5 years later:

Amy was in the hospital trying to recover from a horrible disease, known as breast cancer.

Ever since Sonic found out about her illness, he has been by her side.

Amy lay there breathing lightly, Sonic held her petite hand in his enlarger end one.

The doctors had told them Amy would have a 34 chance of living, the cancer had spread so quickly that there was nothing they could do.

"Don't worry Amy…you'll get better soon, I know you will" he said in a confident tone.

He was not going to give up on her, she was tough, and he couldn't lose her.

The monitor besides the bed beeped ever 10 seconds.


Amy only crackled a smile, "Sonic…" she spoke in a gently voice.

"Even if I don't make it-"

"NO, you will make it, I know you can fight this Ames!"

He was losing her; she was losing her strength, and her faith.

"Amy, I know…you'll make it, you have to"

Amy coughed; "Oh Sonic…I thank you for staying by my side, but I truly do think it's my time…" she spoke in a low whisper.

"Amy no…"

"Sonic, it's okay, there will be a time we will see each other again…but for now, I must say my far wells"

Sonic gulped, he was not going to cry.

Sonic, tell Tails that I hope he becomes a famous mechanic one day"

Sonic nodded slowly, "I will…"

"And tell Knuckles, he should take care of Rouge more, and to keep an eye on her"

"Okay…" he sniffed; he was losing her every second.

"Cream…Sonic please watch over her, she's so young, you don't want to lose her"

"Sure thing Ames"

"Sonic, I'm going to miss you…" she said as a tear escaped her left eye.

Sonic held her close to him, "I will too" he said as tears rolled down his cheek.

Sonic stroked her bangs as her breathing lowered.

He gasped "no"

Her hand he was holding limped and her emerald eyes, slowly closed.

Sonic watched in horror as his long time friend died before him.

The monitor beeped besides him giving him the signal that she had passed away.

"Amy…" he put his hands to his face and sobbed.

While Sonic moaned over Amy's death a white light shone in the center of the room.

Sonic had not noticed until he felt a strange presence looming over him.

An ebony hedgehog stood front, and center before Sonic and Amy.

"I see Rose has been relinquished from her pain" the onyx hedgehog spoke in a powerful voice.

Sonic looked up and gasped, "Shadow was there, but he was different…he had white beautiful angelic like wings. He shined by a white aura surrounding him.


"Yes, I have come to retrieve Amy"

"Can't you bring her back to life, please?"

Shadow shook his head in sorrow, "I am afraid I cannot do that"

Sonic sighed.

Shadow thought for a moment, "Thing of this the positive way, don't you feel good for her though, her pain was released, and she is free, her spirit will return with me, to peace and tranquility"

Sonic lowered his head, "Your right, she shouldn't be in so much pain, I could never bear the thought"

Sonic did not think he would ever expect his, as he looked up he saw Amy, she also shown brightly with light, she looked happy not sickly anymore and free.


"Sonic, thank you for staying with me…it was so kind of you, so I thank you"

She walked over to him and hugged him. He hugged her back.

"I'll always remember you..."

"Me too" Sonic responded back.

Shadow smiled, "Shall we get going Amy?" he asked in a gently voice.

She nodded, "Thank you Sonic…we shall come back for you one day as well"

Sonic smiled and waved, they waved back.

Shadow held Amy close and a white light surround the two. Sonic had to cover his eyes from the shine. When he opened them.

They were gone.

"See yeah Ames…I hope Shadow takes good care of you…"

The End…

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