Hey guys...this is my first fic so please tell me what you think! It potentially could have more chapters but its up to you guys as it can stand alone as well. Hope you enjoy it and you're having an awesome day! Luv Kate :D

Dr Temperance Brennan looked up at the clock and sighed. 11pm. She'd give it one more hour and then she'd go home to sleep. Turning back to her paperwork she found that her concentration was gone and she couldn't focus. Looking for a distraction she clicked on the icon that would open up her novel. Typing away, Brennan added details about the case that Kathi was supposed to be solving, then skipped back a few pages to a point that needed a little more interaction between Kathi and her FBI partner.

At this point, her imagination failed her. Although she denied it, Agent Andy Lister was based on Booth. Booth…he had been amazing this week. A week, she thought, I can't believe that it's only a week since we finally locked up that bastard who killed my mother. Booth hadn't pressed her to talk or been overly sympathetic as he knew that Bones couldn't cope with that kind of behaviour. Instead he acted as he normally did around her: chivalrous and teasing with just a little bit of charm added into the mix. When Booth was around Temperance found it easier to be herself, and the world didn't feel like it was falling apart.

The other squints had been quieter than usual around her, giving her space and getting on with their work. Even Zach and Hodgins had toned down their usual banter. Temperance knew that they were unsure about how to act around her. However Temperance was too well trained in hiding her emotions to show her grief around the lab. She acted as she normally did; knowing that if she gave in to the ocean of sadness that filled her heart her carefully maintained walls would crumble.

But it was a Friday night; no one was here but her. So when she felt the tears well up in her eyes, Brennan gave in and let her face fall into her hands. Bones felt tears dribble down her cheeks as she cried silently, shoulders shaking, letting her grief out. She was so caught up in herself that she didn't notice Booth's presence until he grabbed her arm. Booth pulled her up until shewas standing and then wrapped his arms around her, pulling Brennan close to him.

"Booth, don't…" she protested weakly.

"Temperance, all I'm doing is giving you a hug because I'm your friend and you're upset. Now, relax," Booth replied.

Booth could feel the muscles in her back loosen and Brennan pressed her face into his shoulder. She could feel the tears coming again and when Booth began to rub her back, she let them flow. Bones sobbed into his shirt. Booth just held her, and felt relieved that the strong determined woman that was Temperance Brennan had finally begun the grieving process. He had been so worried about her, and now some of that worry was alleviated.

As her sobs tapered off, Booth picked up her handbag and guided her out of her office and towards the lab exit. Sniffing slightly, Bones asked "what are you doing?"

"Temperance you need to go home, so I'm taking you home."

She wanted to protest, to say that she had work to do but her logical brain knew that what he was doing was the right thing to do. Brennan let Booth open the door of the SUV, and she climbed in. Booth went around to the driver's side and started the car. Looking over at Bones who had her head against the window, he gently teased her.

"No argument about who's driving?"

He elicited a small smile out her then. "Don't worry, I still want a gun."

Booth grinned and turned his attention to the road.

They reached her apartment and Booth followed her inside. Going inside, Booth could see that she was exhausted. That decided his actions. He went into her bedroom and reached under her pillow, as he knew that was where she kept her pyjamas. Booth was slightly surprised to see that the singlet and boxer set was made of red silk and lace. Knowing that Bones was right behind him, Booth commented, "these don't leave much to the imagination, do they?"

He noted that Brennan was obviously feeling better, as her punch caused him to wince.

"C'mon Bones just humour me and stick them on. I'll be back in a second."

Mystified Bones did as he asked, then curled up in bed. Booth came back into the room about five minutes later wearing just pyjama bottoms, with his chest bare. Brennan inhaled sharply.

"What on earth do you think you're doing Booth?" she questioned aggressively.

"I'm going to sit here on your bed until you go to sleep and then I'm going to sleep on your couch," he replied.

Opening her mouth to protest, Booth got in first. "Look, I just don't want you to be alone tonight. I can call Angela if you want and she can stay with you," he stated.

Bones felt her eyes moisten with his simple kindness, which startled her. She really shouldn't have given in and cried before because now she was crying at things which she normally would have beaten Booth up about. Shaking her head, Brennan moved over so he could sit on the bed. Booth leaned over her and switched off the light.

They lay in the dark, listening to the sound of their breathing. To her shame, Bones felt tears running down her face again. She was really needed to plug this spring of emotion that had come from somewhere.

Booth heard her sobbing. Listening to Bones crying in the gloom of her bedroom, Booth felt a deep desire to comfort her. Acting on his instincts he slipped under the sheets and took her in his arms. As Brennan felt his arms slip around her, all coherent thoughts dissolved and she sobbed her heart out until she fell into a deep sleep.

Booth finally heard her breathing even out, indicating that Booth had fallen asleep. He knew that he should get out of her bed and go and sleep on the couch instead, but he couldn't be bothered moving. Booth smiled in the dark; those pyjamas of Bones really didn't leave that much to the imagination. Instead he closed his eyes knowing that Bones would kill him in the morning. But he relished that idea as it would mean that she was feeling better and right now that was all Booth wanted.