Fueled Anger: Epilogue

For nearly four months there was no word if the 'savior' was even still alive and the people that knew Harry Potter were not impressed with the Daily Prophet's version of how the death of Voldemort came to pass. Blaise scoffed as she read the garbage in front of her while at breakfast with her parents. "I can't honestly believe that people are buying this trash." She spoke out loud.

Her mother looked at her strangely. "And just tell us dear daughter how the true story went instead of reading this?"

"Think about it mother, how could she claim to be there as an eyewitness to the destruction of the dark lord and claimed that Harry killed him without any details. We all know that her stories are rubbish and never tell the truth except for her fabricated point of view. Look at what she did during the tri-wizard tournament."

Alexander looked at his daughter with a grin. "You're evading your mother's question."

Blaise sighed knowing that she was caught and told them what happened. "After Harry knocked down my guards, I stole one of their wands and made a run for it only to run into Bellatrix Black. Yes, I know what you are thinking but she isn't the deranged lunatic that you think she was."

Her father looked rather upset knowing that his daughter was tortured, used as bait, and fought with the most loyal death eater out there. "You mean to tell me that you were fighting side by side with Lestrange!"

"Father, like I said she had undergone a change since she mysteriously disappeared before the beginning of the year. I can't tell you everything because that's Black family business of the change she went through. She didn't look older than me when we met up. Anyway, we fought through the death eaters and met up with her niece Nymphadora Tonks. She was originally going to have me use an emergency portkey back to the castle but I refused and told them I was going to fight. After that I don't remember anything until I woke up in St. Mungo's."

Her parents weren't too thrilled to hear about her adventure but couldn't help but be proud of her at the same time. "Well I hope you don't do anything like that again, but how is Harry doing?"

"I can't tell you where he's at or how I get there, but he's still going on 4 solid months in a coma from severe magical exhaustion. From what his caretaker has told me all of his other injuries have healed, but his familiars have refused to leave his side." She said with a smile.

"So what are you going to do if he ends up as a squib?"

Blaise's smile vanished immediately and narrowed her eyes at her father until her mother slapped the back of his head. "Have you forgotten that I bonded with you the same way that she has bonded with Potter? Once the declared bond is established it is for life and the only way to break it is death. Don't you dare try to make your daughter choose!"

Alexander rubbed the back of his head. "Did you have to hit me that hard love? Because that is not what I was asking our daughter." He noticed them glaring at him. "What I meant by that was if Potter is a squib will he go to the muggle world while you return to Hogwarts to finish your last year?"

"I have no doubts that both of us will return to Hogwarts for our seventh year. What has been going on with the Ministry since Madame Bones was elected into office?"

"Well things are not 100% complete yet but most of the stupidest laws that were passed during Fudge's reign have been removed from law. The Death Eaters who have been arrested tried to use the same old excuse of being under the imperious curse but that didn't fly with the Minister. At least one of the new policies that have been approved by the Wizengamot is the use of truth serum during interrogation in high profile cases. I'm also afraid that Madame Bones has requested that any information on Harry Potter be brought to her attention." He said as a 'Minny' came into the room and handed him a letter from the Ministry. "Well it looks like they're starting on the trials of the captured Death Eaters, but they can wait until I've seen my daughter off to Hogwarts." He smirked as he as a Ministry car pulled up.

Minny popped in behind the family with Blaise's packed trunk. "Does Mistress Blaise want Minny to take her trunk to the car?"

"Thank you Minny." The half-Veela said before following her parents to the car. 'This will surely be very awkward to know that Harry won't be there. Not to mention everybody who knows Harry will be bugging me to find out where he is…and he will pay for that!' She thought with a smirk as she down inside the car and started to write in her enchanted notebook. 'Mrs. Flamel, are you there?'

'Hello Blaise, how are you doing?'

'I'm fine, Mrs. Flamel. How's Harry doing? Have there been any improvements?'

'Nothing yet, but don't worry I'll keep giving you updates. I'm hoping that he will wake up soon because it's too quiet around here.'

'I hope so too because it will really get annoying at Hogwarts if he doesn't show up and I have to answer all of his friends.'

'Don't worry I'll let you know when he's better. Enjoy your final year at Hogwarts!'

'Thanks Mrs. Flamel. I made a mistake this morning and shot my mouth off about the events of what happened after reading the dribble from Skeeter to my parents. I didn't say anything about where Harry or about the Unspeakables.'

'That's alright Blaise, because everybody will know that Rita Skeeter is not the best writer in the British Isles. Although I would be careful about who asks you about what happened. I've heard through the grapevine that Minister Bones is personally searching for Harry.'

'Why would she be searching for him?'

'My husband hasn't told me yet but I'll get the information from him. Are you at the train station?'

'Not just yet because my parents want to see me off and I'm stuck in a ministry car. Well it looks like I spoke too soon since we just arrived at the station. Wish me luck as the crowds of mindless hopeful magical humans come to bother me. I'll talk to you later Mrs. Flamel.'

'Try to take everything in stride and practice what my husband has already mastered…selective hearing. Good luck and enjoy Hogwarts.'

Blaise closed the notebook and sighed as she got out of the car with her parents. She took the trolley with her stuff from the Ministry driver and walked through the gateway without having to run through the wall between platform 9 and 10 like a first year. She smiled when she saw her friends Daphne Greengrass and Lisa Turpin heading to her. Each of them bid farewell to their parents and headed onto the train to find an empty compartment. "Hey Daphne, do you think that you can keep an eye on my stuff without looking through it?"

"No problem Blaise, I just hope that Potter can handle a post with your panties in the envelope." She said with a smirk.

Blaise rolled her eyes at her friend's antics. 'It feels good to be near them again, but here comes the nonsense in this pointless meeting.' She thought as she walked down to the first cabin where the meeting would take place. Walking inside she noticed that Hermione and Malfoy were the only ones in the compartment. "Are none of the other prefects coming?"

Hermione hugged the half-veela and sat down next to her. "How are you feeling Blaise? I heard about what happened to you on the night that Harry killed Voldemort. Has there been any news with Harry?"

"Would you relax Granger? She doesn't need you playing 20 questions just to satisfy your curiosity. I'm sure that more people will be attempting to bother her about scarhead and if he's still alive." Malfoy commented while rolling his eyes to read about the Quidditch scores.

Blaise nearly laughed at the glare he was receiving. "I've made a full recovery without any scarring from the cruciatus curse and thank you for your concern Hermione. As for Potter, he's alive but in a coma for the last four months from magical exhaustion. Who are the heads this year?"

"Nobody knows. I guess they want us to vote on who the next heads should be although my vote would be for you and Harry." She teased her and earned a roll of the eyes.

"Well if this meeting isn't going to happen then I'm going back to my compartment. You two are more than welcome, but I completely understand if you don't want to reveal your feminine side Draco, unless of course you want to stay here and keep applying that muggle hair gel in private."

Draco glared at her. "For the last time I do not use muggle hair gel!" Hermione and Blaise burst into laughter before leaving the cabin.

Meanwhile at the Flamel Manor, Mrs. Flamel was busy working on some paperwork while her husband was away at the Ministry of Magic. 'Sometimes I worry about that man of mine, for the last couple of months he's been really stressed out.' She thought before putting her quill down and rubbed her wrist. 'Working on all this paperwork is literally worse than signing contracts for the goblins.'

Baron, the Flamel house elf popped into the room with afresh cup of pomegranate tea. "Baron has your favorite tea for you. Barron also wants to inform the mistress that the animals around young master are stirring."

"Thank you Baron." She placed her tea on the desk and went to visit her charge. When she walked into Harry's room she started laughing because Lyan and Eli were licking his face. "Alright down you two." She said before scratching them behind their ears to run her diagnostic spells. 'Well that's good news that his magical core is responding. How I envy him that he's able to be in a REM sleep.'

*Dream sequence*

Harry had no clue of where he was or where he was going inside of this black void he found himself in. No matter where he went everything was black. He yelled for anybody to hear him but all he heard was an echo of his own voice traveling for kilometers in this darkness. 'If this is the afterlife…I'm going to complain.' He thought before he felt like something pulled him further into the darkness.

He opened his eyes to see the same vision he saw once before of an older Blaise finishing putting the kids to bed. She walked down to her bedroom to see him standing there looking very confused along the wall. She walked up and removed the hood from his face. "Harry, how did you get here?"

He looked even more confused now than he did a moment ago. "Did I die after I killed he-who-loves-to-hyphenating-his-name?"

"No you didn't die because you're in a coma from nearly exhausting your magical core with the last battle with Voldemort." She said before kissing his former scared forehead. "When I saw that you were alive I nearly killed you because you didn't let me know first."

"I'm very confused now because last time I came here you told me that I died, and you were taking care of the three kids."

She sighed heavily and patted the spot next to her for him to sit down. "Harry, when you arrived here…I had just gotten the news that you had died on the front lines of the war with the muggles."

He looked at her beautiful face before sighing. She reached over and took his hand in hers. "Promise me that when you wake up that you'll try everything possible to prevent this war from happening. I don't care even if you have to screw the timelines up to do it! I don't want our children becoming some sort of experiment when I join you in the afterlife."

"So it looks like that I can blame you for my 'people saving' issue I have huh?" He had a smirk on his face until he felt her hand cracking him on the back of his head. "What the bloody hell was that for?"

Blaise laughed because it was funny to see his face when she hit him. "You're an idiot for even trying to put that blame on me buster. Now are you going to promise me?"

"I promise that I'll do everything that I can to prevent this from happening if you stop hitting me."

"Good boy." She raised her hand and patted the back of his head. "Do me one more favor Harry and wake up…"

Harry didn't understand what she meant but when he looked at her he saw that she was clutching her abdomen in pain. "Blaise, are you ok?" He asked until he saw the blood seep through her fingers.

She tried to hold back the pain but fell back onto the bed while she was bleeding out from the bullet wound. "This is why I had you promise me to prevent this from happening my love. Now wake up!" He took out his wand to help seal her wound but when he turned his head he saw a bullet screaming towards his head.

*Dream sequence end*

Perenelle was busy checking over her 'pseudo-nephew' with diagnostic spells when his eyes shot open in panic and started to hyperventilate before going into a coughing fit. "Just take one breath at a time nice and slow." She said while patting his back to help his breathing as he started hacking up phlegm and slowly started to breathe slowly over the next few minutes. "There you go nice and slow. You gave us all a serious scare young man, but it's wonderful to see you awake again. You've been unconscious for nearly 4 months, but your girlfriend rarely left your side." She went into the cabinet and poured a potion down his throat to relieve his coughing.

"Where am I? Is the war still going on?" He whispered.

"We're at the Flamel Manor, but you just ended the magical civil war Harry. Don't you recognize your room?"

He took a deep breath and went into another coughing fit before seeing where he was. "That's not the war I was referring to…are the muggles turning against us?"

Hearing this made her worry and thought of contacting a mind healer. "We're not at war with the muggles kiddo. What made you think that we were?"

"Have you ever had a dream that you thought was so real? I had one while I was asleep and an older Blaise told me after putting our three kids down to sleep that I died on the front lines of the muggle/magical war that was occurring and we were losing since we're openly being hunted like animals. She made me promise that I would change this event from happening…then a bullet went through her abdomen and another one headed for my head. After that I woke up here." He rubbed his temples hoping that it was a nightmare.

"Kiddo, you've been unconscious for the last 4 months. I know that you don't have seer blood in you, but the muggle relations have been perfectly fine since Madame Bones took over as Minister. Don't worry about this dream you had because that's all it was." She spent the next hour filling him in on everything that has been going on since he killed Voldemort. "You won't have to worry about Dumbledore anymore since he is locked away at Azkaban with Gellert Grindlewald whom he claimed to defeat back during World War II."

He was slightly shocked to hear the outcome because he wasn't sure how this would affect the timeline. "Am I going to have my memory wiped since I'm not one of your unspeakable agents since I'm no longer needed?"

"Who said that you're not needed kiddo? You're part of our little family even if you are a pain in the arse sometimes." She said with a smile before ruffling his hair.

He good naturedly swatted her hand away from his head. "How long do you think it will be before I can get out of here?"

"I'd say that maybe in a few weeks but you might be able to take a few steps before exhausting yourself." She sternly warned him before giving him the enchanted notebook. "At least let her know that you're awake."

"I would rather surprise her in person," He swung his legs out of the bed to put his feet on the hard wood floor and walked without a problem to the bathroom.

'That boy is too stubborn for his own good…just like his mother.' She thought as Harry came back out a minute later feeling refreshed. "How do you feel?"

"I feel fine, but I'll feel better after I take a shower." He said as she ran a scan on his magical core and was shocked to see that it stabilized.

"Alright go get yourself cleaned up and I'm going to have a little chat with Nicholas." She said before vanishing in a swirl of mist.

Harry picked up the enchanted notebook to see Blaise doodling out of boredom. 'Don't worry I'll be there soon enough.' He thought before he went to take a shower.

Meanwhile at the Department of Mysteries, Nicholas was busy going over the latest revamps in the Ministry with Madame Bones behind the wheel. He was very pleased to see someone in office regardless of gender to make things right without being corrupt. He put his quill down and started to rub his eyes while stretching. "This paperwork is really making me tired."

"That's the reason why I don't do it Nicholas." Perenelle commented and nearly laughed when her husband flipped over his chair.

He glared at her from the floor. "One of these days you're going to kill me if you keep doing that!"

She openly laughed at him while helping him off the floor before pecking him on the lips. "Little by little love. I have some good news to share with you. Harry is finally out of his coma, but the part I can't understand is how his magical core established itself when nearly being depleted."

"It's about time he woke up because when I see him I'm making him do all of this paperwork that he caused." He complained but was smacked on the back of his head by his wife.

"Get the idea of setting it on fire out of your head." She conjured two cups of peppermint tea and sent off patronus summons out the office door. "How has everything been with Minister Bones and the Queen?"

Nicholas enjoyed the flavor of his tea as he took a sip. "You're getting better with your tea making my lovely wife. The Queen is very pleased about Minister Bones 'plucking the weed roots' with our branch of government. All of the ridiculous laws that Fudge passed because of Lucius's pocketbook have now been revoked." He sighed as he took another sip of tea. There was a knock at his office door and with a wave of his wand he opened the door to reveal Tonks and Regulus. "Just the people I wanted to see. I have good and bad news so which do you wish to hear first?"

"Well we might as well get the good news out of the way first." Tonks sighed as she folded her arms over her chest.

Perenelle offered them some peppermint tea and waited for them to take a sip. "Well the good news is that Harry has come out of his coma and is up walking around."

"That's great! When can I go see my little bro?" She said with a grin before turning her hair purple.

"Anytime you like as long as Nicholas approves of your time being away from the office." Perenelle winked at her.

Nicholas cleared his throat for attention. "This is great news but I'm afraid that the bad news is that Harry still has a warrant out for his arrest for 'evading capture' when we interfered. Before all of you bite my head off I've talked with Minister Bones about letting this go but she made it clear that he will be detained for making her Aurors go off on a wild goose chase for so long." Everyone burst into laughter immediately afterward until a wailing sound came from Perenelle's pocket. Perenelle took the silver watch out of her pocket and silenced the alarm. "What is it my darling wife?"

"That little shit left the manor!" She growled when she saw Harry's face on 'traveling'.

Tonks laughed and turned to the guys in the office. "HA! I told you he would escape now pay up!"

Mrs. Flamel raised her eyebrow and turned to her husband who tossed her a small bag of galleons. "Did I miss something?"

Regulus rolled his eyes at his cousin who was counting her winnings. "She bet us that once the kid woke up that he would leave the 'mother hen' and go back to Hogwarts. As you can tell we lost."

"I swear I will strangle that kid and seal his elemental powers away!"

Nicholas smirked at his wife's ranting. "We can't do anything about it now Perenelle. If and only when does he sink too far into the quicksand will we act."

At the Ministry of Magic, Minister Bones was working in her office making the correct addendums to remove the laws that Fudge passed. "No wonder the magical creatures hate us and there's no doubt that Umbridge was behind these foolish laws be created." She mumbled out loud as she poured herself some muggle alcohol and sighed when she heard knocking at her door. "Enter."

Harry Potter quickly stuffed his unspeakable cloak into his pocket while walking into the Minister's office. "Hello Madame Bones, I hear that you've been looking for me and congratulations on your recent promotion." He said while taking a seat in front of her.

Minister Bones activated the silent lockdown alarm around her office. "Mr. Black-Potter, I must admit that I thought that you would've done the honorable thing by turning yourself in when the warrant for your arrest was issued, but instead you decided that leading my Aurors on a 'wild goose' chase was much more fun. Do you have any idea on how much paperwork you've caused? I should throw you in the stockade for the aggravation." She got out of her chair and poured a glass of water for her guest with a stern glare. "However, I can make a deal with you to eliminate this warrant if you confess where have you been and how did you destroy he-who-must-not-be-named."

"Should I refuse?"

"You will join Fudge and Umbridge in Azkaban until summoned before the full Wizengamot." She remarked very sternly like McGonagall.

He thought about it for a minute before smirking worthy of a Black. "I cannot tell you where I was because I swore a oath of silence to my caretakers. I'll tell you what you want to know about Voldemort's demise but you need must agree to three of my terms otherwise I will tell you nothing."

"What are your demands?" She asked before taking a sip of Johnny Walker red.

"First, I will need an oath of silence about the truth about Voldemort's immortality and how I defeated him after all we don't want this published in tomorrow's newspaper with some idiot following in his footsteps. Second, there are several people in the Black family that have tarnished records because of the previous government and I want Bellatrix, Regulus, and Sirius Black's names cleared. Thirdly, I would like Dumbledore's wand released to me since it belongs to me. Do we have an accord?"

Amelia looked at the young shadow mage with a raised eyebrow. "Those terms are quite steep Harry so this better be worth my time or else your off to Azkaban. Off the record, why would you want his wand?"

"Ask me after I get telling you everything else." Harry took a sip of water before beginning his tale. "The truth about how Tom Marvolo Riddle was able to be created was because of Dumbledore's ignorance. By blood rights he is a half-blood who had the last remaining bloodline of Salazar Slytherin making him the heir of his line. Even though he never knew that his pureblood mother seduced his muggle father with a love potion…he was gifted in the mind arts from a young age and began his descent into madness by torturing his fellow orphans while keeping their things as trophies. When Dumbledork came onto the scene when he was eleven years old, the old man showed him that magic was real and soon his desire for more power grew even as he turned a blind eye to it once he started at Hogwarts. Riddle paraded himself as a prodigy by becoming a pretending to be perfect, but behind closed doors he fashioned himself his new identity by re-arranging his true name into 'I am lord Voldemort' and started to recruit followers after he opened the Chamber of Secrets and murdered Myrtle with the Basilisk's stare. Now there is significance to Myrtle's death because he manipulated an intoxicated Horace Slughorn into telling him what Horcruxes were and how to create them. Horcruxes are soul containers or spiritual anchors to this world so even if you die…you will still exist because your object is still alive."

"How do you create these Horcruxes? I've never heard anything about them in all my years of being a department head at the Ministry."

He took another sip of water and sat the glass back down on the desk. "The way to create a Horcrux is to split your soul by committing murder. The night that Myrtle was killed by the Basilisk stare he created his first Horcrux which turned out to be his personal diary. Because of his arrogance he created 4 more Horcruxes to make 5 after he graduated from Hogwarts and hid them rather well. However, this wasn't good enough to have 5 Horcruxes and his body to equal 6. He overheard through the grapevine that a prophecy had been made and sent a spy to recover what was said, but his spy got there too late and only heard the first portion before he was thrown out of the bar by the owner. Riddle didn't like this so he went out to kill me, but since he already killed my parents he had already split his soul once again, but he couldn't find any founder's objects in the house to when he went to kill me…he transferred a piece of that split soul into my scar which caused the killing curse to rebound on him for its survival. He now a magical number of 7 in total of Horcruxes, but he was overconfident that nobody would be able to break the chain.

On Halloween night last year, I was arrested after Blaise and I finally made it official that we were dating when your Aurors ruined the moment and took me into custody. I can't reveal who they are or what their purpose was, but I spent that time up until 4 months ago training and hunting down Voldemort's Horcruxes.

I'll let you see the final battle for yourself if you have a pensive handy but I need your help with extracting the memory because I was never fully taught on how to do this, and I'm not exactly sure how my magical core will respond now."

Minister Bones went into her cabinet to get her pensive then extracted the memory from his head, and placed it into the runed bowl. "I'll be right back Mr. Potter, and don't touch my liquor cabinet." She commented before being taken into the pensive.

He thought about tampering with it since she gave him the opening, but thought against it when he felt a phantom pain on the back of his head. 'There's no doubt that Aunt Perenelle will be doing that enough when she finds me.'

Amelia came out of her pensive a few minutes later and downed the rest of her drink. "You certainly life an unusual life Mr. Black-Potter… you have kept your word so we have an official accord on your terms. For your actions you will certainly earn the Order of Merlin First Class award, but can you tell me why you want Dumbledore's wand?"

"Thank you Minister but I don't deserve an award for my actions. If you have to give it our then dedicate it to my parents and late godfather for always fighting for what they believed in." He said as he took another sip of water. "Tell me Madame Bones, what do you know about the Deathly Hallows?"

"It's a fabled story about three brothers that encountered Death, and for this rare occurrence they were given three objects that any witch or wizard would gladly take from them. It's nothing more than a myth."

He wanted to laugh in her face for being very naïve. "I'm afraid that the 'fabled story' is not a myth but actual truth. The three Peverell brothers did encounter death and were given a choice for anything they wanted. Antioch Peverell wanted a wand that could never be defeated in a duel. Cadmus Peverell wanted a way to return the dead back to life. Ignotus wanted a way to remain invisible from death itself. The three objects became the cloak of invisibility, the resurrection stone, and the elder wand. However, with these objects came with a heavy price since the person who defeated Antioch took the Elder wand for themselves, and Cadmus tried to bring his lover back to life only to realize there was no real way to bring the dead back to life. Ignotus was the last surviving brother and was hidden well from Death until he decided to pass his invisibility cloak to his family which is in my possession since I'm his descendant. Voldemort used the resurrection stone as a Horcrux, and even though the soul was destroyed the stone wasn't."

She raised her eyebrow at his statement before all the puzzle pieces clicked together. "And the reason why you want Dumbledore's wand is because it is the Elder wand."

"You would be correct. As it stands you are in possession of the wand and gave him his defeat when he was arrested so you are the owner of the wand. However, you are not the true wielder of it until you defeat the current owner in a duel in order to make it respond to you."

Amelia went inside of her desk drawer and pulled out the wand. She didn't feel anything responding to her and tossed it to Harry. He caught the wand and felt it 'rejoice' in his head as it attuned with his magical core. "I, Amelia Bones, hereby give my oath of silence on the discussion with Harry James Black-Potter. Should I break this oath then my life will be forfeit. So mote it be."

"I, Harry James Black-Potter hereby accept Amelia Bones's oath of silence. So mote it be." He responded as the oath took place between them. "Thank you Minister Bones, but I have a few questions. How much jail time am I going to serve? Also have there been any responses from the muggles finding out about the 'terrorist' attacks subsiding?" He asked.

Minister Bones got up from her chair and with a predatory grin cracked him on the back of his head. "As long as you keep out of trouble you won't serve any time. Just keep in mind that all of this paperwork you see on my desk is from the disaster of Hogsmeade. I will warn you now like I did for your father and godfather…I don't like more extra paperwork on my desk than necessary. Yes, the muggles have created a cover story that has let the people know that the 'group' has been caught."

"Thank you Minister Bones, but sadly no promises and think of the job security you have." He laughed when her smile faded and practically ran to her office door before she could hit him again. He walked out of the office and immediately froze when he saw Perenelle Flamel standing in front of him. "Uh…hi Aunt Perenelle…don't worry I didn't expose the department."

"Didn't I tell you not to leave without permission?" Perenelle walked up to him and latched onto his ear before disappearing in a swirl of mist.

His vision stopped spinning and found himself outside of the Hogwarts gates, and looked at Mrs. Flamel with a curious look before he was cracked on the back of his head. "I deserved that and probably a lot more, but what are we doing here?"

"You did say that you would rather tell Blaise face to face that you were awake. Why not do it now before the sorting ceremony is over with?"

He took the enchanted notebook out of his pocket and looked at the Hogwarts Gates. "Guess I don't have a choice now huh?"

Mrs. Flamel couldn't hide the smile that was on her face. "Well it's a good thing that you're learning kiddo. Baron will bring your school materials tomorrow morning. Have a good term here and if I hear that you're causing trouble I will be back." She gave him a hug before disappearing into mist.

Earlier at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall was pretty excited to be starting her era of being headmistress of Hogwarts while waiting for her students to arrive. Her fellow colleagues stood proudly by her side when she officially took over and removed all the restrictions that Dumbledore had in place so students would receive a much better knowledge of what they will face in the real world. She felt the wards of Hogwarts react to the returning students and knew that it was time to start the ceremony. "Severus, do you think that this year will be better for the students because of the fresh slate we have to work with?"

"I believe that we will Minerva so stop worrying about it like a brainless Gryffindor dunderhead." He said with his traditional sneer and ignored her glare. "Why are the Aurors here?"

Minerva sighed because her hands were tied with the Minister and Governors. "They believe that Harry Potter will come back to Hogwarts even though he's been missing since they tried to arrest him on Halloween. I had no choice since the school governors enforced this ruling."

While most of the staff agreed with the new headmistress but Severus and Sinistra knew better. "I'll put 10 galleons on him showing up." Sinistra said with a smirk.

Severus dug through his robes until he found his money bag. "I'm in Aurora."

Minerva took her glasses off and pinched the bridge of her nose. "You two can't be serious about this?"

"It's no worse than when you challenged us to that lovely bet on the Quidditch match during Mr. Potter's first year Minerva. Put me down for 5 galleons showing up." Professor Flitwick commented before finishing his cherry flavored drink.

Professor Sprout was outraged there was no way that he would show up. "Harry wouldn't do anything foolish like that! His parent's wouldn't do that if they were in his shoes."

"That's where you're wrong Pomona...his parent's would give themselves up once their task is over. Besides I'm sure that it will be pretty comical if he does show up, wouldn't you say Severus?" Newly re-instated Defense against the Dark Arts Professor Lupin said with a grin which the Potions professor hid his own miniscule smirk.

*Real Time*

Hagrid came in with the older students who walked in their own conversations as they made their way to their respective tables. "Headmistress McGonagall, the first years are outside of the Great Hall."

"Thank you Hagrid." She said as Professor Flitwick walked in with the first years.

Blaise sat down next to her best friends Lisa Turpin and Daphne Greengrass. 'So instead of Dementors we have Aurors patrolling the school...why would McGonagall allow this?'

"Earth to Blaise!" Daphne waved her hand in front of Blaise's face to get a reaction. "Geez what's going on with you? You're not even paying attention to the sorting."

"That's because she has scar head on the mind." Draco commented with a smirk when she responded quickly with a cold glare. "To be honest this sorting is pretty redundant to have every year. Although it should be enjoyable this year without any Weasley's around here for the scandal they performed with the former headmaster."

Blaise noticed that there were only five students left to sort but she felt the urge to smack the back of the blonde's head for his comment. "I do agree that it is becoming old but unless you would like to feed yourself from a tube that does up your nose then keep talking about him in that derogatory manner."

"I will always call your boyfriend 'scar head' so get used to it." He commented before lazily turning towards the head table to see his godfather placing bets with the other professors.

Over at the Gryffindor table Neville and Hermione were wondering why all the tight security around the castle. "I don't understand the entire hype with the Aurors now days. My Gran was telling me that the new Minister still searching for any leads for Harry's location."

"I don't know Neville, but all I know is that he'll be here."

"How do you know?" He asked.

"Women's intuition." She said with a smirk before Professor McGonagall started tapping her goblet to get her student's attention.

"May I have you attention please? As you know, Albus Dumbledore has been removed as Headmaster of this school for his crimes and with that all the restrictions for the classes that were enforced have been removed. New classes have been brought back into the curriculum such as Wizarding politics, ethics and etiquette which are core classes that all first years will be required to take. These books were not on the list and we will be providing them to you. Also I am delighted to tell you that Mr. Remus Lupin has offered his services to return to the post of Defense against the Dark Arts." She took a brief pause to watch the students cheer. "From that round of applause I too am glad to have you back with us. On a serious note...Aurors have been stationed here on Minister Bones's order to locate the escaped convict Harry James Potter-Black."

The speech was interrupted when the Great Hall doors opened to reveal Mad-Eye Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt who went straight to the head table. "Pardon the interruption Headmistress McGonagall, but the Aurors are leaving the castle grounds per orders of Minister Bones. She also told me that Potter will be back as a registered student for 7th year since he finished his 6th year exams at the Ministry. Also make sure to smack him one for being a cheeky brat."

The entire staff and students cheered when the hyphenated hero was a free man. Blaise was upset that she wasn't notified by him that he was awake. 'By Morgana's ovaries I will strangle him for not telling me!' She looked down at her enchanted notebook to see a message of 'see you in a bit'.

The last surviving Marauder could feel something strange in the air…like a breeze flicked him in his ear as an owl started flying out of the Great Hall. He looked around and saw a note on his plate, but he couldn't read it because there were no words. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Like the Marauder's map the same hand writing started to appear on the paper.

'Mr. Shadow is very disappointed that Moony failed to realize he's been pranked…must be his old age catching up to him.'

His eyes widened and quickly checked all of his pockets, his appearance, and his plate of food for any potions. 'That little shit…there's nothing been done here.' He thought as more words appeared on the paper:

'Mr. Shadow is laughing hysterically at Moony's paranoia. Messers Padfoot and Prongs would be joining him in laughter.'

Professor Sinistra looked over at the paper and openly began laughing when she heard Remus growling. "So how does it feel to be out pranked by someone who didn't do anything at all Moony." She continued to laugh as the Lycan sulked about being outwitted by a 17 year old.

Minerva had to hide a smirk from seeing the one of 4 marauders get a taste of his own medicine. "Yes now that is behind us…as always Mr. Filch has put up a list of banned products on his office door. Entry into the Dark Forest is strictly forbidden and any student caught going in will be punished severely."

The Great Hall door opened once again and a tired looking Harry Black-Potter walked inside. "I apologize for being late Headmistress McGonagall…I missed the train and it wasn't a house elf issue this time." He said before the students exploded into cheer once again and threw their caps into the air.

Blaise got up from her table and made her way to him. She was very upset as she came up to him and smacked him on the back of his head making him stumble a bit. "You didn't tell me that you woke up!"

He used the wall for support while the stars in his eyes were slowly fading as the Great Hall went silent. "Why do you people keep hitting the same bloody spot!" He complained while rubbing his head.

Her glare softened and let out a chuckle before wrapping her arms around his neck. "You're such an idiot."

Hermione was smiling with her friend being reunited with his girlfriend but all the other students that didn't know that he was dating and kissing a Slytherin were in shock. She heard the Patel twins and Lavender Brown start making rumors before stopping them dead. "For your information Brown they have been dating since last October and I would advise you not to spread rumors without thinking of the repercussions of your actions."

The girls scoffed and didn't pay any attention to her until they saw several Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students glaring at the gossip trio. Neville felt bad for thinking the same way when he saw Harry kiss Blaise Zabini of all people but he was glad to know that both of them were safe. 'Hopefully everything will be fine now, but somehow I have my doubts.' He thought.

Professor McGonagall smiled at them before letting off a bang to get the student's attention. "Welcome back Mr. Black-Potter. Miss Zabini, I am disappointed that the Head Girl would strike the Head Boy like that."

"I'll try my best not to Headmistress." Blaise responded with a coy smile as the badges appeared on their robes.

Harry intertwined his fingers with hers and walked with her to the Slytherin table. "Yeah I want to stay away from Poppy as much as possible. You're not helping."

"The day that you stay out of the hospital wing Scarhead is when Weasel's crawl out of my arse sideways." Draco commented without a care in the world.

"I would be careful of what you wish for Draco…because with magic anything just might happen." Harry remarked with a devilish grin on his face that made the blonde pale slightly and made his girlfriend laugh along with others listening in. He turned to look up at the Head Table to see Moony still scowling but raised his glass to the young Marauder.

Moony on the other hand smirked after tipping his glass to him. "This means war cub…this means war."

'I have Blaise by my side, people to annoy, and no more Riddle trying to poke into my head anymore.' He thought with a content sigh before digging into the feast. "Hopefully I'll be able to live my life the way that I want to now until I have to meet Blaise's parents during Christmas break..."

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