InuYasha wiped his tired face as the limo drove the final stretch down the smooth tree lined road. He had just spent the last three gruelling days trying to get home. He and Sesshomaru were finalizing the last details of Redemption's world tour in the U.S. It could not come at the worst time. Not after the news he had today. He closed his eyes and began to pray until a ray of warm sunlight flowed across his face and rejuvenated him. Today, his life would change completely.

His eyes lit up when he passed the large marble sign at the corner of the large drive leading to the Shikon House. A massive white mansion loomed between large blooming cherry trees, the windows glinted as bright as the lake behind it. Stepping from the limo, InuYasha breathed in deep before vaulting the steps and rushing through the front door.

Miroku stood at the base of the stairs, his arm helping a very pregnant Sango down the final steps. He smiled as he nodded up the staircase. "She's waiting."

Without a word, InuYasha raced up the steps three at a time and charged down the hallway to his bedroom. He slowed to a stop as he reached the soft, pale doors and gently pushed one open to peek in. Kagome lay pale in their bed, but smiled at him as Kaede cleaned up the soiled towels around her.

He swallowed hard as he stepped into the room. "How are you?"

Her smile was tired but brilliant. "I'm perfect." She looked toward the wall and InuYasha followed her gaze to the crib stationed there. With shaking legs, he treaded silently to the edge of the small bed and looked down. A boy...his boy.

He choked on a sobbing laugh as he reached down and pulled the sleeping newborn into his arms. All he could do was stare at him. So tiny, the baby barely spanned the length of his two hands. But he was warm, solid and perfect. A shock of black hair curled around his small head and his pink lips puckered in his sleep. Giving his wife a watery smile, he returned to the door and headed out into the hallway to stand at the head of the stairs. It was hard to pull his gaze from his son, but a faint trickle of laughter had him glance down the stairs to see several eyes looking happily up at him. Sango and Miroku stood at the base of the stairs while Kanna and Kohaku joined them. Soon everyone came to smile up at him. Kouga and Ayame, Souten soon joined by her brothers, Hiten and Maten. Several children cared for by the orphanage along with his niece, Rin. Finally his eyes drifted to the tall form of his brother. His expression one of pride and warmth.

Gazing back down to the infant, InuYasha headed back to the bedroom, his eyes lingering on every detail of the baby's face. So innocent, so fresh and clean and new. He wanted to give him the world. With murmured promises, he walked toward his wife's side and smiled down at her. Her blue eyes sparkled with such love and tenderness he thought his heart would burst. Leaning down he gave her a kiss on her damp brow then headed toward the open bay doors leading out to their balcony. The world opened before them, wide and warm and wonderful. Clouds drifted with the soft wind as the scent of water, wisteria and cherries passed by. It was perfect, everything was perfect. He couldn't stop smiling and his face was wet with tears from such joy he never knew he could feel. With a tender kiss, he sealed that feeling on his son's face.

Here was his world. And when twin gold eyes opened to stare up at him for the first time, he knew then he finally saw God. And he praised him with a heart wide open.


In an age of nothing, at a time when we stand at the brink of our own destruction – strengthen your belief in yourself, in the future of humanity, in the things of this world which cannot be perceived. Awaken that which lies dormant now within your soul. Re-ignite the flame of your consciousness, and measure the strength of your conviction. Reveal the lie, renounce your hatred. Seek, find, and embrace the truths you are fortunate enough to discover. Cherish them. Use them to anchor you in the sea of chaos that is the world we live in. When twilight draws near, when you are pushed to the very limits of your soul, when it seems that all you have left are the dead remnant of the fabric of your life – Believe. (Disturbed, album Believe)


A/N Here draws the close of Demons Within Us. A work that has seen the largest trials of my life so far. So much of my life and the lives of those who had read this story have come to life in these words. I never could have finished without the support, the love and the friendship from everyone who blessed me enough to keep with me to the end. I hope this story delighted and made you happy, as it made me get through some tough times. I dedicate this story to each of you, that in some way, it may inspire you to follow your dreams and help you to find your strengths to believe in. And to always believe in each other. Laughter for you all, love to you all, and above

God Bless and never forget who you really are.

White Dire Wolf