Chapter Thirteen

"King Mickey?" Roxas and Sora said in unison

"Roxas?" Donald and Riku said together.

"Goofy?" Goofy said tapping a finger to his head.

"King Mickey, what is everyone doing here?" Sora asked.

"Sora what is Roxas doing there?" Donald asked flustered.

"Sora, I can't believe you went through with it!" Riku said in amazment.

"Donald! Where do you put my hotdog!" Goofy said searching around the room only to find Pluto under the table enjoying a very delicous hotdog. Well there goes Goofy's hot dogs.

"I guess I have some things to explain to everyone. But first, Nominé can you bring in Kairi?" Mickey asked setting down his pool stick and walking to his big Lay-Z-Mouse chair.

Nominé vanished for a few minutes while people put up with that uncomfortable silence there always is when you are waiting for something or someone. Sora was a little excited to see Kairi again and began shifting from foot to foot.

Finally Nominé returned holding a hovering Kairi in her arms. Kairi was completly asleep. Sora was shocked at this and went to her and Nominé. Sora grabbed Kairi from Nominé and began to try and gently nudge her awake.

"Sora, please, let her sleep, she is fine for now. You may hold her or put her down, but please, don't wake her, if so Nominé will dissapear." Mickey said. Everyone looked at Mickey a bit puzzled but Sora stopped his attempts to wake her.

"Please, tell us what's going on." Riku pleaded.

"Ok, get comfortable, this might take a while." Mickey said pulling the lever on the side of his chair to prop his legs up. Nominé went to stand behind the King.

Mickey took a deep breath and began his story.

"It all started when Organization XIII was defeated and everything turned back to normal. We all know that Nominé is a sort of witch Nobody and has some more beneficiary powers than most. Well, while Kairi was fast asleep Nominé would come to me and ask my help in freeing her and Roxas so they could live normal lives. The only problem was that we needed more than a night to get the plans laid out. So, once asleep Nominé put a spell over Kairi, much like the one she used on Sora a while back, and they both came here to stay at the Disney Castle. We searched everywhere for the answers we were seeking, trying to find a power that was strong enough to split the Nobodies and humans, but also that would heal them both so they could be whole like normal people."

"Usagi." Sora whispered.

"Exactly." Mickey said smiling. "Of course, we couldn't just waltz up there and ask her this, we figured we would send Sora in and, Sailor Moon being kind hearted as she is, much like you Sora, would befriend you instantly. We sent in almost harmless Heartless to try and awaken her power to free Roxas. And when that power was used we would bring her back here to use on Kairi. Of course, we never expected Riku to find you, I admit he almost talked you out of it, nearly upsetting our plans, but luckily we were able to get him here in time before he could do so."

"So that's why I'm here, I thought you missed me." Riku said smirking.

"Well, and that too. We left a code for Donald and Goofy so they would get that I was down here and they were to come as soon as possible to assist me. But obviously they havn't been reading up on their Disney Castle code book." With this statement from Mickey, Donald and Goofy started to laugh uncomfortably.

"Why didn't you just tell me?" Sora asked. "I would have gone along with it!"

"Try and understand Sora, if we had sent you into Earth already knowing what needed to be done, you would have seemed suspicious if you knew everything about those girls, we needed you to be as clueless as everyone esle. Meanwhile, everyone's memories are returning to them in Twilight town and they are expecting Roxas' arrival shortly. The last piece of the puzzle is Usagi, she needs to use her power on Kairi or I fear Nominé will never be free." Mickey said a slight drop in his voice.

As if on cue Kairi's eyes began to flutter open at the sound of Sora's voice. Nominé looked at her hands as she began fading.

"NO! Nominé please stay with me!" Roxas said reaching out for her.

"Sora?" Kairi said looking up at Sora's flushed face.

"Nominé, please put her back to sleep, if she wakes up now, you may never be able to be freed." Mickey said calmly.

"It's ok Kairi, I'm here now, I'm with you." Sora said soothingly as Kairi's eyes closed gently shut.

"If Kairi awakes one more time, I fear that Nominé will be trapped forever." Mickey said sighing.

"Then we had better free her." A voice from behind them called out.

"Usagi-chan, how long have you been standing there!" Sora said turning happy to see his friend looking well rested.

"The whole speech. Uh, by the way...Who is the talking Mouse, Duck, Dog, and why can I see through that girl." Usagi said a noise coming from under her. "And my stomach says its hungry."

Everyone laughed, "How about you help out my friend and then we can grab some food." Sora said nodding at Kairi.

Usagi looked a little put off by this but nodded in agreement. She clutched her brooch and quickly transformed. Teir in hand she knelt by her friend Sora and gave him a warm smile.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!"

Twilight Town

In the sandlot Roxas and Nominé ate sea salt ice-cream as Hayner attempted to teach Pence how to fight in a Struggle battle situation, Olette was cheering them both on.

Disney Castle

Donald sat in the library reading the updated Disney Castle code book while Goofy chased a theiving Pluto around the room trying to retrive his hot dog.

Tokyo, Earth

All the senshi hugged their just arriving Princess as Makoto gave Riku a kiss on the cheek goodbye making it his turn to blush.

The Islands

Sora and Kairi sat on the beach holding hands watching the wonderful sunset sink low on the horizon before them.


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