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Falling In Love

Chapter 1: What's Your Name?

A girl about the age of fifteen stepped out of a black car. She had long, brown hair, that was tied up half way and wore a checkered skirt that was blue and red. The girl also had on a blouse with tie and vest over it. In addtion, she had on a navy blazer (jacket). "Aren't you excited about the first day of school Riku? I can't wait to make more new friends!"

"Yeah Risa," another girl stepped out of the car and said sarcastically, "Ecstatic." Riku had red, short hair with bangs. She also wore the same thing as her sister, Risa, except without the blazer.

They both headed towards the school gate.'Hmm, I wonder if Daisuke is here yet. He said that he would come early,' thought Riku.

"Harada -san! Harada-san!"

Both of the girls turned around and saw a boy running towards them. He wore black pants, white collared shirt, a tie, and a navy jacket. He had red hair that spiked out.

When the boy finally caught up he was nearly out of breath. "Hi Harada-san," he blushed as he saw Risa.

"Hi Niwa-kun," replied Riku.

Risa didn't say anything, she was too busy looking around the campus. Then Riku gently pushed her sister's side to make her say hi to Daisuke.

"Huh? Oh," Risa quickly turned to Daisuke, "Hello Niwa-kun." She smiled at him.

Daisuke blushed and said, "Umm, shall we go check out our schedules?"

The twins nodded as they walked on campus.

In a distance the three heard girls squealing, "Eeeeeeeeeeek! He's so hot!" The three turned to the direction where the noise came from. They noticed that there was a group of girls surrounding one boy. The boy had locks of dark, purple hair and mischevious looking eyes.He was fairly tall and wore the school unifrm with a tie loose and an unbuttoned jacket.

Just then he turned to Riku and Risa's direction. He looked straight into Riku's eyes and winked. Riku rolled her eyes and turned away in disgust. "Oh my god! He just winked at me Riku! Isn't he so hot!" said Risa tugging Riku to look.

"Sure," said Riku

Diasuke looked at Risa in disapointment," His name is Dark."

Risa turned to Daisuke as her eyes widened a bit, "Dark?" She looked back at Dark, "I like that name. Dark-san, your gonna be my boyfriend."

Riku rolled her eyes, "Could we just go chck our schedule now?" She walked off as the two decided to follow.


Riku walked down the hallway with a peice of paper in her hand. 'Hmm, my classes are English, PE, Art, Math...and English is room 203.' Riku looked around and stopped in front of a door. "203?" she said silently to herself.

"Yep, this is 203, are you gonna go inside now?" the voice came from behind Riku.

Riku slightly jumped and turned around. She began to blush, they were so close. Riku then looked at his face and looked into his eyes, golden eyes. 'Wow, they are so beautiful, but there something about it."

The boy had long blonde hair that was tied up with strands of hair untied and wore the school uniform. He looked good, you could even say hot! (haha)

"Is there something wrong?" the boy looked at her strangely.

"Huh? Oh, umm, no," Riku bowed and moved out of his way. "Sorry."

"No problem," the boy smiled in an angelic,yet devilish way, " I'm Krad." He handed out his hand.

"H-Hi," she shook his hand.

Then a voice from behind them said, "Would you guys hurry up? There's people trying to get in too!"

Riku felt really stupid and let go of Krad's hand. "Sorry," she said to the people and walked into the classroom. Krad followed.

Riku chose a seat in the back, where she hoped that no one would sit by her. Then she noticed that Krad wasn't that far from her. In fact, he sat right next to her, but Riku didn't seem to mind. (A/N: I wonder why. HAHA!)

She thought to herself, 'Too bad I'm not in the same class as Risa and Daisuke's. I don't even know anyone in this class.' She looked aroud the classroom, 'Except Takeshi. Risa, your so lucky that you're in the same class as Daisuke.'


"Too bad Riku couldn't be in the same class as us right Niwa-kun?" asked Risa.

"Yeah," he nodded in reply.

They both stepped into their classroom. Risa immediatly searched for a purple haired guy. 'No luck,' she thought.

Risa and Daisuke both walked towards two empty seats and noticed a certain bluish-silvered haired boy.

"Good morning Hiwitari-kun!" said Risa cheerfully. Then she began observing him, 'Wow! He sure has matured over the summer! I hate to admit it but he's pretty h-h." She began to blush.

"Hello Harada-san," Satoshi replied.

Daisuke saw her blush, 'Why'd she blush? Was it because of Satoshi?'


The door opened as a tall man about the age of 36 walked in, "Good morning students, I am Mr. Hitachiin. I will be teaching you..."

The teacher got cut off as comeone else walked in from the door. Everyone stared at the person who had walked through the door. It was silent until the boy stared at Riku and smirked. All the girls squealed and maybe some even fainted. Riku looked away, 'I wonder what's his problem and it's so annoying how he makes all those girls go crazy!'

Riku saw Krad and noticed that he wasn't at all pleased with the boy's presence. 'I wonder what's wrong,' Riku stared at him. Krad then turned to Riku and smiled his angelic, yet devilish smile. Riku quickly turned away and blushed, 'Agh! What am I thinking! I shouldn't be thinking about other's business.' Then she began touching her face, 'No! Am I blushing?'

"Could you please take your seat so I could begin class?" said Mr. Hitachiin. The boy nodded and yet again, made all the girls squeal.

He walked towards an empty desk that was right next to a girl with short hair. Riku looked at the boy with purple locks and thought, 'He better not sit where I think he is.' Then the boy appeared right in front of her and smirked. Once again all the girls squealed. The boy then took his seat next to herand turned to then turned to her, "Name's Dark, your's?"

Riku acted as if she didn't hear and turned away.

"Aww, come in don't be shy," teased Dark.

This really annoyed Riku, "I'm not shy! And if you want to know so much, my name is...is...R-Risa Harada!" Riku quickly covered her mouth, 'Oh no, what have I done?'

Dark smiled in victory, "See, it wasn't that hard, right Risa?"

'Risa...' thought Krad.

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