Title: Under the Moon

Author: Hitachiin Hikaru

Fandom: Naruto

Rating: "T" for blood, violence, implying sexual content, and language

Genre: Action/Adventure/Supernatural

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Naruto, including characters, cities, towns, scenarios, titles, or anything else about it you can think of. I just want to express my creative intent with this fic.

Summary: AU. Seekers. Normal students by day, leather clad ass-kickers by night. With vampires on the loose throughout the allied nations, a select few amazing people have been chosen to keep the civilians safe. SakuSasu, NaruHina, InoShika, Tenji, GaaOC

A/N: I wanted to write something with supernatural elements, and I love vampires so this AU came to mind. I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to R&R please!


Some people don't believe anymore. They think that it's a thing of the past now, and when a dead body turned up with marks on their neck they push it away like it's nothing important. Like they shouldn't be worried. That is what they call ignorance. Because, little do they know, they have to worry. They need to be aware. They should watch the signs that are all too obvious to the Seekers. Each and every one who is killed by the creatures has a special pain in all of the hunters' hearts because they know they failed someone. It makes them, the Seekers, try harder.

And you're probably asking, who, exactly, are the Seekers? They are an underground organization trained specifically from birth to hunt and kill vampires. Eight different families have always been in this association, passed from parents to children throughout the years to keep the vampire population to a minimum. They comprise of Uchihas, the most prestigious and well known group of vampire hunters in the region, maybe even the world. Then there is the Hyuugas, almost as well known as the Uchiha family, with their extremely adept sensory skills and fighting techniques. Followed by the Yamanaka and Nara families, the former being adept in flowers and healing herbs, the latter the most intelligent line of people in the world. The Uzumaki family has been narrowed down to one person; one with a shady past and a dark secret only his closest friends know. The Haruno family is a long line of medical prodigies, and the last family has no surname, but they are amazing weapons specialists. Led by the famous Hatake Kakashi, the hunters were the best known in Fire Country. Of course, the other countries had their own ANBU unit. Wind Country, Lightning Country, Earth Country, and Water Country also had their own, which keep their individual populations to a minimum.

A formidable foe to the vampires, the organization, also called the ANBU of Fire Country, put up a great threat to them. The vampires had been crushed to the minimum population to prevent the loss of civilian human life, but recently, they have been growing steadily in numbers, much to the dismay of the esteemed ANBU. And now, here is their life as they try to hold back the blood suckers from destroying the delicate balance between humans and the supernatural.