What if during the episode of 'The girl in the fire place, Rose had more contact with Reinette. What if Reinette was not as nice as she appeared to be? What if that was just an act in front of the Doctor. What if Reinette gave Rose hell, throwing her intelligence in Rose's face? What if she made it appear to the Doctor that Rose was being unreasonable towards her. She has both the Doctor and Mickey wrapped around her little finger, meaning they don't believe Rose. The TARDIS is the only one who believes Rose. She tried to get the Doctor to understand, but he wouldn't. He doesn't realise until it is too late and Rose demands he takes her home, after the TARDIS somehow manages to show the Doctor everything that has been happening. When both the Doctor and Mickey find out what had happened they are too late. The Doctor takes her home. He is a mess when he realises he did love Rose, and he had messed it up, that he had lost the most important thing to him. Mickey is overwhelmed with guilt, as he realises he should have believed Rose. That he knew Rose better. So The Doctor works to regain Rose's trust and earn back the love of the woman he loves, plus what if after New Earth Rose and The Doctor had slept together, but the next morning the Doctor regrets it. Rose finds out she is pregnant with the Doctor's baby. She keeps it away from him until she is starting to show. The Doctor is even more guilt ridden and heart broken when the TARDIS tells him that the consequences of Rose talking the Time vortex into her self, left her immortal, with a life span to match the Doctor's. She is not a Time Lady. Plus I also want the Doctor to confront Reinette over everything.