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Sara unlocked the front door of the Sheridan house and stepped inside, Nick right behind her, both CSI's carrying their field kits. She headed straight for the stairs and was climbing them in 2's.

"Ya mind filling me in on what we're doing here, Sar?" Nick asked. The brunette had promised to inform him on the way but instead had stayed dead silent.

She ignored his question until they were at the top of the stairs.

"Just following a hunch." Sara replied in almost a whisper, almost as if talking any louder would jinx something. Nick just sighed and followed his partner into Lindsey's room.

"We know Matt Sheridan did drugs, right? Well, sometimes—in narcotics cases involving children, the parents, guardian- whoever; will stash the drugs in the kids' stuffed toys. I mean, who's going to ever suspect there's coke in the Winnie the Pooh bear?" The brunette picked up a stuffed tiger (it feeling the heaviest) sitting atop a shelf above Lindsey's pink covered bed and examined it.

The Texan cocked an eyebrow. "And you know this because?"

Sara hesitated before replying. "…I handled a few cases like that back in Frisco." She lied. She didn't want to tell him the real reason she knew this is because her own parents used to hide their stash like that…Only Catherine and Gil knew about her past, and she sometimes regretted ever telling Grissom at all.

She set the toy on the bed before setting her field kit next to it and opening it up, she pulled out a box-cutter and sliced open the stomach of the tiger doll.

Nick watched over her shoulder and smirked when there, sitting inside the fluff, was a bag of white powder. Sara smiled triumphantly and Nick patted her back.

"Good call Sar!" He cheered.

"Thanks Nick. Hey, could you get the rest of those toys down and gimme a hand cutting them open? I'll take the pictures."

"Sure thing partner." The other CSI nodded and did as he was asked.

An hour, and 14 stuffed animals later, the pair had discovered 9 more bags of cocaine; Sara had documented the findings while Nick did the searching.

Sara rested her elbow on Nick's shoulder as they surveyed the scene in front of them. Animal fluff everywhere while the 14 toys lined up neatly in rows on the bed. The drugs sitting next to its respectable animal.

"I think we just found our motive for murder, Nicky."

"Yup, now we just gotta find out who-dunnit and with what then we are in business."



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