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Where I Belong

Chapter Two: Passion to melt the Ice


The annoying sound of an alarm clock began to rang. Cagalli got up, angrily looking for the damned electronically machine from hell. She started to get down but ended up falling down to the floor. She had forgotten that she now slept on the top bunk. She cringed in pain as she sat up to come face to face with a sleeping bluenette.

She jumped back in surprise as the form began to stir. He opened his eyes and his gaze fell open the blonde. He blinked as he sat up and yawned.

"Oh, Morning Cagalli." eh said rubbing the back of his head tiredly.

Cagalli laughed nervously, "Morning. Hey, where is that sound coming from?" she said looking about annoyed, the awful ringing sound echoing through the room.

Athrun cocked his head to the side, "Huh, that's Kira's alarm, he has a hard time waking up." Athrun got up and walked over to his companions bed, "Although I think it's more meant for me." he then turned off the annoying sound and then flung Kira off his bed. Cagalli watched horrified. "Up, sleepy head."

Kira, who was now a bundle of blankets on the floor looked up lids half down, He then covered himself with the blanket and said, "I don't wanna go to school!" like a little child.

Athrun stepped on the pile of blankets, "Kira, there's no school today, just tryouts."

Kira muffled through the blankets, "Mommy, I don't want to!" Cagalli just watched dumbfounded.

Athrun sighed, "You leave me no choice." He then pulled out a bunch of pictures, "I guess I'll just have to post all these embarrassing photo's of you around the girls' school."

Kira immediately shot up, "I'm up! I'm Up!" he yelled as he made a reach for the pictures, But Athrun quickly hid them again. "Your so mean, Athrun!" Kira said pouting.

"Hey, it's you who always complains that I don't bother to wake you up!" Athrun said matter of fact. Kira stuck out his tongue in reply.

Cagalli just kept on watching the site, " You guys are really weird." she stated as she walked over to the drawers and picked out a baggy maroon t-shirt and beige pants. She also grabbed a towel along with shower stuff. "I'll be in the showers... Wait, where are the showers?" she asked looking at the two boys. Kira was currently trying to sneak back into his bed and took the chance right when Athrun got distracted.

"Well, I'll take you there, I have to shower anyways." He said as he also grabbed his belongings.

"Wait, you mean we don't get privet showering rooms?" she said in disbelief.

Athrun shook his head, "No. But it doesn't matter, we're all guys right?" he said smiling.

Cagalli laughed tensely, "hehe, right." This wasn't good.

"Here we are, There's one at the end of every dorm floor. But the toilets, are about after every third dorm, because they liked to keep cleanliness separate. Hey Cagalli, are you ok?" Athrun said as he looked at his shorter friend.

Cagalli smiled wearily, "Fine, yup, just fine." she said as she began to walk into the giant room filled with showers and one big bath. She walked over to one of the stalls as she praised god that there was at least ugly yellowish curtains separating each stall.

Cagalli turned to Athrun, "Thanks, I'll take that one." she said as she sprinted to get into the shower.

Athrun watched her perplexed, "You're not going to change?" he said as he began to take off his clothes.

Cagalli closed the curtain and replied, "Uh, I'll just change in here. I'm kind of self conscious..." she said as she flung her towel and change of clothes over the side. She began to take off her pajamas slowly unbuttoning the top, fumbling due to the thought of showering in public.

Athrun shrugged as he rapped his towel around his waist and headed for the shower right next to Cagalli's. He flung his towel over the side and turned on the shower.

Cagalli turned bright red, and it wasn't because of the steam coming from the next stall. She quickly undid her rapping's around her breasts and threw her pants and boxers off, and turned on the shower. the water came out freezing cold, causing the girl to jump back a bit almost to tumble out of her shower, "Cold!" she screamed.

Athrun laughed, "By the way, the water isn't very nice. It chooses its own temperature. Wait a bit and it'll warm up." he squirted onto his palm a small bit of shampoo and ran it through his hair.

Cagalli sighed. Today was not going any better. She then got to work at cleansing herself of all the dirt and oils that had taken residents on her body.

"G'morning!" shouted a rather awake Dearka. He smirked and said, "Who's curtain shall I flip today?" Cagalli froze. He couldn't mean... "How about," she heard footsteps coming closer to her shower. "This one!" he pulled the curtain to Cagalli's shower- "Oww!" and got kicked in the stomach for it.

"Dearka! Don't do that to new kids." Athrun said as he looked for his body soap.

"OW! Who did that!" moaned a very angry tanned man.

"Flip my curtain and I swear you won't have kids." Threatened a blushing Cagalli. That was so close. Good thing she always reacts in violence.

Dearka rubbed his stomach. "Alright. Sheesh, what a pansy..." he said as he got undressed and hoped into a shower. "I heard that!" yelled Cagalli. That was way too close for comfort. From now on, she's taking showers earlier in the morning.

"I never knew living in a dorm would be so damn exhausting!" Cagalli complained as she and Athrun headed down the hall towards the cafeteria where they where going to meet up with Kira.

Athrun chuckled. "Have you been living under a rock, Cagalli? You act like the way guys act is new to you."

Cagalli smiled nervously. "You could say that."

"Morning!" Waved a the purpled eyed boy who was sitting at the same table as the previous night. Cagalli and Athrun joined him after picking up something to eat.

"Weren't you just dead tired?" Asked the blonde a she sat herself across from the cheerful boy.

"I was?" Kira said through the muffin that was currently occupying his mouth. Cagalli raised an eyebrow and Athrun chuckled slightly at the site.

After some time the three of them were joined by Dearka and Yzak, getting into one of two subjects: Basketball and girls.

"Why don't you ask Shiho on a date. You know she's dying to." stated the brunette as he ate yet another muffin.

Yzak slanted his eyes at the boy. "Shut up. It's not like your love life is any better. That Fllay girl has you wrapped around her little finger." he said harshly. Kira looked like a puppy who was hit with a newspaper.

"He's just trying to help." Defending the green eyed boy as he broke a piece of his bagel off and popped it into his mouth.

Yzak then glared at Athrun. "And you! You're engaged so you don't even have to find anyone to comfort you. She was given to you on a silver platter!" Athrun's engaged? Cagalli felt a sudden pain in her chest. Perhaps she wrapped the bandages too tight.

Athrun rolled his eyes at Yzak's rude demeanor. "Just because Lacus and I are engaged doesn't mean we're going to married. I think she likes someone else." Athrun looked to the brunette who ate obliviously.

"Lacus? As in Lacus Clyne? The popular singer?" asked Cagalli in disbelief. Cagalli liked Lacus' songs. They were always peaceful and brought hope to many, a trait Cagalli believed was most important when being a princess.

"Yes. She goes to the girl section of PLANTS prep." Athrun answered his new friend.

Cagalli's eyes lit up slightly. "Wow. She's so amazing. I admire her talent, because, well, I suck at singing."

Athrun laughed. "If you want we can meet her later. The any gender can enter both campus' from 4 till 6. Try outs end at five so we'll have time."

Cagalli smiled. "Cool." He cheeks reddened from excitement.

"Careful Athrun," warned Dearka as he pointed his fork at the smallest of the group. "I think he's after your girl." Cagalli rolled her eyes. Hard to say no when your reason is because you're actually a girl in disguise and you don't swing that way.

"Ok newcomers and freshman, line up." Commander the captain, Athrun Zala. Cagalli, along with all the other boys, did as they were told and stood side by side. All the hopefuls were wearing P.E. uniforms while the actually basketball players wore there uniforms so they could tell the difference quicker.

"Welcome to basketball. Today is the day you put your best foot forward. Not everyone will make it but there is an unlimited amount of players who can join. If you put your whole heart in and try with all your might you'll be picked. If you do that and beyond you'll be placed on varsity." Athrun set out the rules. "We'll be playing a scrimmage. Teams will be picked at random for a 3 on 3 game. If we, the judges, see that you have not yet played to your full potential we will put you in another game. Come to me when your name gets called and you sill get a ribbon to tie around your forehead so to keep you from confusing team members."

Cagalli stood there anxiously. This was the first try out she had ever been in. Sure, she played on her court all the time back at home but there was never the thrill of competition when she forced her servants to join her games. This was what she'd been looking for.

Names were called and games were played. The newbies were aloud to sit after Athrun's speech. Cagalli sat on the floor, closely observing each game. She noted there actions and how the panel reacted to them. She saw that with each unique move Athrun nodded slightly. She wanted him to do that when she went up. She needed to let all distractions go and fall deep into the gaming atmosphere.

"...Cagalli Yula..." She heard her name come from her room mates lips and knew it was her turn to play. She picked herself off the ground and headed towards the blue haired captain. He smiled at her as he handed a red ribbon to the girl.

"Remember: Do your best and your a sure in." He guaranteed and she nodded in reply.

Tying the ribbon around her forehead she headed to the middle of the court. She looked at her team mates and didn't recognize a single one. She then looked to her opponents and her golden eyes met up with fierce red- Shinn Asuka.

"Ready?" Kira asked, playing referee. All players except Cagalli nodded. She felt her nerves attack her after staring into those cold eyes. Kira looked at her expectantly, waiting a reply. She closed her eyes, drowning out all of her surrounding. She thought of her goal, the reason she came, why she was dressed in boys clothes. She then snapped her eyes open, radiating with new found confidence. "Ready." she said, a daring smile plastered on her lips. Kira blew the whistle and threw the all in the air as he backed out of the game.

Shinn had gotten to the ball before Cagalli but that didn't keep her down. She charged him, stopping him from advancing. She pushed forward as she forced the younger boy to pass the ball. The game kept going, each player trying to show off their skills to their superiors. Although Cagalli's team was much weaker than the opposing, they still fought back.

Athrun watched with interest. Shinn Asuka would obviously make varsity; his skill was beyond amazing. But what really got him hooked to this game was Cagalli's fighting spirit. When she entered the floor she seemed like a nervous wreck. But when she reopened her eyes she became the most passionate player in the room. Not only was she pushing herself into overdrive, but she was enjoying every minute of it. He found this site simply marvelous.

By the end of the scrimmage, The blue team had won 16-8- most points scored by Shinn on the blue and Cagalli on the red. She panted heavily as she went up to the panel to hear her verdict. Athrun smiled at all the participants as they untied their ribbons.

"Good job. As for those who made the cut, we have come to the conclusion that only two of you have made varsity." Athrun announced. "Shinn Asuka and Cagalli Yula, congratulations." She smiled at the two.

Cagalli smiled brightly through the sweat running down her face. She bowed and than walked off to the bathroom in order to wash the sweat off- something you were aloud to do after you completed your tryout. She decided to go to a far off bathroom, that way the chances of having anyone else around was slim to none.

"Why'd you let him join? He wasn't all that good." Stated a bored Yzak. He hated having to waste his day watching a bunch of people try to play.

Athrun nodded. "True, but instinct told me to. What Cagalli lacks in skill he makes up with fervor. he'll be riding the bench until he better shapes his form." He smiled at his companion. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." he assured and then announced the next set of names.

Cagalli glanced out of her shower, checking to see if anyone was about. After making sure the coast was clear, she stepped out , her body wrapped in a white towel. She did this because it was easier to change in a more open area than in a cramped stall. She took her clothing out of the shelves, putting each piece on as she went. After finishing with her bottom half, she threw off the towel, seeing as it's impossible to put on her wrapping while still holding the towel up. She finished the bandages and went to grab her shirt when she felt someone starring at her.

She looked around, slightly panicking, hoping no one was there. She sighed in relief when she saw no one there and slipped on her maroon shirt.

"Do princess' usually parade as boys in a all male school?" came a chilling voice from the shadows. Cagalli turned to see Shinn step out and lean against the wall.

"What are you doing here!?" she shrieked, shaking from being discovered. It had only been the second day!

Shinn slanted his eyes. "Shouldn't I be asking you that? Do you know the consequences of trickery? Things like this start wars you know." he stated darkly. "But you don't care do you. Like father like daughter."

Cagalli clenched her fists. "Don't you dare insult my father." she said angrily. "I came here because I wanted freedom. I wanted to do what I love most. What's so wrong about that."

Shinn sighed, irritated. "The means don't justify the end. You can't just go prancing around as a guy! What kind of girl are you!?" He yelled as he walked over to the blonde princess.

"One who wants to live her life!" she yelled with equal force.

Shinn shook his head. "You shouldn't be here. I'm going to tell someone." he threatened. He turned to leave but was stopped when Cagalli grabbed onto his wrist.

"Don't!" she pleaded as she forced him to look at her. "I know this is selfish and wrong but please!" she begged, tears starting to form at the corner of her eyes. "Don't..." she ending in a much softer and sadder voice.

Shinn watch the girl in front of him, her head hung low trying to cover her tears. He didn't know what to do. Despite his eternal hate for all Orb rulers he hated making a girl cry most of all. He sighed in resignation. "Fine. But be more careful next time and don't change in public!" He said heatedly and turned away. "Stupid girl." he muttered as he exited the bathroom.

Cagalli wiped her eyes dry as she walked the younger boy walk off. She smiled to see that the boy wasn't a complete jerk. But he was right, she needn't to be more cautious. She gathered her belongings and headed out of the now empty showing room.