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'It doesn't matter what decade we're in, they find you. Like sharks to surfers.' Shalimar smirked as she gunned the car down the road. Brennan sat next to her, keeping his head down to make sure they didn't follow. He shot her a look as he sat up straight.

'Ha ha. Ever so funny.' Brennan retorted as Shalimar giggled.

'I know.' Brennan rolled his eyes. They drove in silence for a couple of minutes before Brennan broke the silence.

'Where're we going?' he asked her.

'After Ashlocke.' Shalimar replied without taking her eyes off of the road.

'Ok. That makes sense.'

'Yes it does. You see, I have a knack at actually planning things before doing them, hon.' She said as if she was talking to a child, or an idiot.

'Whatever.' Brennan mumbled when he couldn't come up with a response, causing Shalimar to grin in triumph. 'So what's young Adam like, anyway?' she thought about it carefully.

'He's not what I expected. He's… naive and… sweet.' She came out with.

'Must be before his fall from grace.' Brennan murmured. Shalimar caught it with her feral hearing. She grinned slowly, quickly trying to hide it before Brennan saw it. 'What does he look like?'

'Um…' Shalimar thought about this too. 'Well, apart from a younger version of the Adam we know now, he's kinda… cute. He doesn't look like the nerdy type of scientists that I thought he would be.' She half smiled at the end of it. She hadn't taken her eyes off of the road the whole time.

'He hit on you, didn't he?' Brennan said in response to her explanation.

'What! Why would you say that for?' she turned to look at him for a second before looking back at the road.

'I saw that smile on your face. Plus, I can't really blame him.' Shalimar pouted sexily.

'I told him that I was working for Dr. Breedlove.' She said, somewhat proudly.

'And he belived you?' Brennan murmured again. Shalimar reached out and slapped him upside the head. 'Ow. What was that for?'

'What're you trying to say?' she demanded.

'Just that you, blonde, a girl, and science, hard work and stuff, don't go together.' Brennan replied simply.

'What makes you think that I can't do science?' Shalimar said in a fake angry voice.

'Like I said, you're blonde.' Brennan chuckled. Shalimar looked at him and pouted.

'You're mean.' She whined like a child. Brennan smirked.

'But you love me.'

'God knows why.' She murmured with a smile, just loud enough for Brennan to hear. He laughed at her response. They sat in silence before a thought made Brennan smile, and then snigger. Shalimar looked at him, confused. 'What?'

Brennan looked over at her and shook his head. He tried to calm himself down, but he thought about it again, and he started to laugh once again.

'What is it, Brennan?' Shalimar asked impatiently. Brennan looked over at her again to see her both concentrating on the unfamiliar roads and trying to focus on him.

'I was just thinking-'

'Careful now.' Shalimar scoffed and Brennan sent her a glare.

'Do you want to know what I was laughing about or not?' he asked a bit annoyed. Shalimar smiled at his tone.

'I'm sorry. Go on' she gave him permission. Brennan rolled his eyes.

'As I was saying, I was just thinking that if Adam, that is the past, younger, Adam hit on you, does that not change the future?'

'What do you mean?' Shalimar asked, eyebrows furrowed.

'Well… if he hit on you, wouldn't that stay as a part of his memory, and therefore, you know…' When he got no response whatsoever, he finished the sentence off. 'Let's just say that the Adam that you consider as a father may have some memory of hitting on you.'

Shalimar slammed on the brakes. Brennan put out a hand to steady himself. I guess that was my response he thought. Looking over at the feral, he saw her shocked face and couldn't help but smile.

Shalimar turned to look at him. Brennan tried to rearrange his features to hide the smile, but she caught it.

'It's not funny, Brennan.' She scolded. Brennan put on a sombre face.

'I know, baby.' His face cracked into a smile again. Shalimar shot him a death look, causing him to put up his hands in defence. 'I'm sorry.'

Shalimar banged her forehead against the steering wheel.

'Why did this have to happen to me?' she moaned. Brennan reached out and rubbed her back. He didn't know what to say. He carefully chose his words so to not to offend her or to cause her to kill him.

'It's not your fault that you're sexy and irresistible.' Shalimar growled in frustration. Brennan smiled a bit before taking another tactic. 'Anyways, I'm probably wrong. You know about me and my ideas. They're hardly ever right.'

Shalimar sat up once again. She thought about what he had said.

'Yeah, that's true.' she admitted. Brennan gave her a look. 'What? You're the one who said it.'

'So? You didn't have to agree with it?'

'But it's true.' she smiled again. Brennan looked at her, not sure what to say as she had seemed to have forgotten about the Adam thing.

'Whatever.' He looked out of the window. 'Um Shal? I think you should move. Like now.' Shalimar looked via the rear view mirror and saw some cops. She quickly turned the key in the ignition, praying for it to start. Once it did she again gunned the car down the street in the direction of Genomex to stop Ashlocke from completing his plan.

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