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Siri made her way back to her rooms quickly, weaving in and out of the crowds. She could faintly sense Obi-Wan following her, and could clearly hear him bumping into people and apologising with every other step. She fought to keep her expression showing distress rather then amusement; Obi-Wan's increasingly frantic apologies somehow struck her as hilarious.

She ignored his calls of "An! Wait!" as she stalked down the hallway to their quarters, and felt a little bad when she shut the door to her rooms practically in his face. Adi shot her a concerned look, but Siri just grinned and answered her unasked question, "I'm fine, and Obi-Wan is right behind me. I'm going to be sulking in my room, if you'd like to get the door in a moment."

Adi's eyes lit up in understanding, and she smiled, "Good work. Go on, I'll act suitably concerned and disapproving."

Siri snickered as she jogged into her room and shut the door. She listened through the door to the sound of the door chime, waiting for her cue to join them. With a minor application of the Force to boost her hearing, she could hear the conversation through the heavy durasteel door.

"Hi Miss Lorian, I need to speak to An, can I come in?" Obi-Wan's breathless voice reached Siri's ears, and she grinned; it was strange to hear him so flustered.

"She just stomped into her room and locked the door – what happened?" Adi's muffled voice asked him. Siri could almost see Obi-Wan's sheepish expression through the door.

"Well, I think I upset her, totally accidentally, and I really want to apologise," Obi-Wan babbled awkwardly, and Siri suppressed the urge to snicker at her usually serene friend's nervousness.

There were a few minutes of silence, and Siri pictured the glare Obi-Wan would be getting from the now-disapproving Ka'Teeka and smirked.

"Well," Adi sounded quite cold, and Siri could imagine Obi-Wan cringing at the tone. "It's good that you want to apologise at least. Come in."

"Thanks! I'll just, yeah…" The front door slid shut, and after a moment Siri opened hers. Adi and Obi-Wan looked over at her, Cale and Ka'Teeka gone. Siri grinned at them.

"That was hilarious."

Obi-Wan smiled wryly, "Why am I not surprised that you thought so?"

Adi motioned for both the teenagers to sit down, and started walking back to her rooms, "It's good you managed to get here, Obi-Wan, we've encountered a slight problem and I wasn't sure how I was going to alert Qui-Gon and yourself. Wait here, I just have to get the datapad."

Siri slid onto the couch, putting her feet on the short table again. Obi-Wan sat down in the soft armchair next to her. They watched the door Adi had left from for a moment, before Obi-Wan leaned over to Siri.

"I really am sorry if I made you uncomfortable before," he said softly. Siri shook her head.

"No, it was fine. I just got lost in thought for a second. It wasn't you," she assured him vaguely, keeping her eyes on the door. She had a feeling that if she looked at him, blushing would ensue. They sat in awkward silence, both concentrating on not noticing the close proximity of the other. When Adi returned and saw them, it was her turn to repress laughter.

'Oh, that is not subtle.'

All she said, however, was, "They're shifting the housing allocations."

Obi-Wan's eyes flew up to hers, understanding quickly dawning, "Which means the rescue pilots won't know where to pick us up after we've located any incriminating information."

Adi nodded her confirmation, "The story is that there was a freak fire that destroyed a block, and they've had to rebuild elsewhere. It's more likely to be a way of trying to throw any Jedi off guard."

"Just like placing all the one child/one parent families together on the ship in order to watch us more carefully," Siri scowled. "Why did they have to be so paranoid?"

Obi-Wan grinned, "How can it be paranoid if they're right? There are Jedi watching them."

Adi continued as Siri accepted his point with a slight shrug, "We need to find the new co-ordinates before we get there, while our calls can still be private. According to the layout we got from the technicians, we can check our home co-ordinates from a consol here, in the staff area."

Obi-Wan looked at the point she motioned to on the datapad. It was in a high security room located deep within the staff corridors.

He'd spent the first few days on the ship carefully memorising the entrances to the off-limits staff corridors. They were discretely placed along the walls of most public areas of the ship; members off the staff slipped in and out as silent as spirits, unnoticed except by those looking for it. The Jedi had a layout of the staff areas that their friendly technician had giving them, and Obi-Wan pictured the doorway closest to the room they needed to get to; it was in the middle of a busy hallway.

"This could pose a serious problem," he murmured, tilting his head to the side. "If we got caught back there, we'd need a pretty solid excuse..."

"Siri and I have discussed it, and we've agreed that it would be best for either one of you two or Qui-Gon to attempt it," Adi's lips quirked into the barest hint of a smile. "The two of you could probably get away with calling it a teenage prank, and 'Kendren' is absent minded enough to call it accidental. 'Ka'Teeka', however, is less likely to get away with it."

Obi-Wan nodded, "I'll speak to my master this evening, I'm sure he'll agree. I guess it's just a matter of waiting for a decent opportunity and taking it."

Adi nodded, standing smoothly. Obi-Wan and Siri followed her lead at the same moment, almost bumping into one another. Adi was smiling internally as they apologised in awkward, quiet voices, carefully avoiding eye-contact.

'Oh, that isn't subtle at all. At least now I have my answer as to what's been bugging Siri.'

The urge to smile faded as Adi considered the ramifications of this new information, 'Poor Siri; I need to talk to her about this.'

Obi-Wan glanced at the chrono on the wall and started, "Actually, Qui-Gon should be returning to our rooms soon. I'll go fill him in on the situation."

Adi nodded, now anxious to get him to leave so she could start her discussion with Siri, "Yes, good. If he has any ideas, tell him to bring back my datapad-" - here she handed him the object in question - "-and say that I left it there when I was having tea with him and Ron yesterday."

Obi-Wan bowed to her, and shot Siri a brief but very affectionate smile, before relaxing into Cale's casual posture to leave. Siri's eyes were glued to his back as he left, her thoughts miles away. She turned to ask her Master if she was allowed to retire to her room, but froze at the solemn, yet calculating look on her Master's face.

"...am I in trouble?" Siri's voice was light, and she tried to smile to ease the sudden tension in the room. To some extent it worked; Adi's face softened a little, and her stoic expression changed to one of caution.

"No, you're not in trouble. I would like to speak to you, however," Adi almost seemed to sigh, and she lowered herself to the couch carefully. "Please sit down, Padawan."

Siri sat down next to her Master, her stomach sinking. She had a fair idea of what was coming...

Adi started to speak, then hesitated. She wanted to make sure she was as gentle as she could be. Siri was clearly already doing her best to follow the code, but teenage hormones being what they were she had to say something. The master decided to dive right in; Siri hated people dancing around issues.

"You have feelings for Obi-Wan."

Siri cringed, just slightly, and stared determinedly at her hands. She couldn't lie to her Master, but dear Force she did NOT want to discuss this, "...Yes, Master."

Adi sighed; Siri looked up determinedly, "It is only a mild infatuation, Master. No more serious than a school girl's. I know I'll get over it, and I won't let it interfere with-"

"I know, Padawan," Adi interrupted with a gentle smile. She leaned forward and placed a hand on Siri's tensed fist. "I am glad you can acknowledge that. I have no doubt you will do your best. This is, unfortunately, something that every Jedi has had to go through; the separation of the heart from duty."

Siri's lips tightened, "My duty will always come first, Master. I am a Jedi."

Adi looked at her carefully. Siri held her gaze, trying to convay her conviction through her eyes. Eventually, Adi nodded, "I know. I trust you. But I need you to promise me something."

"Anything," Siri's hands relaxed, and Adi smiled a little more warmly.

"If you find yourself wavering, come and talk to me. I have been where you are, and there is nothing more frightening then trying to work these things out on your own. Do I have your word?"

"You have my word, Master," Siri grinned. "You went through this too?"

"The teenage infatuation? Of course. I was a little older then you...but that's a story for another time, I think," the Master got to her feet, pointedly ignoring Siri's playful grumbling. "One last thing, Siri. What would you do if you found out Obi-Wan felt the same."

Siri started a little, then dropped her eyes to the ground and forced out a humourless laugh, "That's irrellevent, Master. It wouldn't happen."

Adi tactfully dropped the subject, letting a now solemn Siri escape to her room, 'I think I'll let her work that one out for herself.'