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Chris was Riza Hawkeye's best friend for some time now, and they'd always do the same things that her brother, Richard, used to do. She couldn't wait until Chris met her brother, he knew that they'd get along. Riza always talked about her brother and his stories in the military, about her dad and his alchemy research, and the stories she always heard from all of her family about her mom. She just got done telling Chris about the time when her dad re-built a house that was burned down all by himself, and with only one transmutation circle.

The whole time she telling this story, they were trying to find some smooth rocks for their slingshots. During her detailed explenation about what hapened, Chris was mouthing the words to her entire story. He's heard it many, many times before, just like every other story she told, but he never said anything before. He finally got tired, this was one of the stories she always told because it was one of the only ones that she witnessed. "Alright already!" He couldn't take it anymore. She stopped and looked at him confused, it's not like she hadn't heard him screem at her before, but usually it was from behind, on a bike, in a race, about how she apparently 'cheeted' and left too soon. "I've heard this story a million times and you always explain things in great detail, it's annoying."

"Hey! My dad said that it's good that I explain in so much detail, besides, I was acctually there that time so I saw the whole thing. That's how I get my information," Riza said as if he didn't know that already. At her final though she went back to finding rocks that would easily be shot.

Chris just rolled his eyes as she spoke, "I know you were there, you tell me everytime, 'My dad and I went to get some fruit when the neighbor, Mr. Jones, came up telling us about the problem,' I know already!" He explained while quoting her in the way she talked. "And you know how I know all of this Riza!" he continued and she just looked up and stared at him for a probable reason. "I WAS THERE! I was with you when you're dad came out to see if you wanted to go to the market with him and asked if I wanted to come along."

Shocked that he acctually made a good point in his side of the story, she remembered what really hapened. As she saw the look of satisfation on his face because he beat her in a battle, finally...or so he thought, she could always think on her feet. "Well, I don't see you telling any stories, let alone stories that would actually make anyone interested and not make them almost fall asleep, if it wasn't for their already in the process of doing something and they'd just fall over." It was then that she remembered that sometimes, even though she could think on her feet, she had to remember when she shouldn't say what's on her mind. After relising what she said she looked over at Chris, only to see a sad and depressed look on his face that was obvious he was trying to cover it up. "Chris I'm so sorry, I should have thought before I sa..."

"No," he interupted her appology. He didn't want her to feel bad over something that didn't matter. "It's fine, it doesn't matter. I don't have any stories because I never knew my family. It doesn't bother me that much. I can't miss people that I never really knew." This made scence to Riza but she could still sence a hint of sadness while he spoke. "Besides," he said while getting up and smirking at her. "I know how you don't think before you speek."

Riza knew she had to do something about his attitude. 'Silly me for thinking I should feel bad for what I said when I would just end up shooting myself in the foot,' she thought knowing she could hold back her slight anger, but what fun would that be? And he knew what was coming. Then in a final atempt at making sure that he knew was mad, she angerly said, "You better run."

And with that they went running and chasing each other. As he always claimed that she always cheeted, he did this time. He jumped on his bike that was behind Riza's house and started peddling as fast as he could.

"O-yeah, and you say I always cheet!" She yelled loud enough to make sure that he could hear, but she also accidentally made her father ear it too. He leaned out the window on the second floor to see what was going on that interupted his reading. As she yelled at her friend, Riza remembered she still had one thing on her side, flawless aim. She pulled out her slingshot and one of the rocks that she had in her pocket. She took her time to aim and make sure that she could get that rock to the spot she wanted it to go. Unfortunatly for Chris, that didn't take very long. She shot the rock and hit the tire of his bike, making him fall over, from a good 60 feet away. Then, it was also a bad thing for him that she was a fast runner. As soon as he got himself situated and stood up, she ran over and tackled him back down to the grownd. "I told you to run, not take the bike and cheet, like you always claim that I do!" Riza screemed in his face, as though she were still far behind and he couldn't hear.

Riza's father was very impressed in his daughter's aim and accuracy, and then amazed by how fast she caught up to him. He truely was proud of his children. A son who fallowed in his footsteps and learned alchemy, and the fallowed his mother's footsteps and went in the military. As much as he hated to admit it, he was very proud of his son. He still stood by his morals and hated the military itself, but he didn't have to hate all military officers. It's just that it was his own son to pass the alchemy exam. 'I've had other students that only passed the written part of the exam, they just never had the right reason, or the ability to be a state alchemist.' He thought as he relised that he really should be proud. And he was also very proud of his daughter. Only ten years old and she inhearited her mother's natural gift of great aim and agility. 'She's never shown any interest in proforming achemy, and she already knows more than some of the students I've taught in the past. I haven't had an alchemy student in a long time. Maybe I'll call my friend with that teaching offer, besides, maybe Riza could show that little boy of his a thing or two that she knows. That is if he needs help. He'll need some kind of help in this house, but I'm sure they'd get along. He remembered his friend from high school he had asked, not that long ago, if he wanted a new student because his son was showing and interest. 'If this kid was anything like his dad, he wouldn't give up until he learned all there was to know,' although, that's what sort of scared him. Then he thught he'd think about it later and made a phone call to his long time high school buddy.