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Siri didn't know why she was doing what she was doing. If she got caught it would raise very awkward questions. Not to mention it was a bizarre thing to do, and completely pointless, but the young Jedi just couldn't tear herself away.

Siri was spying on Obi-Wan Kenobi, and it wasn't for the first time.

Siri hadn't really meant to start following him; she hadn't sought him out. She'd just been looking for some peace and quiet, some time away from her thoughts, and there he was. Again.

He was meditating in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, and Siri had concealed herself behind a boulder near the waterfall where she could see him, but he couldn't see her. Siri sighed and turned around so she was leaning against it. She didn't understand why she was staring at him all the time. Siri had come to the Room for solitude! Why did her feet always carry her to him?

'I go to train, there he is. I go to study, he's in the archives. I leave the Temple for a walk, and there he is again! I'd think he was following me if I didn't know any better,' the blonde girl thought furiously. Siri could feel the pressure building in her head; she was getting yet another headache. 'And even if he was the one doing the following, I'm the one who is wasting her time staring at him, not the other way around.'

Siri buried her face in her hands. What was wrong with her? She couldn't sleep, or concentrate for long enough to meditate. She'd lost weight because her appetite was all but gone. She'd made a stupid mistake in training yesterday and turned her ankle. Adi had expressed her concern on more then one occasion, but the padawan had reassured her that she was just tired. The real reason she slipped was Obi-Wan. He'd been in the training room with Master Jinn at the same time. They were practicing balance exercises, and Obi-Wan had fallen down. When she heard his yelp of alarm she'd been distracted, slipping from the beam she was balanced on and landing wrong. She'd tried to reach out to the Force to catch herself, but as it had been doing recently, it slipped just beyond her grasp. She couldn't sleep for thoughts of Obi-Wan, she couldn't eat because he was always in the dining hall when she was… sometimes he'd even sit down to join her; more recently with worry in his eyes. When he did that, Siri would make an excuse and run away. It was ironic, in a way. She subconsciously sought him out in secret, and watched him from afar, but when he tried to talk to her, she left.

'And why? Why am I acting like such a frakling moron?! Obi-Wan and I have never really gotten along that well, but he's never incited fleeing in me before. I don't have that much of a problem with him. He's a good person… a good Jedi. And when I let him a good friend. Why do I keep thinking about him? What he's doing, what he's thinking, who he's spending time with, what he looks like unde-'


Siri's head shot up, her face flushing as she thanked the Force he couldn't read her thoughts. The boy himself stood over her, his thoughtful green…blue? Grey? ('What colour are they? I can't tell…') eyes full of concern. His ginger hair caught the light and caused a sort of golden glow around his face. Siri's heart gave an annoying flutter, and she scowled. What the Sith was wrong with her?

'It must be the tiredness,' the blonde girl decided. 'It's messing with my head.'

"Are you alright?" Obi-Wan enquired in his soft, worried voice. He held her gaze with gentle sympathy and concern as he crouched down next to her. The pretty teen repressed the urge to scoot away and another, more confusing, urge to move closer. "You look a little tired."

"Nice attempt at diplomacy Kenobi," Siri shot a self-deprecating smile in his direction. She tried to force some of her usual spunk back into her voice, but even to her own ears it sounded weak. "I know I look terrible."

Obi-Wan smiled slightly and shook his head. He looked at her carefully for a moment more, as if debating whether to force the issue, before he rose to his feet, "Well, if you're sure you're okay. C'mon. It's dinner time, and if I don't get there soon Reeft will eat every thing in the immediate area, and the area next to that one."

Siri couldn't help but smile back, even as she worried if she would be able to eat anything at all. She pulled herself to her feet with one arm on the boulder, and tried to step forward. It was only then that she realized that her foot had gone to sleep. It collapsed out from underneath her, and she felt herself pitch forward… right into Obi-Wan's waiting arms.

They both froze, locked into that accidental embrace. Siri could hear his heart beat next to her ear, and feel his breath on her skin. A shiver of the Force ran through her body, making her hyperaware of his scent, his touch, and her skin where it met his was white-hot. A breeze shifted her hair.

'A breeze? How can there be a breeze, we're in the Room of a Thousand Fountains- oh, frack! We're in the Room of a Thousand Fountains! What are you doing, Tachi?!'

Siri pulled back suddenly, looking up at his oddly flushed face with wide eyes. Her cheeks were burning as she dropped his gaze, confused by what she'd seen there.

"Thanks," she said, her voice tight and her jaw clenched. "But I'm not hungry, I won't be at dinner. I-uh, I have to go."

Siri all but ran from the room. She could feel Obi-Wan's eyes burning her back until she turned the corner, and even as she sighed with relief at having escaped that awkward situation, she missed his presence. A part of her wanted to turn around, go back, recapture that feeling of the Force burning in her veins. She scowled at her own foolishness.

'Good gordy, Tachi, are you a Jedi or not? You sound like a bad romance holo… wait, what?! Romance hol...? - Frack! New train of thought! New train of thought!'

Siri took off at a run, heading towards the training rooms. A few hours running an obstacle course a few dozen times would get her mind off of such stupid thoughts. She didn't dare pause to consider their meaning.