The Fetus of God

Hello again! My last Chapter for the first JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fanfic. Anyway, this is the second to

the last part of the story arc, so there will be plenty of fighting for JoJo fans to see. Again here are the lists of the anime titles involved in

this multi-part fanfic story:

Note: Parts 1 – 8 are under Chapter 1 of these anime titles involved

Note: You should read Part 1 first, if you want to know how this crossover fic started

Part 1 - Detective School Q

Part 2 – Ghost Stories (a.k.a. Gakkou no Kaidan / Ghosts at School)

Part 3 – Digimon

Part 4 – Get Backers

Part 5 – Darkstalkers

Part 6 - Read Or Die

Part 7 – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (go to the Misc section under the Anime/Manga category)

Part 8 – Yu Yu Hakusho

Note: Parts 9 - 16 are under Chapter 2 of the anime titles involved

Part 9 – Detective School Q

Part 10 – Ghosts Stories

Part 11 – Digimon

Part 12 – Get Backers

Part 13 – Darkstalkers

Part 14 – Read Or Die

Part 15 – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - - - > You are here! (go to the Misc section under the Anime/Manga category)

Part 16 – Yu Yu Hakusho

Before going to the main course, here are some notes for you to read before proceeding:

This fic is rated T for:

1) Violence – There will be plenty of fighting. And there are some scenes that will be a bit bloody.

2) Language – Some of the characters in this fic (the good and the bad) will utter some bad words.

3) Nudity – when offering a sacrifice, like a virgin woman, the sacrifice has to be naked.

4) Supernatural Situation – 'Coz there are some occult themes like rituals, cult and some of the stuff.

So read on at your own risk

Part 15: Battle in the Shrine; Sham Hein Revived

Hajime gritted his teeth at the sight he was seeing. Jedah was slightly pressing his scythe over Momoko's throat, threatening to slash her

neck if they do not surrender themselves and the fragment. Yumiko and Anita were also in a fix, as their shuriken didn't help in keeping

Jedah's weapon away from Momoko. Ankylomon and Angemon were forced to stay still, seeing that Momoko was in danger. Even

Takeru and Iori were helpless in this situation. Hajime maintained his position, aiming his gun at Jedah's face. Jedah taunted Hajime and

said, "Why don't you give it up, boy? And hand over the fragment. She is destined to sacrifice herself to the great Sham Hein…". His

statement was cut off as Hajimeopened fire, releasing two shots to Jedah's face out of anger at what he just heard. But Jedah looked

unaffected, as the bullets slowly fell off him, and his face reverted to normal. "Why do you risk yourself over this woman? You know she

will die anyway. And therefore it is useless…". Hajimecut off Jedah with another shot, and added a screaming voice. "OVER MY

DEAD BODY! There's no way I would allow you to take her life away!". Angemon, motivated by Hajime's determination, tried to use

his speed in hopes of getting the scythe away from Momoko, but stopped mid-way, as Jedah slightly pressed his weapon further on

Momoko's throat, almost beheading her. Jedah made his last threat. "For the last time. Give me the fragment or I kill her on the spot.".

"Then what? You'll kill her in the end. So the answer is NO!" Hajime rebutted, and was ready to fire another shot. But Lord Raptor

grabbed Hajime' gun and dismantled it, then his right hand turned into a chainsaw, and struck Hajime's right rib cage, seriously injuring

him. Momoko's eyes widen in horror at what Lord Raptor did. She cried out his name. "Hajime!" Angemon and Ankylomon were about

to rush to Hajime when Lord Raptor placed his "chainsaw" over Hajime's neck. "Ok, mates, either you hand over the bloody fragment,

or I'll make spare ribs over the boy." Raptor then pressed Hajime's injured rib cage, causing the boy to yell in pain. Takeru and Iori were

incensed at the sight that they were seeing. But they were torn between saving their friend and giving up the fragment. Then a pair of green

light appeared, and caused both Raptor and Jedah to flew backwards, hitting the wall. Then two figures discarded their disguises,

revealing themselves as Green Lantern Corps: John Stewart and Kyle Ryner. Seconds later, the rest of the assault team removed their

druid suits and prepared to do battle. Dr. Fate then undo his spell of invisibility, and the Chosen Children, their Digimon partners,

Amanojako, the Ghosts at school gang, and Black War-Greymon became visible again. Batman then motions everyone to take out the

enemy. The Chosen Children commanded their Digimon partners to evolve.

---Start Digimon Evolve Sequence---

V-Mon changes…to X V-Mon!

Wormon changes…to Stingmon!

Tailmon changes…to Angewomon!

Hawkmon changes…to Aquilamon!

Agumon changes…to Metal Greymon!

Gabumon changes…to Were-Garurumon!

Piyomon changes…to Garudamon!

Gabumon changes…to Ikkakumon!

Palmon changes…to Togemon!

---End Digimon Evolve Sequence---

Soon, the Digimons went into battle.Robin, on the other hand, ordered the Teen Titans to attack.

"Titans, go!". Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy went into action.

Ginji Amano, Ban Mido, and Kurudo Akabane prepared themselves for the fight. "My, oh my. This is going to be fun. I get to dissect

everything in hell.", Akabane mellowed. Jotaro, Polnareff and Joseph activated their Stands and went on ahead, as they began to take out

the enemy.

And in a matter of seconds, the shrine where the Cult of Makai was supposed to start the ritual, became a huge battleground. Flash,

Captain Atom, Apache Chief, and Justice League members took out many armed druids as they can. Superman, Captain Atom, Yusuke,

Kuwabara and other heroes took on the ghosts, demons, and enemy Digimons as they could.

Angemon then "speared" Jedah, taking him across the other side of the shrine, unknowingly dropped the fragment. Donavan Baine then

used his sword against a horde of Pharaohmons, who countered it with their "scepters". Superman was trading blows with Demitri, and

Black War-Greymon found a suitable opponent in Victor. The champion-formed Digimons were busy in dealing with titan-sized demons,

while the Chosen Children took out several henchmen in druid suits.

During the melee, Hajime, despite the serious wounds he received from Lord Raptor, crawled towards the altar, and tried to break the

chains binding Momoko by using a huge rock. Satsuki and Leo went to the altar, and told Hajime to save his strength. Hajime then told

Leo and Satsuki to find something to break the chains. Then 7 men in druids came, ready to take out the three teens. Cyborg came and

drove them away, while Beast Boy turned into a huge gorilla, and set Momoko free. Momoko then hugged her schoolmates, while

Hajime handed her a druid suit, since her clothes were discarded by Jedah's men.

As Momoko, Satsuki, and Leo were carrying an injured Hajime away from the altar, a familiar face resurfaced. Charles Bradezuka! (see

Ghosts Stories: The Ghost Hunt Continues) "Good to see you again, my little pretty.". But Yusuke shot him with his Rei-Gun, sending

Charles away from the scene. Kuwabara then used his Rei-Ken to save Yusuke from an incoming Digimon attack. Yusuke and

Kuwabara then proceeded to take out the enemy.

In a span of 30 minutes, the anti-Jedah force was slowly getting the upper hand, as the ghosts, demons and Digimons who served Jedah

were decreasing in numbers. And Superman and the rest were about to mount an offensive, when Belial-Vandermon appeared, along

with the second batch of Dark Masters. Again, the two sides came into blows, and both sides came to a standstill.

But soon the good guys got the upper hand, As Black War-Greymon, Metal Greymon, Angemon, Angewomon, Raven Dr. Fate and

Koenma used their combined powers and caused the opposite force to stagger back.

The Ghosts at School gang watched in awe as their friends managed to drive away most of the enemy. Momoko was still bandaging the

wounds that Hajime got, but was also crying that Hajime got hurt when he tried to save her. Hajime smiled a bit, wiped her tears and told

her that the important thing is that she is safe now, and told her that after this, the gang will spent the night at his house.

But before the gang could agree, Tendo Dibiasio, the Cult of Makai's financial backer, grabbed Momoko by her hair, then sliced her

throat with a knife. As blood was oozing out, Dibiasio then covered her blood with the medallion, in which all parts were completed.

Dibiasio then hurled Momoko's body against a shocked Hajime, then placed the blood-soaked Medallion on to Sham Hein's belly. 30

seconds later, the umbilical cord "disappeared", and the medallion merged with Sham Hein, and the giant fetus began to move. Belial-

Vandermon, Demitri, Jedah, Lord Raptor, Dibiasio, and the remaining cult members all cheered in truimph, while the good guys stared in

shock, while Satsuki and Leo were screaming, and Hajime was covering Momoko's neck wound with a handkerchief, telling her not to

die. Jotaro and Joseph went to Momoko's side to check her condition.

To Be Concluded…

Oh, man. And you thought that this was the end. Well, just one more part, and everything ends. But you have to check Part 16 on how

this fic will end. And how will the main villains be defeated.

See you in Part 16, in Yu Yu Hakusho.

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