Chapter one: George's Evil Plan

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George Weasley jumped up from his cauldron. He had not only finished his potion perfectly but also developed a perfect plan. He knew exactly what he and Fred could do. A little joke, a small payback to her for bossing them around. Yes, it was perfect.

After making up his mind, he decided to talk to his brother, because together the twins could make it happen as soon as possible. He walked into his twin's room without knocking. He immediately regretted it as a whole lot of little pixie-like creatures attacked him. Through the annoying buzzing noise he could hear Fred's muffled laughter, a door slamming shut and more laughter.

"Bloo-" George was cut off as one of the pixies flew into his mouth "Erchl-dy hell! Fred, get them off me! I need to talk to you." The redhead moved his arm around trying to get the annoying buggers off. He was grinding his teeth in annoyance, squashing the unfortunate creature in the process. That Fred needs to be taught a lesson he thought crossly.

Fred sighed, and then he cast an immobilising charm, freezing the greenish creatures (and George). He snatched the pixies from midair, stuffing them inside a large cage, and then he went over to his bed. Fred sat down, and twiddled his thumbs in perfect imitation of Dumbledore, as he waited for George to unfreeze.

A few minutes later George finally unfroze, giving Fred the evilest of evil looks; with his eye twitching uncotrollably he willed himself not to hex him until a greasy stain would replace the man.

"Did you want something George? I was rather busy, perfecting the hangover potion. You know the one that has lust potion as well..." Fred grinned at the last part as it was a truly brilliant (and evil) idea to put lust potion into a hangover potion... just imagine...

George grinned and let the whole 'pixie-attacking-being-frozen' thing go.

"Yeah, so I have a brilliant idea of how to.. hmm, interfere with Hermione's 'perfect' life.." His eyes flashed as he said this. He really did hold a grudge. Friendly but still dangerous...

"Mhmm, what's the idea then? Out with it."

"Okay, well do you remember that time when she came into the shop?" Fred nodded "And you remember how she complimented our Patented Daydream Charms?" Another nod "Well, you know how we tried the potion before we developed the charm?"

The young men of nineteen had been working on their products for their joke shop since their fifth year. About a year back they had finally developed a daydream charm- which was the girl's favourite. It enabled the person to enter a highly realistic thirty-minute daydream. This product, of course, was made through the same 'trial-fail' process as any other from their shop. In fact they had started off with a potion but there were some minor side-effects which caused the twins to go for a charm. Now, however, the twins decided that they should give it another try as some people were hopeless with charms. Also there was a benefit of being able to choose the person the user in the day-dream...

While Fred worked on the hangover potion (with added lust potion) George decided to give the potion another try. And now he had succeeded. He had the perfected potion recipe and found an ingredient which would enable them to choose the person for the daydream.

"Yes George, I know. What are you getting at?" Fred was getting a little annoyed at his brother. Honestly sometimes George could waste so much of his time..

"Well, I have not only perfected it so the side-effects are close to non-existent, but I have also found the ingredient that enables us to choose the counterpart of the daydream.. We could turn it into a nightmare.."

"Great, is that all?"

"No. I have also formed a plan for a little payback. You know, to show our little Hermione for all the bossing around.."

Fred was listening now. That was quite interesting. He didn't hold a grudge nearly as much as George, but he could never miss a chance for a prank. Especially if it was on Hermione...

"Okay, out with it then!"

"Hmm, well, we can send her the potion, telling her that she gets her free sample which she forgot to take last time. The best part is that we will choose the guy who gets to be in her dream... I have someone in mind..." George's eyes glinted mischievously. A small smirk was playing around his mouth.

Fred grinned evilly and nodded. Perfect, he and George could prank miss-know-it-all-that-never-breaks-rules-prefect for once.


"Draco Malfoy"

"What? No way! No bloody way!"

"Yes. Yes way, it's perfect.. Let's think about it.. How about sending a sample to Malfoy as well.. With Mione in it.. I mean, really, it will confuse the heck out of them. What do you know.. Just imagine the confusion.. Awkwardness... Ahhh, I wish I was there to see it..." George gave his brother most of the good reasons why Malferret was perfect.

"Hmm, maybe. I guess you're right. Mind, she will probably murder us." Fred answered. He knew George had a point. If the prank was to be good, it had to be that prick.

A week later the plan was being put into action. George sent both Hermione and Draco a bottle of Daydream potion, Draco's with a letter from a "secret admirer" who said that they have gotten the wonderful potion and they think he could use some in History of Magic.

Hermione's had a letter from the twins, saying that she forgot about her free sample. The note explained that they developed an even better product which was especially for a VIP; also, they said that she should let herself go, and make a good use of it in History of Magic. They said that they knew that Hermione didn't like to miss class, but everyone knew that each year Binns taught the same thing over and over again so that she can just use her notes from the first year.

Each bottle of potion had a label and directions (slightly different from the original)for the use.

Theirs read: Drink two gulps to enter a top-quality, highly realistic thirty-minute daydream, easy to fit into the average school lesson and virtually undetectable. This new perfected product contains an ingredient which causes the daydream to feature a person that you truly wish to live your fantasy with. Unlike our Daydream Charm, this one features real people and places. Enjoy!

The original directions described a simple spell which allowed the user to choose their participant.

Now all they had to do was to write to Ginny, asking her to be owled about any strange happenings. And they had to wait... The plan was in action. George would finally get his 'revenge'.

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