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"Saa-kuu-nooooo…" Tomoka whined, "We finished our third year already, you're transferring to Hyotei for high school, and you STILL HAVEN'T TOLD HIM HOW YOU FEEL?"


"As vice-president of Ryoma-sama's fanclub, it's disgraceful to both you and the rest of the club! Especially since he's been watching you so carefully recently!"


"Here. Just go ask him if he thinks you're pretty, ne? He'll definitely say yes!"



"Nya, did you hear that?"

"Ryuzaki-chan is going to confess! So young, so young!"

"Ii data. There is a 72 percent chance that Echizen returns her feelings."

"Fshuuuuu…Senpai-tachi no baka."

"Saaa, I wonder what Sumire-chan will make of this…"

"Minna, we shouldn't be eavesdropping! If Echizen were to find out, his feelings would be deeply hurt!"

"Nya, we weren't eavesdropping! Intentionally…"

"It was an accident, an accident!"


"Hai, Taka-san."


"Ii data."











"C-could I…t-talk to you for a minute?"

The capped tennis player caught the ball.

"Ii yo, betsuni."

The two walked over to the largest of the cherry blossom trees that grew around the school, along with various bushes.

"A-ano…Ryoma-kun? Do you…th-think I'm pretty?"

He blinked. "No."

She sucked in her breath. Pinking, and slightly angry, she asked, "I-If I was hurt, would you cry?"

He blinked twice, making her wonder if his brain function only allowed him to blink. "No."

"R-Ryoma-kun! I thought—Don't you—do you like me at all!" Her voice rose in both pitch and volume.

"No" followed a long series of blinks.

"I..Ryoma-kun—I—You jerk!" Before she even realized it, she was running, school bag forgotten. Her eyes stung as tears welled forth, and she knew her face was probably all blotchy and red. She wasn't running home. Just…away. She ran as far as her thin legs could carry her, then slumped against a wall, her body wracking with sobs.

-Ten years later-

"Tadaima, Sakuno-chan."

"Okaeri! Ah! The baby kicked today, during your match!"

"I missed it! Next time, call me, ne?"

"Hai, hai. Do you want to go for a celebratory dinner, in honor of you winning the match? "We can invite Gakuto-kun, too! Ne, Yuushi?"

"Sure. Just give me aminute. I want to change."

Following her husband's lead, Sakuno went to her closet, looking for something to wear.

While looking through a shelf with various maternity tops, a box fell to the carpeted floor with a muffled thud, and a small cloud of dust rose, causing Sakuno to sneeze. Out of curiosity, she gently lifted the dusty lid, to find an assortment of her middle school belongings. She lifted out different items, mulling over the memories associated with each item. She picked up her old school bag, which Tomoka had brought home for her the first day of summer vacation. She was about to set it back in the box when a paper fluttered out. Thinking it was a grade sheet, she picked it up, eager to reminisce about Seigaku and her friends there. However, after reading the contents of the paper, Sakuno gasped, and tears formed at the corners of her eyes.

"Sakuno-chan, what's wrong? Are you hurt?"

"No, no, I'm fine. It's just…pregnancy hormones. Let's go!" She put on a cheery smile for the sake of her husband, before kissing the paper and setting it down, almost lovingly, on top of the box. And then, she whispered, almost to herself, "Gomen ne, Ryoma-kun."


I couldn't answer your questions honestly today. The senpai-tachi were spying from the bushes again. Gomen. I've decided to take the coward's way out and write you this letter to explain things. They're true, though. The things I said.

You're not pretty. You're stunningly, radiantly, amazingly, ravishingly beautiful.

If you were hurt, I wouldn't cry. I would die, after getting revenge on whoever caused you pain.

And most importantly, I don't like you. I love you, with every fiber of my soul, with every inch of my heart.

Don't let the senpai-tachi get their hands on this note. I'll see you in high school, ne?

I love you.

I'm sorry.

Echizen Ryoma"


Ano- umm...

Hai- Yes, Yes sir/ma'am

Senpai-tachi- Upperclassmen

Baka- Stupid

Minna- Everybody

Nani?- What?

Ii yo, betsuni- All right, whatever.

Tadaima, Okaeri- I'm home, welcome home

Gomen/ Gomen ne- I'm sorry.

A/N: BWAHAHAHA! ANGST! I just wanted to see if I could write a decent Ryosaku-angst fic. I put in Oshitari as the husband because OshiSaku was requested a few times in Everybody loves Sakuno. . This fic is completely, totally based off of a chain email that I got a while ago; I thought it was really sweet. Except, for some reason, I wanted to make it angsty. I was bored.