"I'm proud of you, son…" and then he was gone

A/N: This is the beginning of a very long story that I am in the process of writing. Let me know what you think, like it, love it, hate it or otherwise. This is my very first time writing anything outside of a school assignment. I am open to any comments or suggestions. Sorry if it starts out slow, but this is gonna be long. Be prepared…

"…" is talking

'…' thinking

\…/ telepathic

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Now, on to the story…


"I'm proud of you, son…" and then he was gone.

'It's all my fault… it's all my fault…' "FATHER NOOO!!"

He woke from his dream, drenched in sweat, yet shivering and freezing cold.

'How did my life end up like this? Why do I hate that man so much? Because it's all my fault…? No, that's not it… it's not all my fault. It's all his fault. I started it, but it is HIS fault, not mine. He chose for things to turn out like this.'

He lay awake for the next few hours, like he always does after he has these dreams about his past. It always made him think; it always made him hate that jerk even more. It wasn't always like this. It used to not be so bad… but every time he had this dream, his despise just grew more.

'Always has to be the noble hero… such a load of crap. He didn't do what he did for other people like he said… no… that was just a ploy… a cover story… a lie… it had to be… so selfish… if he truly cared like he said he did, he would have stayed, or at least come back. Either way, he would still be here. He wouldn't have run away from his life, from his responsibilities, from me and mom… no he didn't care… he never did… his wife and son meant nothing to him compared to a fight or a challenging opponent. He always ran to them, and away from us… At least I got to see him and be with him when I was little… not exactly the best memories of my life from my childhood… but considering some of the things that I've been through… well… I've had a very rough childhood. But at least he was there… sometimes…'

'I had a father growing up… sometimes… he would always leave… he said it was for the better good… that saddest thing is that I used to believe him. But I still got to see him… unlike my little brother. He never knew his father… and never would get the chance to either. He never got to see him… and it's my fault that father is gone… but he could have come back. He had the chance to, but HE refused. God, he's so selfish… he caused my family… his family to break up…'

The family didn't just break up, it was far worse than he let himself believe it was. He knew they were gone, but sometimes he just didn't like to admit it. Finally, he was able to drift into an uneasy sleep.


A/N: I know this seems a little angst-y, there will be some. It is not what the story is about, but it will play a part in the character's lives… this was just needed for character purposes… don't think it will be ALL like this, k?