It was after work hours, everyone had gone home except for Lieutenant Hawkeye and Colonel Mustang. Of coarse, Mustang never finnished his paperwork and Hawkeye was making him stay until it was done. Mustang didn't really mind, no, he didn't want to stay, but he knew he had to finnish what was to be done. He didn't have any plans for the night anyway. His current girlfriend, Aly, rescheduled their plans for the night. She forgot, when they made plans, that her brother, sister and her were going to surprise they're mom for her birthday. Just another dumb blonde, as some would say, and some were right.

Lieutenant Hawkeye repeatedly looked at the clock on the wall like she was late for something. Mustang noticed the constent turning of her head and the nervous look on her face. He smirked at this, this wasn't something that was witnessed everyday. "Got a date Hawkeye?" he couldn't resist not saying something.

Hawkeye looked at him straight in the eye and said, "What if I am, Sir?" This question shocked Mustang, which apparently was obvious because of the look on his face. He said it as a joke. Hawkeye, knowing exactly what he was thinking, shot that smirk of his right back at him, "Sir, I don't have a date, but I do have somewhere to be. I have to go now, I'm expecting your work to be done in the morning." She got up from her seat, grabbed her coat, and saluted him before leaving.

Mustang was still there, at his desk, completely shock at her. Not only did she joke with him, trick him really, but she gave him the look he claimed as his own. Although, after thinking about it, he really shouldn't have been so shocked if she did have a date. She's only human, she can't just go to work, go home, sleep and do it all over again. She has to have a life outside of the office. He shook his head, he was thinking too much, and he knew that if he didn't get his work done, he would probably be in some pain in the morning.

Riza Hawkeye was standing at the train station, waiting Chris to come off the soon to arrive train. Not to her surprise, the train was running late. She waited there for only about 10 or 15 minutes before the train came and people came off in a hurry to find their way to where they were supposed to be. She didn't know exactly what to exspect when she would see Chris, she hadn't seen him in years and knew he had to have changed. The first person she was though, wasn't Chris it was Armstrong. Armstrong and Richard Hawkeye were coming back from a mission. Riza doesn't see her brother very much now that she works in the military. He was the reason she joined the military, but she never saw him. He was always on missions, or just was too busy. The times he didn't have too much to do, she was too busy. There were times when they saw each other, but it usually wasn't for very long. As soon as she saw him her face lit up like it used to when she was little.

Armstrong told Richard that he could see her over the crowd. As soon as Richard heard what Armstrong said, he was off running towards Riza with open arms. He loved his sister that he didn't see very often. He ran right up to her and huged her real tight. To the point were she had to smack him because she couldn't breathe. He just smiled when he put her down, "I haven't seen you in such a long time, we need to get together so we can catch up."

Riza looked at him, "I missed you too, but you didn't have to squeeze me." She smiled, she knew that's he'd know she was joking.

"So what are you doing here, isn't it passed your bed time," he joked looking at his watch.

She glared at him, "Ha ha, very funny. Actually, I'm here to pick up Chris, he's here for a visit."

"Wow, Chris. I haven't heard from him in years," Richard was a little shocked to here his name.

"Well," Riza began, "you didn't really come by as much as I wish you would have when we were little."

"Honestly," a voice from behind them came out, "if I didn't see him, I never would have guessed this was you."

Riza turned and smiled at her childhood friend, "I'm not sure how I should take that."

Chris stepped forward, "Well," he paused thinking of the right words to use, "I'm not really sure how should take that either."

Riza hugged him, only until someone had to speak up, "Aww, it's like a traditional family reunion." Sparkles appeared all around Armstrong's face as he took the three of them in a huge Armstrong Bear Hug. None of them could breathe. Chris's face looked like he was sort of scared by this random guy coming up and sqeezing them, or maybe it was the look of lost breath, probably a little of both.

"Umm, who is this guy," Chris said as well as he could. At that Armstrong let go of them and shook Chris's hand.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself, I'm Major Alex Louis Armstrong, The Strong Arm Alchemist!" As usual when introduncing himself, Armstrone's shirt had a tendency of coming off and showing his obviously huge muscles.

Chris, feeling like that wasn't neccisary looked up at him feeling very small. "Aren't you cold without a shirt on? It's the middle of January."

"Indeed it is in the middle of January. But as an Armstrong I do not get cold easily, our large bodies keep in enough body heat to stay warm out here for hours."(A/N:I'm not really sure if that made any since right there, but o-well )

Riza turned back to Richard and Chris, "Well, we might not stay as warm as the major might so why don't we grab your bags and head to my house."

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