They lie on their backs side by side in an endless field of short, soft grass, and count the stars. There are thousands of them, and not a building in sight. The thief smiles lazily as a firefly winks on and off overhead.

"Oi, pharaoh..." The young king turns his head to look at him in acknowledgment. "Do you remember if we had fireflies, back then?"

The pharaoh arches an eyebrow. "Why are you asking me? I thought you were the one who remembered everything."

The boy with the sun-bleached hair scoffs. "Why would I remember something like fireflies?"

"Why would you ask about them?"

The tomb robber chooses not to answer, holding out a hand instead so that one of the glowing insects can land on it. They watch it together, both equally transfixed, until it flies away. Egypt's ruler brightens. "My hikari loves fireflies."

The other boy rolls crimson eyes. "Your hikari is an idiot." The pharaoh stands, stretches.

"Not so," he protests. "He told me that a legend says catching a firefly will grant you a wish." He darts out a hand - all snake-like grace and shining clinking bangles that catch the thief's eye - and a green glow shines out from between his loosely curled fingers. "What would you wish for?"

The thief king rolls on to his side, facing away, feigning boredom. "I wouldn't be gullible enough to run around catching fireflies," he informs his companion.

The companion just laughs off the slight, and moves to crouch before the reclining boy. "But what if-" he grabs a scarred hand in his soft one, "-one somehow managed-" he unbends the calloused fingers with some effort, "-to catch you?" He deftly closes the bandit's hand again, and beams triumphantly at the yellow-green light coming from within it.

The grave robber makes a face at him. "You make no sense."

Horus's earthly incarnation smirks. "So?"

He sighed long-sufferingly. "It was yours first. What would you wish for - your memories back, I suppose?"

For a long moment, the pharaoh just smiles sadly. He reaches out, brushes a gossamer lock off of tanned skin, to better trace the peculiar scar underneath. "Forgiveness?" he suggests.

The creature of darkness closes his eyes, and everything seems to be very still. "To forgive," he whispers, and then there are soft lips against his wind-chapped ones... fingers interlace, and a firefly slips away...

In the black depths of the night, the creature awakes from his dream once again. He isn't very surprised to find that he's laughing and sobbing at the same time.