and nobody."

"Oi, I didn't mean to upset yeh, but it shouldn't be too long before we get there." He said out of fear for as much anger and hate was pouring out of Harry.

The Knight Bus stopped in front of the Leaky Cauldron in a trip of thirty minutes. Stan was about to say the destination to him, but he met a wand in his face. "I was never here, understood?"

"Yes sir. I don't recognize yeh, and I kicked you off when you didn't pay your fare." He trembled.

"Good." Harry spoke harshly as he got off the bus, and entered the pub only to see a lot of drunks stumbling around. Without paying attention to anyone he proceeded to the gateway into the alley, and tapped the bricks in the right order. 'If you named yourself my magical guardian you will regret it Dumbledore!'

The goblins were still up and working in their bank when the door opened to see a beaten and bruised person walk in. "I want to see the head master goblin!"

"And who are you to demand to see the head master goblin human?"

"It would not be wise to threaten me Master Griphook! You know exactly who I am, and I am very angry at certain witches and wizards at the moment. Don't make me take it out on you." Harry growled at him with fury in his eyes.

Griphook was in shock to see that a wizard remembered his name and respect. "I apologize Mr. Potter. I shall summon the Head Goblin for you, but he will be most displeased to see you in this condition."

"Please do not heal my face my friend. I want him to see me like this for evidence if my hunch is correct."

"Very well I shall return." He scurried away leaving him there to be looked at by the other goblins.

A few moments later an elderly goblin walked up to him with Griphook. "Good evening Mr. Potter. My name is Bloodrune. How may I be of service to you?"

"I was wondering if we could speak in private head master goblin. But please call me Harry."

"And you may call me Bloodrune. Come we will speak in my office." He ushered him to a special door with a goblin rune on it. The Head Goblin activated it, and the two of them disappeared within an array of light.

"Now that we are in private Harry. May I ask what happened to your face?"

"Before we get to that who was named my magical guardian and muggle guardian?" He asked politely.

Bloodrune searched through a stack of folders to find the answer. "You have no muggle guardian because in your parents' will you were to be raised by three people: Sirius Black, Alice Longbottom, and Minerva McGonagall. Your current magical guardian is Albus Dumbledore after he swindled one goblin who was in charge of your family's affairs, but he was eliminated after we caught onto it."

"I want him removed immediately! You can take this as a breach of contract along with other charges of Child endangerment, child abuse, theft, and whatever else you can think of."

The elderly goblin understood everything as clear as crystal as young wizard talked about his injuries and his life at he Dursley's. Needless to say Bloodrune was angry. He took a couple of wizard photographs of all the scars, bruises, and all the other visible injuries on Harry's body. "Yes criminal charges will be brought against him for this. Now I am glad that you are here, because it saved us the trouble of contacting you with a portkey letter. According to our records there has been numerous withdraws from your family's account, and placed into nine separate vaults. They are listed as Order of the Phoenix, Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, Fawkes, Molly, Arthur, Ron, Ginny Weasley, and Hermione Granger. I will need your signature done on these forms to take back the money that they have stolen from your family account."

Without even thinking he picked up the 'never run out of ink quill' and signed his name on all the forms. In all his life he was never this angry to where his hands were shaking badly. "I want the contents of those vaults emptied and closed immediately! Please also add their names to the charges as well."

"It will be done. GRIPHOOK! Empty these vaults now, and place the contents back into the Potter family vault. Now we have other issues to attend to. Here is your godfather's last will that he revised just before Christmas." Bloodrune placed a viewing pensive infront of Harry, and stirred it with his fingernail.

"Hello Harry. If you are watching this then I must've died in some fashion, but I hope that I went down fighting because anything else would be an insult. Imagine me dying because I was creating a new prank. I, a Marauder dying in a prank, say it isn't so! Oh sorry I'm getting off track here. Now I'm not going to lie to you Harry, because you've never lied to me.

The reason why I created this new will is for you to hear how I really want things to go. I am leaving everything to you kiddo with the exception to the money that must go to my favorite cousin Tonksie, and my best friend Remus. All those other bastards don't deserve a damn knut after what they did to you. Yes I know that they have been stealing, spying, and manipulating you into their perfect little Martyr. That's right Harry I knew but I wasn't able to tell you because every time I came close to someone would find out, and I was sent out on a mission or forced into hiding out so I apologize for that.

Master Bloodrune is going to perform a ritual that would make you a part of my family. When I first saw you I did fall in love with you, but not in that perverted sort of way. I've always wanted a son of my own, but you've fulfilled that part and you deserve to be loved. When the blood adoption ritual is done you will be my heir and the Lord of the Black family as well as the Lord of the Potters. It's never happened in a long time but you are now a double heir to two pureblood families regardless if you're only half and half. Heh and you will enjoy some of the books I left for you about becoming a Marauder and an animagus in the library at the 'cell'.

I know you can train and fight Voldemort to win. But before my brother Regulus was murdered he left a letter in my bedroom saying how dear old moldie warts created Horcruxes, and he had stolen one. He created seven of them, and you've already destroyed one. Yes it was the diary that you stabbed with the Basilisk fang. There is a locket with two snakes on it that forms two 'S's' on it inside the first desk drawer in the drawing room. The password to open it is 'Pureblood revenge'. Kinda cliché right? He also said in that letter that the others are possibly 'Hufflepuff's cup, Slytherin's ring, Ravenclaw's crown, Slytherin's dagger, and the seventh one is somewhere easy to find because it bleeds. I found out that Lucius Malfoy murdered him the very next day in cold blood when he tried to get out of the country.

Do me one last favor kiddo…dissolve my cousin Bellatrix's marriage. I noticed this the last time I saw her before she was placed in Azkaban that her eyes weren't violet like they normally are. They were much darker and nearly black. I don't know what they did to her, but she must be under some sort of curse. She was a Ravenclaw, and was never like this. When we were growing up we were very close, and I don't want her to continue being condemned for the rest of her life. I don't give a damn about Narcissa, but please kiddo do this for me.

Just remember I love you 'son', but don't worry me and the original Prongs will be driving Tiger lily nuts in the other life. We'll be here waiting for you when the time is right."

Harry smiled and nearly broke down into tears when he knew this was the last time he would ever see his Godfather again. "What do I have to do for this ritual?"

Bloodrune took out a crystal bowl, and a vial of Sirius's blood. "Cut your wrist to add over the bowl, and his blood will be poured into your open wound. It will be painful though."

"I've been through much more pain than anyone." He said as he did what he was told. When Sirius's blood was poured into his open wound instant pain started to shoot all over his body. It felt like getting hit with twenty bludgers and bring rolled on sharp shards of glass at the same time without breaking bones for three hours straight..

"How do you feel Harry now that the ritual is over?"

"I'm hurting, but I'll survive. So now I'm a Black now huh?" He asked with a forced smile.

"Yes you are now Harry James Black-Potter, Lord of the Black and Potter families. Please put on your family rings. You have many properties, stocks, and business trusts in the Wizarding world. I will give them to you before you leave today. It has also come to my attention that the Evans vault belongs to you as well, and we have combined the other vaults into the Potter family vault including your trust fund. I will take you down to inspect them in a few moments. First I need these documents signed for your emancipation, and other documentation for our records. Also to ease your mind…the process only last one hour." Master Bloodrune grinned to the younger wizard.

He looked at the grinning elder goblin with a smirk of his own. "Remind me never to anger you or your people. You can make a bee sting last for days when only a minute has passed."

"We only do that to those who disrespect us and besides you are one of the better customers we've had in a long time. It seems that the manipulative human has appeared in Diagon Alley."

Meanwhile Dumbledore was very angry that a fifteen soon to be sixteen-year-old teenager got the better of him. 'I have clearly given that boy too much freedom! Perhaps Severus was right and I should not have let him get away with most of the things he's done.' He instructed his 'Order of the Phoenix members' to patrol the alley for any sign of him before he stormed straight into Gringotts.

One of the security goblins came up to the elderly wizard with his weapon ready to strike. "Master Bloodrune is not here, and you humans should realize that we do not bow down to you. You are not welcome here at this time of night now leave or else you will be escorted out by force."

"I will return in the morning to speak with him." He forced out politely before stomping out of the bank.

Griphook knocked on the head goblin's office door before he entered. "Master Bloodrune, Dumbledore has been removed. However he has stated that he will be returning tomorrow to discuss things with you."

"Thank you young one and you will be promoted to be Mr. Black-Potter's account manager from now on. Here are your deeds to your properties Harry and I shall leave them here in your vaults."

"Thank you for all that you've done Bloodrune. Please take the galleons that were required for your services out of my vault." He said as he bowed before the head goblin.

"No, I will not be taking money from you Harry. We are very glad you came to us so we may press charges against that old goat, and his lackeys. If you are ever in need of anything else please do not hesitate to contact me for I shall be overlooking all of your accounts." He waved his hand over Harry's wand. "I have removed those Ministry magic tracking charms on your wand. Also this is a bottomless moneybag for all your purchases. Just say the amount and it will appear in your bag."

"I am forever in your gratitude. May your family, race, and halls always litter with gold. Good night Bloodrune." Harry said as he bowed again before leaving the bank.

Most of the Order was searching the Alley in the wrong places. Tonks saw him walk out of Gringotts, and sneaked up behind him. Quickly he turned around and put his wand against her throat. "You may be an Auror, but you aren't the most graceful when you're not in your natural form."

"Harry, please lower your wand. I'm your friend not your enemy."

"Anyone who allies themselves with the Order of the chicken is my enemy." His voice was full of hate and anger.

She put her wand on the ground to show him that she wasn't going to attack him. "Ok I'm completely at your mercy kiddo."

"How do I know that you are yourself, Nymphadora? For all I know you could be any other Dumbledore lackey trying to steal money from me for 'protection'."

She scowled at him for saying her name. "Because I brought you to Sirius's house from those muggles after your uncle backhanded me, and attacked you. What did you mean about stealing money from you?"

"Pick up your wand and meet me in 'Snake pit' in Knockturn Alley in half an hour. If you don't show up then that's your loss of ever trying to find me again."

"All right kiddo. How will I find you in there?" She asked.

He looked at her dead in the eye before he headed down into Knockturn Alley. "Don't worry I'll find you, but just remember to say 'Chimera's call'."

Back at Hogwarts in the Headmaster's office…Dumbledore was furious with how he was treated in Gringotts. "How could they treat me like that Fawkes! I am the head of the Wizengamot! I am not some petty person who is looking for a handout! And how dare Harry talk back to me like that! He is nothing more then a weapon that needs to destroy Voldemort for my scheme of the greater good. By keeping him out of the loop he should be grieving over Sirius, and sending posts to those two idiots who call themselves his 'friends' who report to me immediately.

There is no way that he could've removed all the tracking charms that I put on him when he was younger. Perhaps I could say something to that fool of a Minister to personally hunt down my weapon by a simple persuading argument that would make him look good in the body politic."

The red and golden Phoenix looked at the old wizard and thrilled at him out of anger. He took to the air and pecked his 'friend' hard in his head before flying out the window. "FAWKES GET BACK HERE!" The headmaster roared, but in a bright flash the phoenix was gone.

Albus went inside of his pocket to activate his little charmed phoenix pendent to summon the Order together, but when he tried to floo over to the headquarters he was thrown out of the fire. "That was rather odd." He tried three more times before activating his portkey.

Thirty minutes prior…Tonks changed her disguise and walked into Knockturn Alley. Even though she was an Auror since she graduated from Hogwarts this place still gave her the creeps. 'I don't get why I should have to meet him down here. I could get raped, groped, or even killed and if that does happen I'm haunting his arse until the day he dies!'

She walked to the 'Snake pit' and she couldn't believe how packed the bar was. There had to be over 200 hags and drunken wizards in the place. Slowly she made her way to the bar and something wasn't right when the bartender walked over to her. "Ever hear of a drink called 'Chimera's call'?" She asked.

He looked at her with a strange look in his eye before he went under the bar and handed her an envelope. "I was told to give this to someone who spoke the password, and he already paid for the drink." He said as he handed her a butterbeer in a clean glass.

She opened the envelope and began reading the note. 'As you can tell I'm not there since you were late. I would get to the Black family home to see some entertainment worthy of your cousin.' She quickly stuffed it into her pocket and some of the drunks around her cheered when she quickly downed her drink and ran out of the bar to apparate to the Headquarters.

Meanwhile outside of the Headquarters…The Order was standing outside of the Noble home of Black trying to get inside without success. "What is going on mum? Why can't we get inside?" Ron asked.

"I don't know. We were just in here nearly an hour ago."

It took Tonks a few minutes to get her bearings but smirked when she finally figured out why they couldn't get inside. 'I'm not chugging another drink like that again before apparating anymore. He must've gone to Gringotts to listen to the will before anyone else, and got himself emancipated. The reason why you can't get in is because he owns the house, and reset the wards. Kid you are slick.'

Mad-Eye and Bill Weasley were trying to bring down the wards to somehow to get inside, and even they couldn't figure it out until Albus showed up. "What is going on here?" He asked.

"The wards have been reset and we can't get inside. Mad-Eye and I have been trying the simple stuff, but it seems that the ancient magic has been restored." Bill remarked out of confusion.

"I bet you this is all Potter's doing. He's pissed at us for keeping him in the dark for so long. God he's so pathetic and being a whining crybaby all the time. At least the idiot's money is good for one thing." Ron shot his mouth off without thinking as he put his arm around his girlfriend, and tried to look down her shirt.

Hermione prevented him from doing so and saw how angry Tonks looked after his comment. 'Why did I agree to do this? Granted I'm smart and all, but why did I have to stab him in his back? As far as I'm concerned he is my first real friend, and I don't know what to do…'

All of them were brought out of their thoughts, arguments, and actions when the door flung open. All of their luggage, plans, and maps, written down information were thrown out of the house, and an emerald flame rose out of the ground that formed 'THIEVES! BLOOD-TRAITORS! MANIPULATIVE BASTARDS! MUD-BLOODS! YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE ANY LONGER! TAKE YOUR ORDER OF THE CHICKEN ELSEWHERE!'

It took everything in Tonks' power to keep from bursting out into laughter, as the door slammed shut. She remembered when Sirius did something of that sort during school to keep her out of his room while he was inventing pranks. Dumbledore saw right through her. "You know where Harry is don't you? Where is he Nymphadora?"

"If I knew I would tell you 'sir'. However I have no clue where he is since we couldn't find him in Diagon Alley. For all we know he evaded us to leave the country or something."

"He will not be able to leave the country since he is not of age. Let us go to my office at Hogwarts for a temporary headquarters." He informed them before using his two-way portkey again.

Inside the house Harry was standing in front of the portrait of Mrs. Black. She was smiling at the boy for the first time. "That was rather enjoyable 'grandson'. Anything else I can do for you?"

"You do know that I was only adopted as Sirius's son and heir not too long ago."

"Details, details. By performing the 'Blood adoption ritual' and being accepted you are now part of our family. Besides I should thank you for taking off that charm that made me say all those nasty things. Believe me, I do not believe in murdering muggleborns; this whole 'pureblood issue' has been completely blown out of proportion. Sirius was a good person even though I wouldn't admit it out loud. Actually, I have been very proud of him that he was smarter than his brother not to join that half-blood murderer." She spoke to him.

"I wonder what I should be doing since I'm on my own now."

"Why not read up on the books in the Black library? Granted most of them involve the dark arts, but as long as you don't submit to them then you will be fine." She said.

He nodded and went to do that, but he walked right back to her portrait. "What do you know about Bella being forced to marry Lestrange?"

"Yes I know all about that. My dear sister wanted to have her daughters to become faithful followers to that half-blood disgrace, but Bellatrix refused. She didn't want to become either a slave nor a murderer, so her mother put the imperious curse on her to perform the marriage agreement. Since you are the head of the family you can put an end to it. If you do that then she will become your charge, and will live with you until you allow her to do what she pleases. Please do not fault her for what happened to Sirius. She loved him dearly even though she hid it."

Harry sighed and walked over to the desk to write a letter to Gringotts and to her. "KREACHER!"

The old batty house elf appeared in front of him with a sneer of disgust. "Filthy half-blood! Soiling my mistress's house with your presence!"

He grabbed him by his throat, and lifted him off the ground. "You better wise up elf or else you won't join your ancestors on that wall! You listen and listen well you little bastard. You are bound to me and only me got it so if I even catch word that you've blabbed everything to the Malfoy's or any other Death Eater, you will be burned alive along with your mistress!"

Mrs. Black was smiling down at her 'adopted grandson' with pride. "Do as he says Kreacher! I am no longer under Dumbledore's spell anymore so stop playing the part and clean up my grandson's house."

The house elf's expression changed from dark and wiry to normal, and bowed before his new master. "I is sorry for saying that to you master. Kreacher will keep your secrets safe."

"Thank you. Don't even think about calling me master or sir, just Harry. Now can you do me four favors? I need you to send these two letters to Bloodrune at Gringotts, this one to Bellatrix Lestrange, get Dobby and Winky from Hogwarts, and find out what that old fool has done with my owl Hedwig."

"Yes Harry." He said before popping away.

"Bella is a very good teacher so when she gets here have her teach you everything she knows. She wasn't a Ravenclaw for nothing." Mrs. Black said before her portrait went still.

"But it's a shame that Narcissa Malfoy has now been disowned. I don't want any more of the Black family gold to go to Voldemort."

He decided that he would take up Mrs. Black's advice about the Black Library. Once he finally walked inside he started browsing the shelves until he found a book called 'How to close your mind through Occlumency: for beginners.' He found a chair that wasn't overly dusty and began to read for the next few minutes. 'Who would've thought that all Occlumency is nothing but tricks, traps, and meditation? If it was that easy then I could've learned it last year.'

Kreacher arrived in front of his new master. "I have delivered you letters. The elves called Dobby and Winky are in the kitchen." He then pulled out a wooden box, and handed it to him. "Kreacher was not fast enough to save her. That blood traitor Weasley burned her alive. Kreacher is sorry."

His eyes looked like an emerald inferno as all of his anger, hate, bitterness, malice, and thirst for revenge surfaced. "He…will…pay…for…this! She was an innocent!"

"If it's revenge you want then allow me to help you." Bellatrix emerged from the doorway with her wand pointed straight at him.

He pointed his own at her. "So nice to see you again Trixie…Do you want to continue what we started at the Ministry? Now that I'm not a puppet anymore I could use some practice. Enlighten me…how did you find out about this place?"

"Care to elaborate before I have my fun with you?"

"When was the last time you were forced to take the imperious potion? Ten minutes ago?" He noticed the color of her glazed eyes.

She glared at him with a snarl. "How do you know that Potter? Also if you must know I found out about this wonderful home from Lucius. After all he did kill Black's brother on the front lawn."

"I'm not stupid as much as I portrayed myself to be Voldemort. So you gave up on possessing me so you went with her? I must say that switching genders isn't a good look for you."

"Shut up Potter! I will kill you tonight, but not before I teach you some manners!" She said in a tongue other than her own. "AVADA KEDAVARA!"

He ducked under the killing curse and he decided to send a blinding spell, stunner, and banishing spells at her. "I would give it up half-blood. You don't stand a chance against me inside one of your puppets."


He dodged the torture curse. "LUMOS SOLEM!" With the temporary distraction…he quickly ran up to her, and shoved his two fingers down her throat to induce vomiting. "Good bye Riddle."

After she vomited up the potion for the next few minutes…her eyes turned back to the violet color they once were. She wiped her mouth and wondered where she was. "How did you get me here? Are you here to rape me or to kill me?"

"Neither and you were sent here by Voldemort after he used the imperious potion to control you. You should feel lucky that it hadn't fully gone into your bloodstream yet."

"You're lying to me Potter! My Master would not do that to his most loyal servant!" She pointed her wand at him.

He smacked it from her hand and put his at her throat. "He doesn't care about you or anyone else! All of his Death Eaters are expendable including you. Have you not noticed that a raven cannot become a snake?"

Hearing that stirred something inside her memory of being a Ravenclaw. 'Mmm…difficult very difficult…a very intelligent girl for her age…there is great talent I see in you…and you possess many great qualities of Slytherin house, but you do not follow that path. If it is not the serpent house then…RAVENCLAW!'

"How did you know I was a Ravenclaw?"

"Your Aunt's portrait told me about your sorting. Sirius adopted me into the Black family and named me his heir. Before the will was over he asked to take pity on you and dissolve the marriage contract. That is why you're here because you have now become my charge. Accio wand!" Her wand went into his hand, and then he pocketed it. "Also you will not be going to your Death Eater meetings unless you want to die."

She was so confused right now, but she decided to hear him out after she got some sleep because she was slightly dizzy from vomiting. "I see. Is there a way to remove this then?"

"I don't have enough knowledge of magic yet since I was a puppet. Will you be willing to instruct me?" He asked.

She raised her eyebrow in a curious manor. "After everything I did to you last year, you want me to teach you?"

"Even you deserve a second chance, Bellatrix Black."

"I'm going to work you like a dog Potter so you better be ready for it tomorrow." She sneered at him, but she started to regret for saying it.

"Oh yes my little raven I will be ready. I just hope that you'll be able to keep up."

"How very Slytherin of you Potter. So what made you think that I would be able to teach you magic? Isn't that what Dumbledore is suppose to teach you?" She asked, but her eyes went wide when she saw his emerald eyes darken to nearly black.

Just rethinking about what the old fool has done to him all his life made him livid. She was simply amazed and scared at the same time that an emerald smoke started emerging from his eyes. "He couldn't teach anyone to punch out of a wet paper bag. He's been using me as his puppet to become his martyr so he could save the day! STEALING MONEY FROM MY FAMILY VAULT, PAYING OFF OTHER STUDENTS TO BECOME MY FRIENDS, AND KEEPING ME IN THAT MUGGLE HOUSE FOR ALL THIS TIME ONLY TO BE BEATEN AND ABUSED BY THAT FAT BASTARD THAT CALLS HIMSELF MY UNCLE!" He felt a slight pain in his scar, and he didn't even care that it started to bleed. "STAY OUT OF MY HEAD RIDDLE!"

Voldemort was just going to see what was taking Bella so long so he decided to use the scar connection. "Come on Potter show me something good." Suddenly he felt like his own head was about to split in two because of Harry's rage.

Lucius Malfoy swept into the room, and bowed before his lord. "My lord I have brought you more gold for our cause. My lord are you alright?"


"My wife has been disowned from the Black family so she does not have access to the family vaults."

Voldemort was about curse him again when Harry expelled him forcefully. He clutched his head, and snatched the sack from his power hungry servant. "Damn it Potter! How were you able to reverse our connection with your anger?"

"My lord? What does Potter have to do with it?"