Chapter One


"Kairi? Kairi, where are you?"

"Sora, come save me."

"Kairi, please, tell me where you are!"

Cut Scene

"You know Usa, you keep eating those and you will explode!" Minako chided as she watched her friend throw down yet another sweet rice cake.

"Oh, what do you know Mina-chan!" Usagi shot back as they sat in Rei's temple waiting for the other senshi.

"I know one thing." Rei said side glancing at Usagi, "we will have a fat Princess Serenity by the time Crystal Tokyo is created." At this Usagi stuck out a rice covered tongue at her best friend. Rei happily returned the favor. Before the two could strangle each other Makoto entered the fire room.

"I see you are enjoying the sweet rice cakes I made you Usa-chan." Makoto blushed with pride.

"At least someone here understands my need to constantly eat!" Usagi grinned shoving another cake in.

"Only a cook, or starving bear could. I'm surprised you haven't eaten those meatballs on your head!" Rei snickered at her own joke while everyone sweat dropped. "WHAT! That was funny!"

"Why did you call this emergency meeting Rei?" Makoto pretended to act interested just long enough for the other girls to forget Rei's lame joke sigh what are good peace keepers for?

"I have been seeing some strange things in fire lately, it's odd, I thought after the Starlights left we weren't supposed to be bothered again until Crystal Tokyo…" Rei was about to go on when the other senshi entered into the shrine. "Good, you guys are just in time, take a seat and I can explain." Rei positioned herself in front of the eight girls and smoothed out her skirt, then she straightened her already straight hair, but then noticed a fuzz ball clinging…

"WOULD YOU JUST TELL US ALREADY!" Usagi couldn't take waiting anymore, and she was running dangerously low on sweet cakes.


"Why would I want to catch flies? You are gross Rei, just tell us already." Usagi checked her bag of sweets to find two left, the situation was reaching critical.

Luna rolled her eyes at Usagi's behavior, "Please Rei, explain to us your visions."

"Well, It started about a week ago. Most of the time my visions are accurate, but I thought these were some kind of cosmic joke, the odd things I have been seeing lately are keeping me up at night." Rei glanced back at the blazing fire. "This sounds completely off, but, I have been seeing talking Ducks and Dogs. I don't know if someone is in danger or not, because the things I see are almost laughable…but there is a girls voice calling out to be set free, I can sense a type of agony when she calls out."

Setsuna gave Rei a puzzling look. It was true her being the keeper of time she knew the future, but even she could be surprised by something now and then. She knew what Rei was talking about was abnormal, especially for their future. Nothing major was supposed to happen until the creation of Crystal Tokyo.

Hotaru sensing something amiss with Setsuna spoke up, " Setsuna-san, what are you thinking?"

Setsuna gave Hotaru a little smile before answering. " I think that we should keep an eye out for anything strange. But it is doubtful that any real danger is looming over our heads."

"Rei-chan," Usagi looked at her friend seriously, "Were you too close to the fire when you saw your visions, maybe you had a heat stroke!"

Haruka laughed at this but quickly realized she was out of character and put on her stone hard face again.

Cut Scene

"Hey Hayner, do you remember a guy who used to hang out with us?" Pence questioned tilting his head to catch the melted drop of sea-salt ice-cream falling from his popsicle.

"I don't remember anyone but the three of us." Hayners reply was half a lie, he did vaguely remember someone, but it seemed like a dream that merges with reality.

"I thought so, but I feel like I am missing something that was never there." Pence paused for a moment looking at an empty sitting crate to his left.

"I feel the same way, like an old friend has died, but we don't know it." Olette sighed gazing at the same crate.

"Well if an old friend did die, I wouldn't want to know. It would be too sad." Olette and Pence glanced back at Hayner when he said this. He sighed and slumped letting the drippings from his ice-cream splash to the floor…

Cut Scene

"What do you mean he is GONE!" Donald yelled as he ran with Goofy and Pluto down the castle hall.

"Garsh Donald, I went to ask him where my shield shine polish was, and he wasn't in his room, or in the garden, or in the library, or under that rock outside by the front door…" Goofy started counting off places he looked on his fingers until he ran out, looking confused he stopped.

Donald sighed and returned to his friend, he squinted staring up at Goofy, the windows they were next to were letting in a lot of bright sunlight. That's when he noticed it…the hole, no…the tear in the sky.

"WAHHHH!" Donald jumped up pointing out the window, to no avail, Goofy just kept counting away starting to use Pluto's paws as help. Donald kicked Goofy in the shin, " WE HAVE TO GO TELL THE KING!"

Cut Scene

Usagi darted behind a tree in the park, then to a lamp post, after darting her eyes about for a second she proceeded to ninja roll behind a garbage can. Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako all stared at her as they walked down the main path of the park.

"Usagi! People are staring!" Minako pleaded.

"Setsuna-san said to keep an eye out, I wont be caught off guard, no sir-ee!" Usagi licked her finger and held it to the wind…confused at what this was supposed to do, she rolled back to the lamp post.

"She said keep an eye out, not act like a lunatic in the middle of the park!" Rei sighed heavily, exhausted from the effort it took to even be around Usagi.

"I am lunarian, it would make sense for me to be a LUNA-tic!" Usagi squealed her delighted laughter.

"I am getting too old for this…" Makoto replied to Ami. Ami nodded in sad agreement.

Ami paused and looked up to the dark blue sky, tinted with hues of pink and orange. She always enjoyed sunsets, it wasn't her favorite part of the day, but something about it seemed to calm her. A noise gave her a start as she realized her communicator was going off in her book bag. She fumbled around her books to retrieve the small device.

"What's up Luna?" The other Inners stopped and gathered around Ami.

"We have a situation down here girls, you might want to come check this out, how soon can you be here at Crown?"

"Ten minutes Luna!" Ami replied.

"TEN MINUTES! IT'S AT LEAST FIFTEEN! WAHHHHHHHHH!" Usagi's wailing drew more attention than her odd behavior a moment earlier.

"Usa-chan, just pretend you are late for school, hehe!" Makoto giggled.

"LUNA-tic, OH I GET IT! HAHAHA!" Minako bent over in painful laughter.

"Luna, you better make it twenty.." Ami added.

End Chapter One

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