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Shadow, Sonic and Amy we're on a mission together. They we're going to stop Eggman and his new plan once and for all.

"Shadow you and Amy get to Eggman's lab as quick as possible, take him down. I'll distract these robots" the blue hedgehog stated.

Shadow and Amy nodded and ran ahead.

Sonic on the mean time was spin dashing the robots, and breaking them to pieces of scrap.

"This stuff 'Eggy' makes is a load of Shit!" Sonic said wiping his hands up.

Shadow was speeding ahead. He came across a door; it said 'Lab' on the front, so he figured this must be where man was.

Shadow stood back as Amy crashed open the door with her hammer. The dark and crimson hedgehog walked coolly in, he saw the doctor pushing some buttons.

The evil man knew they we're here, he just didn't want them to know that.

"Doctor, whatever your plan is it's not going to work today"

The mad man smirked, as his glasses glistened, he reached in his coat as he turned around.

"Shadow, as my grandfathers experiment, I would think you would be obeying my orders, and helping me with world conquest"

Shadow closed his eyes and laughed, 'Hmpf, I will never help you with anything…"

"Oh really?"

Amy watched the two talk, she wasn't sure why, but she had a strange feeling something awful was going to happen.

"Tell me what your plans are this time?"

Eggman laughed as his belly rose up and down as he chuckled.

"Now Shadow my friend, why would I tell you my plans, it would ruin everything"

Shadow, frowned, and grunted. He knew this wouldn't be easy to crack his shell.

Amy decided to speak out; she could sense Shadow's frustration.

"Eggman tell us know or, I'll cobber you!' she warned, as she revealed her large mallet.

"Eggman laughed once again, I'm not scared of that thing, my weapon is way more advanced, take a look at mine" he pulled out of his red jacket a large blue laser beam, it had electricity going around it, and it looked deadly.

Amy whimpered, she was frightened of that thing.

He aimed it towards her. The pink hedgehog wanted to run and move out of the way but her legs wouldn't budge. She stood there, as a target ready to be used with.

The doctor fired the yellow beam.

It came hurtling toward her. Amy shielded her face away from the light. She waited for the strickening pain to overcome her. Yet she never felt it penetrate her.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw Shadow in front of her, shielding her away from the beam. She looked down at his back.

Blood oozed from his front side, and backside.

A hole had made its way through his abdomen.

Shadow stood there smirking and then collapsed to the floor. In a pool of his crimson blood scattered everywhere.

Amy shrieked, at the sight. She fell to her knees and held the ebony hedgehog close to her. Eggman laughed manically and flew off in his hovercraft. Escaping once again.

Amy was in his blood, she didn't care…she was more worried if Shadow would make it.

'S-Shadow, y-you didn't h-have to risk it" she stuttered.

The ebony hedgehog opened his crimson eyes and looked up to the girl cradling him in her gently arms.

He coughed up blood, "No, I had to…I couldn't lose you again…Maria" he whispered.

Amy had his head rested in her lap.

"Shadow we have to get you out of here, or you'll…" She dare not say the next word.

"Rose…It's my time, Maria is waiting for me, I'm sorry I must leave you…"

Amy gasped, "No, Shadow don't leave me, you…you saved my life!" she cried, not wanting to hear those words.

"Don't worry Amy, I'll always be with you…" he reached his hand out to her face and rubbed her cheek.

"Always?" she asked in a soft whispering voice.

He nodded, "Yeah…"

She cracked a smile.

"Goodbye Amy Rose, I-…" he never was able to finish his last words his hand dropped from her face and his eyes slowly closed.

Amy gasped, "No…SHADOW!"

End Flashback:(


Yeah Shadow dies, but it's not the end of him...D