A/N: Final chapter for Part1… All together (for those who may have been wondering) it is over 12,000 words not including my ra

A/N: Final chapter for Part1… All together (for those who may have been wondering) it is over 12,000 words, on 29 typed pages, not including my rambling at the start of the chapters. Not too bad for my first fic ever… Oh well… Read, Review, Comment, Blah… Blah… Blah… Yadda-Yadda… Whatever… Keep a lookout for part2 sometime… may not be too soon since I start school soon… But I'll do my best…

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Last Time:

So she continued. "I have installed a special shield that will protect that portion of the room. It should be able to withstand your energy blasts; but again it is untested, so please be careful with stray blasts. It auto activates when the gravity machine is turned on. A neat feature of this model gravity machine is that it will work by using the dials as well as by voice activation; but you will need to program your voice into it. It should take about 20 or 30 minutes to program the commands in your voice. Now if you follow me down."


She headed for the ladder. Gohan thought for a second about his training room. It was surprisingly more sophisticated than the one Vegeta used. He focused his attention back on Bulma and followed her to the ladder. When she started to head down, he went after her careful not to step on her fingers.

The ladder stopped in a room next to a couch. A few feet in front of the couch was a TV. It was pretty small, but that was ok. He didn't think that he would be using it to much. There were two doors on the far ends of the room. There was also a small desk with a computer on it to his right.

"This is the lounge room, in case you need a break from your training. That terminal," she motioned towards the computer on the desk, "is linked to Capsule Corps database and will keep you in constant communication with us at all times. Through there," she pointed to the door on the right, "is the bedroom and bathroom. It's nothing fancy, just a bed and a closet. I stocked the closet with extra clothes for you; everything from regular daily clothes, gis for training, and Saiyan style armor… just in case…" her voice trailed off.

Gohan could tell she was worried about him. "Don't worry, I wont need it. It's just a vacation," he lied. She walked towards the door on the left; Gohan followed. They went through the door and entered into the kitchen. It was fairly small. There was a giant fridge, a small stove and oven, and a small table with two chairs that were bolted to the floor. There was a door in the back and another to the left.

"The kitchen is fully stocked. There is enough food in here to feed a small city for a week. Some of it is in the fridge, in capsules, and the rest is in there," she pointed to the door in the back, "as well as tools, extra parts, and other things along those lines."

She walked towards the left door with Gohan close behind. "In here is the rejuvenation tank you asked for. I know, it's kind of small, but it's the best I could do. Let hope you won't use it." She walked out of the room and headed for the ladder. Gohan followed her up the ladder and towards the main entry door.

As they exited the ship, she said, "It's ready for liftoff right now. But you might want to say bye to everyone before you leave."

Gohan followed her into the house looking for his little brother. He found him playing with Trunks in the living room. It looked like they were planning something, maybe a prank, since they quickly hushed once Gohan came near. He sat on the couch and called his little brother over next to him. Goten knew he was leaving, he could see it in the young boy's eyes. He also saw something he didn't think he had ever seen in the little guy's eyes; sadness.

"Well…" Gohan said, unsure of how to begin. "I will be leaving in a few minutes. I know that this is the first time I've ever left you alone, but I promise that I'll be back." Goten's eyes stared to water. "Come on, squirt, have you ever known me to break a promise?"

Goten shook his head in response, unable to speak through the tears he was fighting back.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, ok Goten?" Gohan said as he gave Goten a hug. He then stood up. "See ya later, little Guy."

Goten nodded his head. Then he finally released the tears he was trying so hard to hold back and latched on to Gohan's leg.

"PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME BIG BROTHER!" he screamed through the tears. "I'LL MISS YOU TOO MUCH!!"

When he was finally able to pry Goten off his leg, with Trunks help, he looked down to the young boy and said, "Remember my promise, ok?" He looked at Trunks. "Take care of Goten while I'm gone, ok?"

Trunks gave him a thumb up signaling he would do his best.

"Bye guys, I'll be back soon. Take care of Bulma, ok?" Gohan said as he walked towards the door. He stopped for a moment in the doorway to look over his shoulder. He looked first at his crying little brother. It made his heart ache to see his brother like that, but he had to do this. He then looked at his sad faced little friend. He hadn't expected Trunks to respond like this. Well, he was just like another little brother to him. At least, they sure treated each other like they were brothers.

He couldn't help but feel bad for the two kids. Goten was only four years old; he never knew his father or his mother. Goten only knew Gohan and the Briefs. To Goten, Gohan was more than just a big brother. So for Gohan to leave him…

'He must feel like I did when father died… But there is a difference… I'm coming back, unlike that selfish clown' Gohan thought as he turned and headed out to the yard.

He approached the ship and entered the code. The door hissed as it opened and dropped down. He walked up the steps and the door closed behind him. He walked over to the control console and examined the buttons, remembering how to work the machine. He sat in the chair and strapped himself in. He pushed a few buttons on the console and set a course for where Old Namek was.

The screen flashed and a mechanical voice responded, "Estimated time of arrival for current destination: Seven days."

'Well, at least it's shorter than my last trip to Namek,' he thought with a smirk on his face.

He couldn't believe how long it has been. It felt like it was ages ago when he Bulma and Krillin made their trip to Namek. He was just a child the last time he saw the vast emptiness of space; he was only five years old then. Now he was a young adult; 14 year old now, and here he was headed back into space. He sure had grown up since then.

'How long ago was it?' he thought. '9 years ago? Wow, it sure has been a while since I last saw space.'

"Well," he said out loud to himself as he entered the final keystrokes to begin lift off. "Here goes nothing."



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