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1: Early Flight

"Make sure you raise some hell for me," Shin Toriyama said to Trin Possible, tapping her on the shoulder with one hand. The pair bid each other farewell at a gate in the large Middleton airport. Even though they were about to be separated, they kept up a front that it did not bother them. But, everyone knew it bothered them to be apart. The duo still preferred to not acknowledge such a thing.

"No one can do it the way that you do. If you find a pink kimono with flowers on it, make sure you get it for me because you ruined my other one," Trin replied, glaring at her so-called evil twin.

He chuckled and shrugged. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will. I mean, I swore that stain would come out, but then again, that was silk. You really should come to Japan with me. Me and Poppa are going to drive Mommy crazy without you being around," he remarked with a small smile.

Trin rolled her tropical blue eyes. "Ah, you know I don't help matters."

Shin snickered because his evil twin did have a point. They always did drive his mother utterly mad because she was the only one of them that knew how to behave indoors or outdoors. She was also the only one out of them that knew how to pretend to be sane. Trin could behave if only Shin was not around and Shin only seemed to get worse when in the company of his father, so they turned into a nice little mess when all together and his mother always tried to keep them in control. But, she could not get all three of them to act civil, much her annoyance and embarrassment.

Shin's family was on their to Japan, but Trin would not be going with them for once. She had other places to be, much to their equal dismay. They silently only admitted to themselves that they hated being apart, especially involuntarily. Trin was going to her uncle's ranch for a family gathering. She would much rather be heading to Japan, especially since she really wanted her kimono and she did not think that her evil twin was reliable enough to remember to pick up the garment.

"I hate having to get up this early," Shego complained with a yawn. She sat down in a rather uncomfortable airport seat, looking like she was about to nod off. She spoke to Tatsu, who sat right next to her. It seemed that they were both being forced to meet the rest of the Possible clan.

"I just stayed up all night," Tatsu replied, struggling to keep her eyes open. She looked like she had stayed up all night after a long day, which she had. It was not that she looked bad, but her eyes were half-closed and that was as open as they would be for the day. There were lines and bags under her eyes as well. So, she either stayed up all night or she had some explaining to do. There was just no way that she would have been able to get up at this hour they had if she had gone to sleep.

"Who the hell catches a leisure flight at six in the morning?" She glanced over at the Possible clan and saw how they all seemed to be up like this was normal. Disgusting. "So, how'd you get suckered into this?" the former thief inquired, casting the mechanic a sideway glance.

"I didn't," Tatsu answered.

"No?" Shego was stunned to hear that for a moment or so. She forgot whom it was that she was speaking with. She and Kim had been going at a compromise/deal for hours before they came to an agreement, which favored the ex-villainess as usual.

"No," the mechanic said plainly.

"I don't get you at all. You do crap for Trin for no reason."

Tatsu only glanced at Shego. She was aware of how Kim and Shego's relationship worked and it was rather different from her relationship with Trin. She and Trin worked where they did things for each other, even if they did not want to because they knew eventually they would both have to do things for the other that they did not want to. They did not compromise or deal. They just asked each other and if they could do it, they did it. Besides, with the way that her blond bombshell took care of her, Tatsu would gladly accompany her to the deepest, darkest pits of Hell.

"You're a punk. You do everything for Trin and look at what it gets you," Shego commented and she nodded toward the evil twins to get Tatsu to look at them.

Tatsu turned to look at whatever it was Shego was going on about. Trin and Shin were embracing each other, which was not the problem. The problem was that Shin had his hand on Trin's ass. He was just being stupid, which Tatsu knew, but that was beside the point.

"Are you done with this?" the blue-eyed mechanic asked Shego as she took a glass bottle that held iced tea Shego had been drinking.

"Yeah," the former villainess answered, even though there was still a sip of juice in it. She wanted to see what the shorter female had in mind.

Tatsu, despite only being able to open her eyes halfway, flung the bottle and banged Shin right in the forehead. He made a noise that was more surprised than pained as the bottle impacted his skull and he fell over. Witnesses could not believe their eyes. Thankfully, there were not a bunch of people around and no one called security.

Trin turned and looked at her baby, knowing Tatsu was the culprit because of the very nature of the assault and because Shin had been behaving inappropriately. The blonde shook her head as her girlfriend approached her. Shin groaned from his spot on the disgusting floor. Trin curled her lip.

"What the hell was that for?" Shin demanded with a snarl as he climbed to his feet. People began moving along, but continued to stare because there might be more trouble going on.

"Mine," Tatsu reminded him while clutching onto Trin's ass. "You don't touch," the mechanic informed Shin, pointing a threatening figure at him.

Trin did not seem to mind all of the attention being paid to her rear suddenly. Sometimes though, the body part seemed to start a lot of trouble. Of course, she could care less as long as Tatsu enjoyed it.

"It was just a joke," he argued while rubbing his head. There was a huge lump already forming on his dome.

"So is the knot. Very funny," Tatsu commented dryly in her low voice.

"Damn it, that stings," he complained with a frown on his tan face. Her and her damn good arm, he silently cursed. She missed her calling as far as he was concerned; she should have been a pitcher.

"Don't be such a baby," Trin reprimanded him with a stern look.

"She hit me with a damn bottle," the half-Japanese male pointed out, stomping his foot. He could not believe he was being scolded for getting hit in the head with a glass bottle. Just what the hell?

"You brought it on yourself," the blonde argued with a nonchalant shrug.

"I brought it on myself to be beaned with a damn bottle?" he asked incredulously, rubbing his head again.

"Yes," Trin assured him.

"Trin, Tatsu, come on," Mrs. Possible called to let the couple know they were boarding the plane.

"Bye, Shin," Trin said, almost as if she were dismissing him. She ruffled his messy black hair and kissed the bump forming on his head. "Don't forget my kimono."

"I won't," he promised, fighting off a smile because he got a kiss for being injured. He made a face at Tatsu to annoy her and it worked. She would have whacked him again if she were not so certain it would only gain him more sympathy from her girl and Trin was definitely hers.

Trin and Tatsu left Shin; both of them actually wished that they were going with him. The blonde wanted her lover to experience them in Japan. It was always so much fun and she felt like Tatsu would add to it. Trin would like to take her baby around the world one day, broaden her horizons and let her experience any and everything in whatever country she wanted. She had plans to do just that someday soon, starting out small and then work on longer trips as Tatsu got more comfortable with the idea of traveling. She did not want to do anything for too long or her baby might get culture shock, considering the fact that their first date had been Tatsu's first time out of Middleton.

"You just have no remorse, huh?" Shego asked Tatsu as they all boarded the plane.

"He deserved it," Tatsu replied. She knew Shego was amused by the display, even though she did not say so and she liked Shin.

"You're only encouraging him. It's not like he gives a real damn about Trin's flat ass. He's only looking for attention and punishment," Shego remarked.

"Don't hate because my ass is better than yours," Trin retorted.

"No ass is better than mine," the former thief countered.

"Could you two not have this argument right now, please?" Mrs. Possible requested because she knew they could keep going and it was a little too early to hear something that childish and vulgar.

Shego rolled her eyes while Trin just stopped talking. They entered the plane and put their carryon luggage away. They made sure they all had the right seats and Trin groaned as she got to her seat. My luck had to be cursed.

"What's wrong?" Tatsu asked when she heard the noise escape her lover. She stood behind her girlfriend and pressed her hand against Trin's back.

"Kim, switch with me," Trin requested, glancing over her shoulder to find her sister.

"Sure," Kim easily agreed.

"Switch with her?" Shego asked in a puzzled tone. She wondered what that was all about.

"Seats," the teen redhead replied as she took the window seat. Shego thought that was odd. Most people liked having the window seat, yet Trin had just given it away. The green-skinned woman slid into the seat next to Kim and decided to bring up the issue.

"Why'd she give up the window seat?" the emerald-eyed female asked her younger girlfriend.

"Scared of heights," Kim answered without thinking and her lover laughed. Had Kim taken a moment to realize what she was about to say, she would not have said it because she knew Shego would just make fun of her sister now.

"You're scared of heights, blondie?" Shego inquired as Trin took the aisle seat, putting Tatsu between her and Shego to act as a buffer zone.

"No, I'm not scared of heights," Trin huffed indignantly. She was not scared of heights. She would just rather not sit by the damn window. There was no reason for her to be scared of heights. She was not acrophobic in any way. It would not even make sense for her to suffer from acrophobia, so why would she be scared of heights? It just did not make any sense. In the back of her mind, she could hear Shin's voice going, me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

"You just seem to lose points the more I find out about you, scaredy-cat," Shego teased the twenty-year-old.

"Then why don't you just stay the hell out of my business," Trin suggested. She knew that would make her much happier.

"Hey, you two, don't make me come back there," Mr. Possible said, turning around to threaten the pair. He sat in front of them with his wife and the twins. He was directly in front Kim.

Trin and Shego decided to quit, if only to avoid having the rocket scientist speak to them as if they were four years old and in public no less. Trin was actually used to it, but she would prefer to avoid it whenever she could because it was irksome. She had come to understand that her father always saw his little girl when he looked at her or Kim, so it never seemed to register to his mind that they were now grown women and he should address them as such.

"So, why didn't Shin come along on this little venture? I know you two have to be feeling the agony of stretching your one spine this far," Shego remarked, speaking to Trin of course.

"Yeah, Shin isn't welcomed at the ranch anymore," Kim answered that one.

"Shin probably isn't welcomed in the state anymore," Trin muttered, shaking her head.

"What did he do?" Tatsu asked. Discreetly, she took Trin's hand and held it. While Trin liked to claim she was not afraid of heights, Tatsu figured it was better safe than sorry in holding her blond bombshell.

"Come on, it's Shin. What didn't he do? The boy just doesn't know how to act and he's proud of that. So, he just went up to Montana and acted like he always acts. Let's just say while he was bugging out, he made some friends and from that, he made a lot of enemies," the blonde explained.

Shego laughed a bit because that kid Shin was a piece of work if nothing else. Only he could manage to get banned from some place that it seemed even Trin was still welcomed. Well, she assumed that only because Trin was coming with them and not going with him.

Shego wondered what she would have to do get banned, too, because she really wanted to know what she was supposed to do at a Possible family reunion being held on a ranch in Montana. She already knew the two Possibles that were willing to put up with her… somewhat. They were also the two that made life interesting, so she would rather not meet whoever else was in the family, especially since she been informed there was no one in her age range and none of them were as interesting as Kim and Trin.

"So, you mean to say that you manage to survive a week alone every time you go to Montana?" Shego asked the blonde because it seemed impossible to her with the way that Shin and Trin operated.

The farsighted female did not even bother to look at Shego as she responded. "Who says I have to go every time that they do?"

"And what's that supposed to mean?" the green-skinned woman inquired with an arched eyebrow.

Trin only shook her head because she did not really want to talk about it. It was bad enough that she had to go to Montana, so she did not wish to speak on it, too. A week in Montana without Shin sounded so horrible, but, on the bright side, at least she had her baby with her, she thought. Things should bearable with Tatsu there, she believed, and then she glanced over to see her baby was nodding off.

Tatsu could not understand how people could catch flights at six in the morning. It was just disgusting to be up that early in her opinion, unless she just stayed up the whole night. No one should ever go to bed and voluntarily wake up at six in the morning as far as she was concerned.

The mechanic leaned over onto Trin as she fell asleep. The blonde did not mind, of course, and caressed her lover's cheek as Tatsu drifted off to sleep. She knew she was only going to be taking a nap really because it was not a long flight; it just happened to be better than being trapped in a car for hours on end and the parents not approving of homicide or violence of any kind.

Tatsu thought flying was much better idea than driving because she had seen Mr. Possible drive. She would have yelled at cars for him had he drove, which had been the original plan. She probably would have yelled at him, too, if he had driven because, as it was stated, she had seen him drive.

They had all come together to discuss the driving proposal and it had been vetoed, much to Mr. Possible's dismay. Kim did not want to be in a car that long with her brothers and nobody wanted to be in a car that long with Trin and Shego mere inches from each other; one with super powers and the other with who knew how many chemical-based weapons on her. It was just a problem waiting to happen; Shin often suggested that Shego and Trin should just have an old fashion duel to sort out whatever problem that they had with each other. Kim often had to stop them once they agreed with the idea.

"So, what's there to do once we get to this ranch anyway?" Shego inquired, speaking to Kim.

"A bunch of stuff," Kim answered with a pencil in her mouth.

"What the hell are you doing?" Shego asked since it looked like Kim had schoolwork, but school did not start for another couple of weeks for her. The redhead had actually just pulled out some brainteasers to do while her girlfriend was busy picking on her sister.

"Nothing much. I'm just trying to occupy myself," the recent high school graduate answered while writing something down.

"That looks like math," Shego noted while glancing over at what Kim worked on.

"It is," Kim confirmed.

"Wouldn't it be easier to use a calculator?"

"Probably, but I don't use calculators."

"You get this from your lunatic sister, don't you?"

Kim only smiled. She had always had a thing for numbers and she had always been a whiz when it came to math. She tended to guess that it was her Possible "gift." It seemed like a Possible always excelled in something, usually a mechanical science, but she was into math. Because she liked math, she also easily liked chemistry and physics also. She had not decided if she would go into a science, but she definitely would be a math major.

Shego sighed. She could not believe she would be trapped in Montana for a week. At least she had her Kimmie with her, even though she doubted they would do much. Kim had not expressed any feelings about being "out" in front of her extended family, but Shego had approached the subject with Trin, who had to be her usual, damnable honest self, especially when it gave her a chance to rain on Shego's parade. She told Shego that Kim respected their family's opinions and probably would not want them to look down on her. In short, she probably would not be "out" in front of them. The former thief was then told that she would probably be introduced as a friend in the least and as a roommate at most, but there was almost no chance of Kim coming right out and saying she was in a relationship with Shego. Shego had not shown it, but that hurt a little bit.

The ex-sidekick wondered if Trin would be her sickeningly in love self around her family. She got the impression that the blonde was trying to act as if she would be her typical self, but it was highly unlikely. As uncaring as Trin was to the rest of the world and as disgustingly devoted she was to Tatsu, she probably would rather avoid somehow shaming her parents. Of course, there was always the chance she might not see it as shaming.

The doctors Possible were fairly sure of what they could expect from their daughters and their respective other halves. They had left the real unpredictable factor back in Middleton, namely Shin. It was not that he was really unpredictable, but he was just wild. They could count on him to do anything that would turn heads. Tatsu was too laidback to cause any trouble and Kim could control Shego to a certain extent, so everything should workout fine in their opinions. Well, unless someone started with Trin, but that was to be expected.

Trin might behave to a point, but her tongue might not. At least everyone was used to Trin's mouth running away with her. She would not consider it running away since she said everything on purpose. Of course, if no one said anything to her, it was very likely that Trin would never say anything offensive. They could only hope the Possible clan did not say anything offensive, but it was a long shot.


Next time: introductions for Shego and Tatsu into most of the Possible clan.