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Summary: Imagine it, palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze, crystal clear water, bright sun, thick forests for good shade, no people for miles; a secluded island. Now think of it this way. Trees that hold poisonous snakes and other animals that fall when passed by, shark infested waters, hurricanes and tornadoes with only few days of non-scorching heat, dense foliage filled with unknown killer creatures and no sane people for miles that can help; a deserted island.

Meet Kagome Higurashi and Inuyasha Takayama, the only survivors that were on the Magnetsu Cruise; a small ship that held only 50 passengers (including employees) that sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Kagome and Inuyasha manage to survive by pure luck and find an island by floating on a piece of the ship. They come to the island to find Miroku Kenmei, Sango Honoo, Koga Shuusin and Ayame Kaminari; survivors of different accidents. This is no coincidence. Later they meet Naraku Muteki, the one who 'brought' them to this island to test how long they survive and, of course, no one will make it out alive. Some of the 'guests' hold secrets and one is poisoned. Bonds are made and some aren't. Survival is just a game here.

Chapter I

Never again would Kagome completely believe in the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." Sure she would have agreed with the saying one hundred percent about an hour ago, but now, she wasn't so sure. It never occurred to her that there were people in the world that were so frightening that you could get a prickling feeling down you spine with a single glance. She never thought someone would be able to make that happen to her. Maybe it was just the ship though.

The Magnetsu Cruise, also known, as the Full Moon Cruise was a small ship that currently only held 50 passengers but essentially 60, including employees. A small cruise but still a luxury cruise. In fact, one of the most expensive cruises around. With it's amazing chiefs, large rooms and amazing services in general it made the cruise five star. One month on a cruise with nothing but relaxation. That was the life. Of course you had to be filthy rich to actually get on; and Kagome Higurashi, owner of Higurashi Corporation was just that. She was always one to be modest about her wealth though; she didn't show-off her money (because she thought that's how you get robbed; if you were flashing cash). She found keeping a humble profile was the way to go. And she's probably right about that, too.

Kagome Higurashi was a graduate student from Tokyo collage and was top in her class making her valedictorian. Being the bright twenty year old she was at the time she never really had any trouble starting up her business; Higurashi Corp. Her small computer technology business boomed two years later and her small business became a multi-million corporation. Making Kagome a multi-millionaire, being the head of the company. And her business was still growing. Kagome didn't need that much money so she frequently donated making her even more popular. She had to admit; sometimes publicity was a very good thing. But on the other hand…

…It could completely suck.

Like the media making up stories why she was single. Now that was a complete disaster. So she goes and gets herself a boyfriend. And when they broke up the media was even worse, if possible. There was no avoiding media.

On the topic of boyfriends and dating, Kagome was asked out regularly. And that really confused her. She was 5 ft. 5" with a slender figure, smooth delicate skin, bouncy raven curls, chocolate brown eyes and a personality people would die to have… so it only confused her. But no body else has second thoughts about her being drop-dead stunning. Like mentioned before, she's a very modest person.

But let's get back to the subject of the Magnetsu Cruise, rather than how timid Kagome is. Being the CEO of a company means dealing with lots of stress. How, you ask? Think about it; having to deal with stubborn business clients, employees, paperwork, balancing checkbooks, dealing with small problems and keeping up with rivals is no walk in the park. On several occasions Kagome has fallen asleep during long nights on the top floor of her office. No one is usually there to wake her up just like no one bothered with where she was. It's a very lonely business when you have no family and only work. Your job ends up being your only family. She had few friends, and that really is odd considering the amount of charity parties and business parties she goes to. It's probably because the parties are usually filled with pompous snobs who find money is all they need. Kagome didn't even have a best friend. Several times Kagome would give up everything to be a normal person with family and friends. So this cruise was Kagome's get-away. A month of all relaxing and putting her trusted employees to the test.

So far Kagome has been on this cruise for two weeks and it is at its farthest point in the Pacific before it starts to turn around. The Magnetsu was hundreds of miles from civilization. No businesses, no annoying employees, no paperwork. Getting away from paperwork had to be the best thing for her. Reading, signing, printing, scanning, faxing, typing… hours and hours and hours was put into those flimsy sheets that you could tear without any effort. Damn how she hated them… actually hate is such as strong word… but not as strong as loath. She loathed paperwork.

Ugh… she was finding different words to describe how she felt about paperwork. No wonder she was on vacation. She really deserved this, especially since as soon as she got back from her trip she'd have to have a business proposal on merging companies with someone else, to make one big company. That was big, not to mention stressful. She'd have to remember this trip when making her speech to relax herself or else she'd never make it out alive. No way in hell. But the one thing she would remember most about this trip is the man she had passed in the hall. She couldn't get his intimidating face out of her mind. The way his wavy hair looked so greasy as if it hadn't been shampooed in weeks, the way his red eyes glowered into her yet they held wanting and desire. Not lust, yet somehow desire. It's true what they say; the eyes are the windows to the soul. Then she met him at the banquet hall and he looked at her for a while before walking past her and he whispered in an almost inaudible voice "See you later," He had to be one of the creepiest people she has ever met. Kagome reflected on the 'encounter', as she called it, as she sat on the very comfortable chair, reclined back with her sunglasses and swimsuit on, on the ship's deck near the pool. 'Oh well,' She thought. 'I'll lock my door at night and pray he doesn't come.'

Kagome put her hair back in a ponytail to let her shoulders get a tan and as she was doing so she lifted her sunglasses to reveal her brown orbs. She looked to the sky and saw angry rain clouds coming in fast. "I guess I'll just go get a massage," she sighed as she gathered her belongings and walked towards the sign that read in pink, loopy letters "Massage Healing". Kagome got in on time just to narrowly avoid the rain.

When she walked into the room the speakers over-head boomed as the assistant captain's voice came on the P.A. system.

"Excuse us, passengers, but it seems a storm is coming our way. We suggest all travellers' stay inside their assigned rooms A.S.A.P. for safety and policy. Thank you and that is all." Kagome still continued to look at the P.A. system even though the announcement finished. It couldn't be that bad, she thought. But instead of going against the captain's wishes she turned around and exited the room. When Kagome came on the deck she looked out into the sea sky. The clouds were growing closer and closer, showing how dark they really were. Bending over the railing slightly she also saw that the waves were hitting the boat rougher and faster than before with the passing second. Kagome glared at the salt water.

"This is all your fault," she muttered under her breath as she turned on her heel. "I really wanted a massage."

Kagome crossed over the floorboards to her cabin and found it was harder to keep her balance. She was never one too good on her feet, and the waves just reminded her of how embarrassing it had been when she walked into the room for a press conference when she tripped over the small step that lead up to the speaker. She failed to grab onto something sturdy, but the blue curtain behind the microphone and successfully ripped it off its axis. That was something she knew she would never live down. Kagome now stood inside her cabin, made her way over to the bed and sat down.

But she would not let anything like that happen again because last time she was unprepared, by her standards at least. She knew this was her vacation, but since the passengers have to stay in their cabins… well, a little practise for her business proposal wouldn't hurt, would it? She would practise everything, from what she was wearing and what tone of voice she would use at parts. She already had her speech written and complete. The harder part, for her, was practising and being completely composed; not her strong point. But I will be completely prepared, she thought to herself, thrusting her fist into the air with fire in her eyes. Kagome raced to her closet on the other side of the cabin and started sorting through all her clothes, looking for the perfect outfit to make her speech in.

An hour passed and after practicing her speech twice Kagome was out cold because of the steady rocking of the Magnetsu ship, the most luxurious cruise in all of Japan…


Kagome woke up in a daze, though she wasn't completely sure why. Maybe it was because the gentle rocking of the ship seemed to have passed a long while ago and every wave seemed like a little title wave. Maybe it was the thunder that boomed over-heads the ship, shaking it even more than the waves were. Maybe it was the blinding lightning flashing outside her porthole. Maybe it was the wind, the heaviest gust almost tipping the boat over. Or maybe it was everyone out on the deck, acting as if screaming was the only thing they could do.

Kagome, being controlled by the waves, was thrown out of her bed and splashed into two feet of water that was sloshed over her cabin floor. The water steadily leaked through the bottom of the door, like smoke in a house fire. Kagome quickly stood up and looked around her room. Everything was completely soaked! Kagome, deciding not to worry about that at the moment, flung open her door to see what was going on outside. When Kagome opened the door another wave passed by spraying Kagome with salt water and successfully stinging her eyes. Rubbing her eyes furiously, she tried to make her way over to the railing, were everyone was instructed to be, so no one was washed overboard. The assistant captain was nowhere to been seen; going to get life jackets, she guessed and the captain was in his booth trying to steer his way out of the storm. Kagome tried has hard as she could to reach the railing, but the waves were making it almost impossible for her to walk. The waves kept coming over board and drenching her face making her eyes hurt even more. After falling many times Kagome finally reached the banister and held on as hard as she could. Minutes passed by; seeming like hours. The waves seemed to start calming down slowly, but everyone still clutched the railing like a lifeline just in case. Soon the assistant captain came back, trying to rush over to the passengers to hand out life jackets.

Kagome dared to look over the rail, for the direction the waves were coming from. They lapped at the boat with less impact, yet the rain; thunder and lightning didn't seem to lessen. Everyone around her started to calm down slightly. And then everything after that seemed to blur. Someone screamed. Kagome's head shot up like a bullet. She gaped. A real title wave loomed over everyone. It crashed down, successfully tearing everyone from the railing. The boat cracked in half. Everything seemed so… high-speed.

As Kagome struggled to reach the surface a sharp pain trailed up her right leg, searing with agonizing pain. She had no clue what it was; her only focus at the moment was getting to the surface. Kagome felt as if her lungs were going to burst; if she didn't get air fast she would die. She stretched her hand up as far as it would go exposing it in the air. Just a few feet and she would be breathing… but she couldn't hold it. The last breath she had taken bubbled past her lips. Everything started to become hazier than it already was. It was almost… surreal. Somehow the best thing that had happened to her since she had woken up. Kagome started to sink, she knew. She closed her eyes; she was going to die. But she never noticed the long, clawed hand that shot out from above her, gripping onto her wrist hard and dragging her up to the surface again. She had already blacked out by then.


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