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It was 2am but Shalimar still couldn't sleep. She was tired; who wouldn't be after a day that she had had? Shalimar quickly got rid of all thoughts of Ashlocke, hoping that she could finally fall asleep. But she knew that it wasn't him that was keeping her up. It was something that had happened, or rather, had not happened, that day after Ashlocke.

Slowly sighing, she got up and out of her high bed. Using her new feral senses, she made sure that everyone was asleep, not wanting to be pulled into a talk that late at night with Emma, Jesse or Adam.

Silently, she opened her door, careful to shut it without slamming, and treaded gently to his room. Outside the door, Shalimar suddenly thought about what she was going to do. Open the door, and there's no going back she warned herself. But Shalimar shrugged it off and slid the door open as gently as she had done hers. Quickly shutting it, she turned around to see whether Brennan was sleeping or not. Unfortunately, her feral senses had been right.

However, Shalimar couldn't take it to leave. Even thought she was cold, she didn't move a muscle. She was too into Brennan's sleeping form. He was lying on his back, face turned away. To Shalimar, he looked too damn sexy, with his dishevelled hair that she longed to run her fingers through. Snapping back t reality, after what seemed like an eternity, Shalimar sighed, turning around to get out before he noticed.

But that didn't happen. With her back to him, Brennan' s voice startled her.

'You just gonna stand there, Shal?' he asked, murmuring, not fully awake. He turned his head to face her as Shalimar took a breath. He must have woken up when I was daydreaming about him she thought.

Turning back to him, she half smiled, hoping that she wasn't blushing. Unfortunately, she was, but Brennan thought it looked cute. He then noticed that she had her arms around herself, trying hard not to shiver.

'Hey, c'mere.' Brennan lifted his cover to her. Shalimar thought about it for a second before walking over and sliding in. Brennan turned onto his side so he could face her, one arm under his head, the other resting gently on Shalimar's hip. He liked the feel of it, and as she wasn't complaining…

'Hi.' He said after a moment of silence.

'Hi.' Shalimar replied. She didn't know what to say. Everything had vanished from her mind as soon as Brennan had spoken.

'How comes you not asleep?' Shalimar shrugged.

'I just… couldn't. She whispered back.

'Ashlocke?' Brennan asked, concern over his face. He had hated him for what he did to her. He till did as he was still out there.

Shalimar had been looking into his eyes. She was trying her best not to look down. She knew he had a tight fit t-shirt on, but she wanted to see it now.

'No, surprisingly enough.' Shalimar decided to tell him the truth. Well, I am in his bed, so why not? Brennan's eyebrows furrowed as Shalimar's gaze drifted down. It took awhile to notice that it was set on his lips. Oh Brennan thought, finally realising why she was there. She wants to talk about that. Brennan sighed inwardly.

'I'm sorry.' He said, causing Shalimar to look straight back at him into his eyes.

'What for?' she asked, genuinely confused.

'For… before.' Brennan explained. Shalimar nodded. Finally, she smiled a bit, wanting to know what he really was sorry for.

'Why do you keep apologising for?' Brennan was shocked. He had thought that she didn't like him, and that she might have perhaps came there to clear it all up. Maybe she doesn't, but she doesn't want to upset you Brennan thought, not wanting to get his hopes up.

'Cos I don't want to hurt or upset you.' He came out with.

It was at that moment that Shalimar's heart melted and she was happier than ever. She knew that this wasn't a mistake. She shook her head.

'Good. Then don't.' she murmured, eyeing his lips before doing something so daring, it couldn't have been her doing it. Leaning in, she gently kissed him. It was as light as a feather touch, and Brennan wasn't sure what was happening. It took a moment for him to get over initial shock. But when he did, he opened his mouth more to make it more passionate. He felt Shalimar smile against his lips, and he couldn't help but smile when he heard her moan.

He bought his arm from her hip to her back, pulling her to him, while she wrapped hers around his neck. It took minutes, and the fact that they needed to breathe to break them apart. As they did, Shalimar smiles a smile that only Brennan could bring out in her. Brennan moved the hand from under his head to stroke Shalimar's hair away from her face.

'So, when you apologised this afternoon, you didn't regret almost…?' Shalimar asked. Brennan smirked.

'God, no, Shal. I just thought that you thought it was a mistake.' Brennan replied.

'Well, I don't.' she said, moving an arm down onto his arm.

'Hmm… I figured.' Brennan winked, smiling.

'Oh, really?' Shalimar asked, laughing.

'Yeah. I could just tell, you know.' Brennan joked.

'Really? Then why did it take you so long to do something about it then?' Shalimar queried, propping up on an elbow. Brennan turned onto his back, letting Shalimar keep her balance by placing a hand on his chest.

'Didn't want to. Anyways, it was much more fun like this.' Brennan shrugged. Shalimar laughed.

'Smart-ass.' She murmured.

'Tell me about it.' Shalimar scoffed at his response, finally easing down to kiss him again. After breaking apart, she kept her face above Brennan's.

'I wish you had, though. I like doing this.' She whispered, eyeing his lips, then his body before looking into his eyes. Brennan noticed her roving eyes and couldn't' help but smirk.

'You could've down something too, you know. You think it's easy seeing you everyday, or night even, with those guys you dance with?' Brennan shook his head as Shalimar giggled.

'So you did get jealous. You see, I did so something about it.'

'Of course.'' Brennan rolled his eyes as Shalimar hit him playfully. He would have attacked back, tickling her as was usual, but it was the middle of the night, and he knew that Shalimar would scream. Instead he pulled her down to kiss her for the third time. Shalimar pulled back when she needed oxygen. Still above him, Brennan reached out a hand and tucked her beautiful, blonde hair behind her ear.

'I'm glad this happened.'

'It's bee a long time coming.' Shalimar whispered back, smiling as she rested her head in Brennan's chest, safe an comfortable in his arms, like she had wanted for too long.


'Hmm?' he continued twirling her hair around his finger.

'You could never hurt me. I trust you.' she whispered. Brennan kissed the top of her head.

'Thank you. I trust you too.' he replied, knowing how hard it was for her to let her guard down to people.

Finally, Shalimar started to fall asleep. Brennan held her till she did, before falling asleep himself.


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