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It was said, in Hyrulian prophecies, that there will be a hero, a hero whom will go where even angels fear to tread, for, when those angels become corrupted, it will take a demon to save Hyrule...

It was night time in Hyrule, and the place upon which our story begins is the square of the great city. It was silent, save for the chirps of a few crickets and the small shuffiling of the stray cats and dogs whom scrounged for food upon the dirty streets. If one wasn't looking for it, one would miss a shadow, a moving sillouete that sneaked across the city streets, not even noticed by the dogs themselves.

The shadow continued to move along, and if one was skilled enough at spotting such things, one would also see who the shadow belonged to. It was hard to tell his facial features, because his hair was covered by a black floppy hat, and his face was covered by a cloth that was wrapped around his shoulders, but his eyes were ice blue, peircing to the very soul of the person who looked into them. Upon his back was a blade, a fine work of art, but a little strange because it was composed of two different blades twisted into the shape of a helix.

Finally, the shadow stopped, directly at the entrance of a bar, a small tavern which didn't get much bussiness because of its location in the very back section of the Hyrulian shops. The young man opened up the door, and was greeted by a warm light. A wizened old man shuffled his way over to the young man and with a few wheezes and hacks, asked, "Young man, do you have the membership?"

Without saying a word, the youth pulled out a small necklace, a hemitite ring which gleamed in the light coming from inside. With a nod, the older man opened up the door and then responded, "He's safe." The other patrons facial features changed abruptly. They went from the cheery folks they had been a few moments ago to solemn faced individuals.

"I trust you have not been followed?" replied one of the women, the barkeep in pretend.

"Why do you ask me that when I have not even joined your organization?" replied the youth in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

This caused a commotion in the room as talk began to fly about. Two of the men whom had canes with them split the canes apart to reveal swords. "We'll have to kill him!" yelled another of the men.

To this, the youth gave a blood chilling laugh and took off the cloth, revealing his facial features. "Why do you wish to kill the one person whom has dedicated his life to protect Hyrule? It was all to easy finding you all, after all, some of your members will talk with the right amout of persuasion and threats mixed."

Everyone fell silent. Eyes stared at others, everyone silently accusing the other of the revealing of the most secret hiding place. Thats when a deep voice sounded from the back. "He's safe. That right there is Link, Hero of Time. I would suggest that you treat him like he was my brother because in fact..." The speaker stepped out of the shadows into the room revealing himself to be a spiky haired wild faced Goron. "He is my brother. Link, welcome back to Hyrule. You have no idea how much we need your help."

With a solemn look Link replied, "I know Darunia. I've heard the turmoil that Hyrule is in. Zelda has become corrupt and we're going to need everyone we can get together to stop her."

"Now wait just a second here Darunia! Just because you know him doesn't mean that he can just barge right into here without consequences!" replied the old man, no longer wheezing and such, in fact, he seemd in good health for his age.

"I know that Rrasha, (Rah-sha for pronounciation) but Link is on our side, you have to believe me!" Darunia protested.

Rrasha sighed. "Why dont you strike it up with Number One. After all, he is the only one who can give someone complete member ship without a unanimous vote. If that doesn't work, we'll test him to see if he is Das Drachen Dreizehnt material. He did pass the first test after all, and thats actually getting here."

Darunia nodded. He motioned to Link. "Brother, I apologize for the inconvience, but this is something that must be done. I need you to meet with our leader."

"No, no inconvenience at all. I need allies and you seem to be the most powerful allies I can find. Especially if more of the sages are here." Link replied. Some of the people looked puzzled at this.

"Um, brother, x-nay on the age-say." Darunia nervously replied.

Link just nodded. "Sorry."

Both Goron and Hylian walked into the back of the bar and the Goron King looked around. Satisfied that no one else was around, the Goron slid open a secret panel in the wall. Behind it was a spiral staircase, leading down numeous flights of stairs.

"Well, better not let Ruto know you're here..." laughed Darunia.

"Yeah, I'd be crushed, literally!" Link joked back, laughing lightly.

"Saria missed you, as did I brother."

"Yeah, same here. Lemme guess, Nabooru was bored without me, right?"

The Goron sage laughed. "Actually, would you belive she was worried about you?"

This caused the black cloaked Hylian to break out into fresh laughter. "My god, its been so long since I laughed." replied Link.

The Goron went solemn. "Its been a while since anyone has laughed Link."

"So I've heard." Link fell silent as the two of them finally got to the bottom. There was more doors, reminding Link of a dungeon. His hand went reflexivly towards his sword, but stopped.

"Here we are brother. Please treat the man with respect..." the Goron paused. "And when and if he reveals himself... please dont try and attack him. His reasons became clear during the corruption of Zelda."

Link was puzzled at this statment, but continued on in. "Ah, Link, you've arrived." replied a voice. The room was well lit, but the speaker was in an ornate chair, which back was turned to Link as to hide the identity of the voice. It sounded awfully familiar.

"You are the leader of Das Drachen Dreizehnt, are you not?" asked Link. He unsheathed his sword and placed it upon the desk in front of the chair. "I wish to come on good tidings, so I will leave my sword by you."

"Yes, I sensed you coming a mile away. I was hoping you would come, especially after all you have done. Link, please sit down, for, I have a story to tell you, one that will show you how you have been decived even before Zelda had become corrupt..."

Link sat down and stared at the back of the chair, silent.

"Now, let me see, where to begin...you know whom Gannondorf is, do you not?"

"Yes. I do."

"And you defeated him in fair combat, did you not?"

"Yes...but it depends on your definition of fair."

"Well, before all of that began, when you were young, the Gerudos were planning on creating a truce between the Gerudos and the Hylians, for, the Gerudos needed to survive and only Hyrule had the resources that they needed, such as produce and food that was needed in their arid waste land. So, to go as an ambassador, they sent their leader, Gannondorf.

Now, Gannondorf wasn't evil. You wont beileve me on this, but if you'll hear me out, I can prove it to you. Gannondorf tried convince the king to allow trading and such to Hyrule, but alas, he failed. The king was stalwart, claiming that if he did, the Gerudo would attack innocent Hylian citizens, which, wasn't the case."

"True. The Gerudos are decent people. It's a pity that they aren't seen on the same level as everyone else."

"Mm-hm. Now, The king told Gannondorf that he would sign the treaty, but months later, the Gerudos were attacked on a trading route, and the blame was placed upon them for the attack. This enraged Gannondorf whom hated trechery.

Now Link, flash foward to your seven year inprisonment. In his rage and thirst for revenge, Gannondorf made his biggest mistake. He attacked not only Zelda, and the Kingdom of Hyrule, but he attacked you as well, serving to add in your mind about his evilness. When you pulled the master sword from the pedistal, he used that opprotunity to gain hold of the triforce.

However, he did not forsee that it would have split, nor that he would have gained a piece of that for himself. So you see, Gannondorf did not do his acts out of maliciousness...instead, it was misguided rage and revenge.

Flash forward again to after his defeat. After you had left on your five year journey, Zelda went into a state of grief three years later. It was around then when she began to become corrupt. It was then when the seal around the sacred realm fell apart and Gannon became free. However, his time in the Realm gave him thought and he came out with a new mission. To protect Hyrule."


"Hold on Link. I'm not finished. So he began looking for allies. After the corruption and an expliantion, the sages agreed to join him, all execpt Impa. The began to create a Hylian Illumaniti, otherwise known as Das Drache Dreizehnt, or the Thirteen Dragons. Himself, Darunia, Saria, Ruto, Nabooru, Raruu, the Leaders of each of the other kingdoms branches and of course, the last and most powerful Dragon...yourself..."


"Yes Link." The chair turned around and revealed its owner, to whom Link's jaw dropped to the ground. "I need you to fight once more for Hyrule..." replied Gannondorf himself on one knee, "I need you to forgive me for my past sins and help me redeem myself...I need you to become the Dreizehnt Drache, the Thirteenth Dragon!"