Let Go

Let Go... Let Flow

Chapter 15

Kagome was leaning forward with a soothing hand on Sango's back as Sango let out all she ate that day. "Are you sure you'll be all right?"

Sango nodded her head positively, churning noisily in the sink of a public bathroom in a local store of a gas station. "It's just those Tacos I had earlier, they did taste a little funny." She mumbled, dipping her head more in the sink as she puked more.

Kagome sighed softly, tucking a strand hair behind her ear and leaning over to pull Sango's hair back. She patted Sango's back softly, hearing her sigh loudly when she stopped her puking. "Kikyou went to get some water and gum."

"Great." She answered, washing her face and taking some water in her mouth and goggling it to try and get out the taste of vomit as much as she can. "What time is it?" She asked, after she spit out the water.

"I think it's almost eleven, why?"

"No reason." She pulled some paper towel from the side and started whipping off the water from her hands and face. They both headed outside to see Kikyou in her flirty mood with one of the guys who were waiting for their cars to be filled. Kikyou looked they're way and smiled broadly, waving lightly towards them. "Is everything going to be alright?" She asked them as they neared, with worry etching in her voice.

"Yea, don't sweat it." Sango said, taking the bottle of water from her along with the Winter-fresh. "Thank you." She told her, looking at the tall handsome guy next to Kikyou with a lick of her lips, slowly. "Aren't you going to introduce us Kikyou?"

Kagome rolled her eyes playfully. "She's definitely alright now."

Kikyou grinned at Kagome, turning to the tall guy next to her. "This is, Kagome and Sango..." She told the guy, pointing at the perspective people. "And guys, this is Naraku."

Naraku bowed a little with a gentle smile on his visage. "Nice to meet you ladies." He winked at them when they're eyes roamed over his features openly.

"Same here." They both said, each taking turns to shake his callous hands.

"He's the guy Sango..." She whispered soft enough so that Naraku couldn't hear her.

Sango furrowed her brows in confusion. "Say what?" She questioned, taking a swing of water that Kikyou gave her.

"From that night when you got caught." She rolled her eyes, smiling in Naraku's direction.

"Ooooh! He's even hotter than how you said he was!"

Kikyou shrugged and Kagome shook her head, not wanting to know any details since she already knew her cousin.

"So where are you ladies heading?" His deep voice was like the most sinful music of seductiveness.

"Ladies night out." They all chipped in happily.

"We're going to the club since it's our night off." Kagome told him more clearly. "The one just around the corner."

"You can come if you want you know." Kikyou told him.

"I'll be there a little later; right now I have to run some errands." He clasped his hands over Kikyou's and leaned down to kiss her lips sweetly. She grinned into the kiss as he deepened it, before they break apart with a clearing of someone's throat.

Naraku straightened his black jacket, wetting his lips when Kikyou leaned forward once again to kiss him on the cheek. "Don't take too long... I'm needy."

He groaned in his throat. "Don't temp Kiki." He turned around and started heading towards his car, lifting a hand in a silent goodbye.

"Soooo, what's the deal?" Sango asked, while the three of them reached for the door of Kagome's car. "Are you guys going steady now?" She took out three gums and stuffed them in her mouth after they were all seated in the car

"Hmm, perhaps." Running her hands through her hair, she buckled up as Kagome pulled out of the gas station.

It didn't take long for them to reach the club since they could have very well walked, but they refused to with the shoes they were wearing.

"Well you ready girls?"

All of them grinned as they walk towards the club's entrance next to each other. Tonight was the night they would finally have fun and just let go. Kagome exhaled shakily, a little frighten at the thought, but at the same time she was happy to just let loose this once. Sango was urging her to just have fun and not think for one blinking moment and she found herself wanting to agree with what she said.

"I'm so ready for tonight." She grinned widely at them all.


"I bet you twenty bucks that I can get her number in two minutes or less." Inuyasha shouted with a jerk of his head in the direction of a woman sitting by a table alone. Leaning forward with his hands on a table that he, Miroku and Sesshomaru were occupying, he licked his lips slowly. His golden eyes were glued to the big boob hotty, undressing her in his mind.

Miroku grinned, watching the woman looking at her watch every few seconds. "Fine." He relented, positive that the chick was waiting on her date and didn't have time for Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at their foolish betting. He sighed loudly and leaned back in the long curved chair, with an arm of his spreading over the long chair's top. "I could get her number in seconds." He told them boastingly.

"Ha! Yea right! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?" Inuyasha asked him with a scowl.

"I'm the same guy who taught you everything." He answered with boredom. "Or have you forgotten, little brother?"

"B-but!" Stuttered Inuyasha. "You already have Rin!"

"Scared of the challenge little Inu?"

Inuyasha scoffed. "Heeell no!"

Sesshomaru smirked lightly, reaching in his pocket to pull out a hard fifty. "Then want to higher the wages?"

"Bring it on shit face!"

Sesshomaru got up with confidence, sweeping a hand over his long locks, absentmindedly. He had a smug expression on his face as he proceeded to walk up to the woman.

"Pfft. That ass really thinks he can get that chick in under a minute?!" Inuyhasha shook his head at his brother in wonder. "And the guy has Rin!"

"Commitment doesn't signify that we men have to be blind to beauty." Miroku told him, scanning his eyes around the spacious club to look at all the sexy clothed chicks. "Plus, you know Sessh is as faithful as any loyal dog."

Inuyasha wasn't really listening. His attention was on his brother, who just reached the chick's table. He watched as Sesshomaru put his charms into play, leaning forward to speak in the woman's ear. "What the hell?" He asked in stupor, as the woman giggled and took out a pen to write her digits in his brother's hand. A good ten seconds haven't even passed, maybe even less than that. "I hate loosing to that ass!" Inuyasha gritted his teeth, already holding the fifty bucks between two of his fingers in front of him as Sesshomaru walked up to him, who took the money silently and continued on his trek to the bar without a second glance backwards.

"You guys are brothers." Miroku reminded him, standing up. "What did you -- Whoa!" His eyes were stuck to the entrance as if in a trance. "I just go excited." He told Inuyasha, lifting up a leg playfully and shaking it vigorously like a happy dog.

Inuyasha chuckled softly at his idiotic friend. "You're a damn asshole." He replied, throwing some dirty napkin at Miroku's face.

"Seriously man! You'd pant like a fucking dog! Just look towards the entrance!"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, shaking his head as he turned around. When his eyes landed at the entrance, he literally froze at the glorious site he saw.

"You're catching flies asshole!" Miroku chuckled when he saw the scowl on his friend's face. Miroku started to straighten his white shirt that was left unbuttoned to reveal his dark purple under shirt. "Well, I seem to have spotted a sexy onna with my name all over her." Grinning like an idiot, he slapped Inuyasha on his back as he passed him. "You're name's probably all over the one that's in yellow... But hey... you're the stupid one, not me." With that said, he walked off towards the bar where the three girls were heading, side by side.

Inuyasha stood rooted to his spot, debating whether he should go over and greet them or just hang out with some unknown chick. Narrowing his eyes in anger, he turned from the scene and sunk deeper into the crowded dance floor to dance with a woman who eagerly laced her hands around his neck. The fast music that was playing gave him the privilege of feeling all that this woman had to offer. This was his life... the life without complication and heartache.

…The player's life.


"I might have to tie you down at nights." Miroku wrapped his hands around Sango's thin waist, pulling her flush against him with her back to his front.

"Miro..." Sango whined when he wouldn't let go.

He showered her with kisses on her exposed neck. "What? I can't touch you when you're out and looking so sinfully hot?" He lowered his voice to whisper dirty things in her ear.

Sango started to grin, then giggled when his hands started to roam over her. "No one can ever sate you, huh?" She asked, grabbing his hands that were inching under her skirt. That's why skirts wasn't really her thing... long skirts in particular, not that she hated it though, heavens no! Skirts had its advantages of course, but it always seems like something for easy access, both when she wanted it, and didn't want it.

"Hello to you too Miroku." Kikyou rolled her eyes playfully at them. "There's a room at the back if you guys want privacy."

Miroku finally started to behave, though his hands stayed around her waist. He looked from one girl to the other, nodding his head towards Kagome. "What brings you girls here, dressed so sexy?"

"What, only you guys have the license to have nights to let go?"

He quirked a brow. "Just as long as you girls know the limits."

They started chatting about nothing and just had fun with the witty comments each of them would throw in reply. Miroku found himself enjoying this night around them, and wished vaguely that Inuyasha was here to see the laid back Kagome. The guy was being too distant, and frankly, he could see himself probably portraying that same attitude if he was in his position. No one likes to experience something wonderfully amazing only for the other party to not remember.

His eyes drifted over to Kagome when she rested her chin in her hands that were both on the bar counter. She really was beautiful and he could understand why the Inuyasha fell for her so damn hard.

"What? Is something on my face Miro?"

He watched her silently for a second. He still couldn't believe that she of all people forgot about her night with his friend, his same friend who she evidently harbors strong feelings for. The worst thing about the whole story is that, Inuyasha finally felt badly for the first time when this chick didn't remember.

Kagome watched Miroku with a raised brow. "What is it?" She shook her head from side to side to try and knock him out of the trance he was in.

Miroku biked once, twice then three times before watching her in the eyes. "Oh... I'm... I'm just surprised to see how sexy you're dressed." He grinned at her cheekily with a wink of an eye.

Kagome blushed hotly, rolling her blue orbs then slapping him on his shoulder. "Sango should kill you for saying that."

Sango pouted playfully, folding her arms in feigned anger. "Here I thought that he has eyes only for me."

Miroku smirked and bend down low to nibble on Sango's ear. "I do, San." He dipped his tongue in her ear briefly. "I'm just trying to make her feel good."

Again, Kagome slapped him on the arm. "I heard that!"

He chuckled. "Abusive much?"

"Probably only when you're around."

Kikyou downed the last of her drink and got up. "I'm getting bored when no one's talking to me." She pouted pathetically before grinning fully when she looked down a couple seat from her to see a cute young boy sitting, watching her.

"Careful Kikyou, you don't want to reach jail for statutory rape now."

"Hey, it's not rape if you want it."

"Who says he's old enough to voice his decision."

"Like they say Sango... Actions speak louder than words." She winked at them and made her way down the few seats to introduce herself.

"And here I thought she and Naraku were going steady."

"Naraku?" Miroku furrowed his brows. Now why did that name sound so familiar to him?

"Just some guy who we met not too long ago. Kikyou said it's an old friend of hers." Kagome told him.

"Oh." He shrugged off his uneasiness when he heard the name and hugged Sango tighter. "You still owe me a dance, San."

She grinned and looked at Kagome. "You're going to be all right by yourself?"

"Sure, go on... I'll just sit back for a while."

"You know, Inuyasha's here..."

Kagome looked up too quickly and Miroku just had to chuckle at her eagerness. "Um, really?"

"Yea, I'm sure you can get a dance out of him or something."

"Probably." She turned back to her drink, thinking back to how Inuyasha started acting so strange around for the past few days. He just acted like this gentleman, not putting on his flirty charms or anything. What's a girl got to do to get a guy to flirt openly again?!

She turned around to look at Sango and Miroku dancing their normal dirty dancing. Smiling, she thought back to how unsettled Sango was before she met Miroku. The girl never stayed with a guy long enough to remember how he looked. Her eyes drifted around the crowded dance floor, looking for that special someone. After a few minutes, her eyes landed on the silver haired hunk... their eyes clashed for a second and Kagome gasped at the way he was watching her so intensely. Wetting her lips leisurely, she shifted in her chair, becoming uncomfortable by the second.


Kagome jumped suddenly, breaking eye contact with Inuyasha when she heard the deep voice rumbling through her body. When she raised her blue eyes to see who scared her, she was surprise to see Bankotsu on his night off.

"What are you doing here Bank?" She questioned, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "It's your night off."

"So is yours, and yet your here aren't you?" He winked at her, taking a seat beside her when she just smiled at him.

"So..." She moved her eyes to where she saw Inuyasha, but he wasn't there anymore. Sighing, she turned back to Bankotsu.

"I've been itching for a dance with you, care to stop that itch for me?" Taking a drink that the bartender rested down for him, he took a sip from it, licking his upper lips to remove the little suds that formed from the drink.

'How lame was that line?'

Bankotsu watched Kagome closely, looking at the many emotion running around on her visage. "Ah, c'mon, it won't hurt to dance with me just this once." He smiled his five million dollars smile at her. "I promise I won't bite."

Kagome was about to say yes, but her eyes were pulled to the far end of the bar behind Bankotsu, where she spotted Inuyasha. "I'm sorry, but I already agreed to give someone else a dance."

"Ouch. You wound me, baby..." He shrugged, leaning over to rub her legs briefly. "I hope you change your mind and realize I'm always here." He got up and heading over to the next girl who was closest to Kagome, already flirty with her.

Kagome shook her head at him with a small smile, before she got up to go by Inuyasha. She exhaled loudly, nearing Inuyasha with each hesitant step. 'Just act cool!' She felt like a teenager who was going to confess her love to the hottest guy in school. Things like these were so weird. Like one minute you'd have the attention of someone, begging them to stop their constant nagging, yet when they've done just what you asked it'll feel like a piece of you have been ripped out.

"Hey stranger." She said calmly.

Inuyasha looked down to the side, automatically smiling at the site of her. God, she was so sexy. His eyes roamed over her and he enjoy the long journey over her many wondrous curves. "Hey yourself." He said, taking a seat, which she followed.

"You're looking beautiful tonight."

Kagome suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. There he goes again! Beautiful? Where was the real Inuyasha who told her how sexy she looked, and how much he wanted to undress her then fuck her senseless?! She shifted in her seat when she imagined him doing what he would say. Instead, she settled for a small smile, blushing nonetheless at his comment.

"Thanks. You look good too." She watched him more closely. His jeans hugged him in all the right places and the big red shirt he had on looked really amazing on him with his red and white shoes. The man can dress, and he looked beyond good.

He chuckled a little. Taking a sip of his cognac, he watched her from the side. He wondered what he should say. Acting sucks, he reminded himself. Though if he needed to do it, then so be it.

"Hey, do you want to probably dance or something?" Her question caught him off guard and the way he swallowed his drink quickly, burned his throat dearly. He coughed a little and asked her what she said.

"I mean; I know you were dancing... I mean, I saw you..." She babbled and looked so uncomfortable, and Inuyasha just had to smile at how cute she looked. "I mean, if you don't want to... Like I'm sure I'm not that good..."

"You're not good?" He laughed. "Oh I remember that night when we danced for the first time." He laughed harder when she ducked her head low, blushing as red as his shirt. "C'mon, I want the last dance as well."

'No you can't, but you can have the first...' Wishful thinking? She didn't care; it was her own damn thoughts!

When they reached the dance floor the song changed into a fast beat, pumping their adrenaline and making them move a little to the starting beat. Even though the song's beat was fast, the song was slow and alluring and Kagome stood rooted to her spot where she stood. She watched the other strangers around her draw nearer as if they were one.

Inuyasha watched her soundlessly, amused at her awkwardness. He wondered why really, since he should be the one to feel awkward after what she put him through. "So, you've forgotten how to dance like that?" He shouted, jerking his head to Sango and Miroku a few feet away from them. As usually, they looked like they were having wild sex on the dance floor.

Kagome was about to answer when she felt familiar strong hands hold her firmly on the hips. She looked up into Inuyasha's lustful eyes and smiled at the real perverted Inuyasha. He pulled her flush against him and she froze. 'What the hell is wrong with me?!'

"Just to refresh your memory..." He whispered hoarsely in her ears, making her eyes drift close in bliss. Without warning, he grounded on her heated body and she gasped softly. How long has it been since she felt him? Too long dammit! Her hands traveled up over his hard biceps, coming over his shoulders to rest lightly on his muscular chest.

They were glued to each other like hot melted cheese on toast, feeling every inch, every flaws of the other's body molded to them. Inuyasha's breath became in short pants, his head dipping in between the juncture of her neck and shoulder. Forgetting for a minute what she did to his heart, he reversed back into himself. His hands moved from her hips and traveled over to her plumped ass, squeezing it lightly and bringing her closer to his growing need.

Kagome never really boasted about it, or showed off her talent, but she'd be lying if she didn't know how to 'shake her ass off'. Music was her secret life, a sinful life that she loved to indulge in and dance dirtily. She rotated her hips, showing him just how much waist she had and how good she can make him feel, even if they were only dancing. Her breath too came in short pants, and she was already sweating madly. She felt Inuyasha's hand move from over her ass to the under side between her legs, and she almost came from the feel of his long slender fingers pressing against her jeans, which made friction between her legs.

"This... this is the Inuyasha I know." She mumbled, breathlessly.

Inuyasha heard her and his only response was to pull her higher on his bulge. They felt like they were moving in slow motion. The music became a silent shout while the people around them faded into nothing. It was only them in the darkened room, free to do what they want... to feel what they needed to feel.

Kagome turned her head, touching her lips to his neck ghostly; feeling the way Inuyasha froze momentarily under her touch. "Why did you start acting so strangely these past couple of days?"

Quizzically, Inuyasha raised his head, coming within inches of Kagome's face. "What? How have I been acting strangely?"

Not seizing their movement, but hugging each other closer, Kagome looked up into his hazed lust filled eyes that she knew looked identical to hers. "You haven't said anything perverted to me or..."

"I thought that's what you hated most?" He cut in.


This time, their movement came to a halt and Inuyasha sensed a confession coming on. He had to suppress his famous smirk when he looked into her eyes. Still, it wasn't really like his actions were intentional. A player isn't immune to feelings you know.

"You know Inuyasha, when people are drunk, they tend to tell the truth that's been buried deep down in their hearts."

Miroku's reasonable advises replayed in his mind, and for the first time Inuyasha found himself listening. It still didn't change the fact about how he felt and how she made him feel overall.

"I admit that I lied Inuyasha." She looked up at him with glassy eyes. "I missed the real you and I keep having these dreams of me and you..."

"I'm a good fuck in your dreams aren't I?" He smirked at her. "I'm even better in reality." His brows rose suggestfully at her.

She started blushing hard, but at the same time happy to see that he already turned back so easily. "That's not the point." She cleared her throat. "I never thought you to actually listen to me when I told you I never liked your perverted ways."

He cracked a half smile. "You women are so complicated."

"I guess so." She smiled broadly.

"Hey hey! Can I have a dance with this fine man?"

Kagome's eyes twitched when she felt Kikyou cutting in between them. The nerve of this woman! Can't she tell when someone was on the verge of coming clean? Before she can say much more, Kikyou was already molded to a stunned Inuyasha, leaving Kagome alone on the dance floor.

"I thought she would be occupied!" Kagome grumbled over and over, now seated at the bar and alone once again.

"Get out of your shell."

Sango sat down next to her, sweaty and hot.


"You heard me." She was now fanning herself with both her hands. "I saw what went down on the dance floor. You look like you were making slow love to Inuyasha! It was so hot!" She breathed out, sounding like a horny teen. "But then, dear cousin took him away in a heartbeat."

Kagome narrowed her eyes in anger while she looked at Kikyou and Inuyasha dancing. "Sometimes I honestly don't understand that woman."

"Good... So she won't understand you when you go over there and take Inuyasha away under a second."


"Let go let flow bitch." She said in a clip voice, snapping her fingers together. "Let go let flow." She repeated.

Kagome grinned when Sango got up and headed over to Miroku and finally disappearing in the darkness. She stood up with a confident smug look on her face, walking over to her man and cousin. When she reached, she pulled Inuyasha lightly from Kikyou's alien grip and pulled him against her. "Your cut in is over cuz." Kikyou smirked at her, silently walking off in the other direction.

"Well..." Inuyasha started but his words were forgotten when Kagome's lips made contact with him.

"I'm taking the initiative." She mumbled against his lips. "Only for you."

There was nothing else to say at the moment. He understood her when she pulled him closer to her. He strong arms lifted her off of the ground, hugging her closer to him to deepen the kiss.

When the kiss broke, they gazed intensely into the other's eyes with both of their breath mingling together...


Twenty minutes later, Kagome was mewling like a cat from the kisses Inuyasha was bestowing upon her exposed skin. She was eager to accept him, glad that she was finally letting go and embracing the one thing she needed most: the man she fell in love with.

Sloppy kissing echoed throughout the small dimly lit room and Inuyasha couldn't control his wondering hands that made Kagome burn everywhere he touch her. Although he was beneath her, he had the dominating role in the way his strong arms held her. She dipped low, while he eased up to meet her neck and lips in wild kisses.

Kagome sighed happily when she felt her tube top being loosened and pushed down on her torso, over her breasts. She was burning to ashes, heating up from the very feel of him, yet she wanted more, yearned for him. It was a tremendous feeling to have this feeling yet again...

'His touches feel so familiar.' She thought foggily.

Yet, she thought as she felt herself being rolled over onto her back, with him gazing down at her... why did it? Her legs were now laced around him and her hands were running over his muscles and through his cotton snowy hair.

The music from outside sounded as if they were miles away from it though they still felt the vibration rubble through them and Kagome started to realize the hesitation seeping into Inuyasha's touches. Why was that?

"Are you sure?" Kagome heard Inuyasha's unsure voice.

Now why did that sound so familiar to her? How is it that an eager guy like Inuyasha was hesitant and asking her questions. She didn't know why, but she started feeling as if she'd been through this before. Her dreams instantly came into view and just then they didn't feel so much like dreams, and her head started hurting her little by little.

"Are you sure you want this? Because there's no going back Kagome."

Shaking her hurting head from the sudden voice that penetrated her mind, she tugged at his clothes in a silent plea for him to rid himself of the garment. Now topless with his chest bare to Kagome's hungry gaze she had yet another familiar feeling that he wasn't undressing in front of her for the first time. What the hell was wrong with her?

"I want you to fill me..." She licked her lips seductively, sitting on him with a leg on each side of Inuyasha's lower body.

Inuyasha rubbed her back with his rough hands, slowly easing her down on the bed with her legs wrapped around his waist firmly.

"What the –?" She pushed him off her hear lightly, holding her head with a quick shake of it. "I'm sorry but I think I'm hallucinating or something." She said, with a swift shake of her head.

"Ahhh..." Her soft cries of being stretched and filled to the hilt echoed throughout the room. She never felt such satisfaction in her life and this feeling Inuyasha offered for her made her want to cry from the exquisite feeling.

"Do you want something cold to drink?" Inuyasha asked, tilting his head sideways to look her in her eyes. When she gazed back at him, she had an expressionless look that reminded him of his stoic brother; only her look was softer and clueless.

"I feel like we..." Her eyes fell close.

"Faster... Faster Inuyasha!"

"And you own me... I'm in love with you Inuyasha."

She opened her eyes quickly, which grew wider by the second with shock. "That night when I was drunk..." She saw how Inuyasha paled. "We... we made love didn't we?" She asked, more certain after she saw the culpable look on his face. "You... we confessed our love to each other..." Her eyes started to fill with unshed tears and she started shaking a little. "All this time I thought that it was a dream." She held her hair tightly in her palms, sobbing softly behind her lips that were held captive within her teeth.

"Ka-Kagome..." Shit! Shit shit shit!! He thought only those kind of flashbacks happened in the damn movies or stupid fictions! He didn't know whether he should be happy that she remembered, mad or both. The latter sounded more appropriate to him since he wished that she'd have remembered their first time together, but for her to remember when they were together or in such a compromising position? A woman's wrath wasn't anything to be messed with, especially when the decent one took these kind of actions as things important... which did seem important to him since she came into his life.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" She shouted, flinching at the loudness of her voice.

Inuyasha knew all to well that that question was bound to come leave her mouth and so, he tried to reach for her, but she pulled away from him. His concerned eyes turned steely within seconds, wondering when did she have to right to be that way. "Right, so me telling you that we fucked senseless would've made you believe me when you didn't remember shit?" He slapped the bed's edge in anger, which made Kagome jumped, before getting up and grapping his shirt. "You don't have the right," He started, pushing the shirt over his head forcefully. "…To be mad at me!" He finished off, removing his hair from inside of his shirt with a hard look on Kagome.

She fumed, pulling up the tube top over her breast. "Look--"

"I can't! For fuck's sake Kagome!" He cut in. "When was the last time you thought about other's feeling?" He shouted. "How do you think I felt when you asked me the very next morning if we did anything?" He ran a furious hand through his hair. "I never fell for anyone, and I sure as hell never confessed."

She got up, her hair a mess and the make up on her face making her look like a Goth chick that went highway with the eyeliners. There was no denying that she still looked as beautiful as ever.


He shook his head. "You know what?" He sighed softly as if debating whether he should say what was on his mind. After a while he bowed his head in defeat. "I'm out." He turned away from her and reached for the knob.

"Wait! I'm sorry Inuyasha." Kagome rushed up to him and hugged him tightly from behind. "Please don't go... I'm sorry." She repeated, sniffling softly. "I'm so sorry."

Inuyasha looked down at her petit hands, silently moving his hands to untwine her hands from around him. "I just need some fresh air Kagome." With that said, he opened the door and walked out into the noisy club without a backward glance.

Kagome backed up to the bed, flopping down loudly on the bed and consumed herself in pitiful tears. She handled that pretty bad. She suddenly realized that Inuyasha was right with the way she always thought about herself. Her sentences seem to always start with 'I' and she only cried harder when she thought how selfish of her it was when the world obviously doesn't revolve around her. He must have went through so much just because she didn't remember that night, which explains the way he was acting around her. It was all her fault! Her gardener was the one to heal her and she was the one to wound him. She finally realized that Inuyasha is her present and future. Well he would have been her future if she hadn't just lost him.

The door opened quietly and Kagome didn't even bother to look up. She buried her head deeper in her raised leg to hide her tears. Maybe the person would be smart and leave her alone and not pry.

"Not much air out there." A soft click was heard as the door closed.

Kagome looked up quickly, grinning widely through her tears when she saw Inuyasha in front of her. She stared at him stupidly, wondering if he was real or if her imagination fancied pulling hurtful pranks on her.

"An illusion wouldn't talk to you Kags." He told her bluntly.

She jumped up and flung herself in his arms, hugging him tightly. "I'm really sorry Yashie. I can't imagine what you went through..." She buried her wet face in his shirt, tears welling up in her eyes all over again.

"S'alright." He told her, running his hands through long midnight locks.

"I love you Inuyasha." She confessed softly. "I really love you with all my heart."

He grinned, hugging her tighter and kissed the top of her head lightly.

"I know Kagome."


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