Chapter One


Chapter One

This was beta'd by my lovely friend, Michelle! Thanks girl!! :glomps:


February 2, 2006

Dear Diary,
Thought I forgot about you, ne? Haha, I actually did. It's been what, four years? Well, I'm going to fill you with my thoughts and emotions from now on. Now, do you remember my old boyfriend? Well, he's not exactly my boyfriend anymore. He's actually my...HUSBAND! Oh, how I love him! He's now a famous lawyer.

Our house is gigantic and beautiful. We've been living there for one year. It took me three whole days to completely admire the house. It's not even a house! More like a manor, if I must say. I'm twenty-three now. Young? Ah, I don't care. Oh, and there's no children. I had two miscarriages and I feel so devastated, like I'm not worthy to carry his children. My hubby said that we're going to keep trying, no matter what. But lately he seems to be so busy and tired to even pleasure me. :( Anyway, enough of that. I have to get going and prepare dinner before he comes home. I promise to write more often! Ja ne.

Kagome Moto.

P.S. Do you like the new name?

Kagome closed the book of her red high school diary and got off the king sized bed to straighten her white tank top and boy shorts. The room was decorated with lily white
curtains along with the plush carpeting. A walk-in closet was on the other side of the
room and the bathroom was a few feet away from it. A silver plasma television was
in front of the red king sized bed with a red comforter. The raven haired beauty walked
toward the closet.

"Where should I put you this time, hmm?" she mused.

She looked at the red object as if expecting a reply. She took up a black remote after entering the closet and pressed a combination. The sliding of something could be heard as a medium-sized door opened. Inside was filled with lots of accessories that belonged to her. Kneeling before the door, Kagome removed the bottom of the floor inside and placed her diary there.

"Ok, here we go bookie. I hope it's comfy."

A soft but beautiful laugh left her lips, filling the room.

'I must be demented: going through all this just for a book.'

She laughed again.

Kagome Moto was a house-wife, while her husband brought home the money. A hard-working young woman such as herself worked 24/7, every day of the week, excluding Sundays. She would leave to take her mother and ji-chan to church with her. She also had various things she would do for her family and for her home.

Kagome turned and walked out of her bedroom to go into the kitchen. She sighed as she walked gracefully down the stairs, throwing her raven hair into a messy bun.

While in the kitchen, sapphire eyes searched around, looking for ingredients, materials and equipment that would be needed for the meal. While busying herself in the kitchen, she hummed a familiar tune to herself.

After two hours of preparing dinner and the table, she set off to freshen up until her husband arrived. Now in her bathrobe on the bed, she waited for the water to fill the tub. A ringing noise sounded beside the bed, indicating a call. Kagome leaned over and retrieved the cordless phone and answered.

"Moshi, moshi," she greeted cheerfully.

"Hey baby…"

Upon hearing her husband voice, a squeal erupted from her as she let herself be swallowed by the confines of her comforter.

"Hey yourself," Kagome smiled softly.

She heard him swallow hard.

"Um, I have some bad news, baby," sounding sad and defeated.

The smile on her face washed away and was replaced by an expressionless emotion.

"I can't make it home in the next three days." Koga waited for her response, but it never came so he continued. "My boss is sending me out of town on a case," he announced to his now speechless wife.

"Again?!" came a hushed and angered voice. He could practically feel her anger flowing through the phone. "That's the fifth time this month you couldn't make it home!!" Her eyes were filled with unshed tears. She heard a groan on the other end.

"I know baby, but I have to work to get paid so I can support you, ai." Again, he waited to see what she would say.

She sighed.

"Ok, I understand, I'll wait for you."

He barely heard Kagome say those words.

"I love you baby. Forever," Koga said, a soft smile meeting his lips as if she would be able to see it.

"Forever," she repeated with confidence.

The call then ended with a soft 'click' and she continued her journey and took a long, relaxing bath.


"Is she gone, boo?" a female voice whispered, while grinding her dripping core against the man's rigid arousal.

"Yes," he moaned.

"Good. Now tell me when you're planning to tell her about us and our beautiful little boys?" her hips increased their ministrations on her lover, teasing him.

"When I see her in three days."

The last word sounded like a cry against their ears.

"I'll divorce her and have the family I've always wanted with you."

He kissed her deeply, his tongue invading her cavern without permission. He quickly won the battle of dominance.

"I feel sorry for that bitch, Kagome," the woman said, her laughter and the look on her face holding no sorrow for said woman.

"Enough, my sexy vixen. I need to fuck that pussy."

Switching the position so he was now straddling her, he worshiped her body the way he knew best.

"Ooh, you're really in the mood tonight, ne?"

Moans and groans filled the room as he continued to pleasure her and himself at the same time.

"Oh, Koga. Take me NOW!" the amber eyed woman shouted.

"As you wish, ai."