I Got the Idea for This Story from A Dream I Had Last Night. This Is Also My First Fanfic.

Although It Does Not Involve Sora or Riku, It Does Involve Kairi.

Disclaimer: Why Would I Be Writing This If I Owned the Series or Companies?

Where Have All the Good Things Come From?

"Wow, the ocean sure is beautiful this time of year" said Kairi. Kairi, a 15 year old girl, lived on the islands with her friends Jay and Kyle. "Yeah, it sure is, especially at sundown" added Kyle. Kyle, a 15 year old boy, could always be found wherever Kairi and Jay were. "But, you know, it's even better when your with your friends" said Jay. Jay, 16 years old, was new to the islands, but fit in immediately with the rest of the crowd. "I hope that we're together forever, or at least as long as possible" Kairi said. Jay was usually the one that asked all the big questions like 'ever kissed another girl', or 'ever been in love', but this time it wasn't Jay who asked 'do you like any guys here' but Kyle who asked this one. "Um, well" Kairi blushed "I can't really choose between these two guys that I've liked for a really long time" 'Two guys huh, maybe she means me and Jay' thought Kyle.

'Two guys huh, hopefully me and Kyle, hope she chooses me' thought Jay. "Well, who are they!" asked Kyle, who was full of excitement. Blushing, Kairi finally said, "You two, I mean I've known you for a long time and you both make me happy, cheer me up, and you're both, well…. Hot" Kairi, started to leave when Jay got up and kissed her. Kairi, who had never been kissed before, was amazed. 'Wow' she thought 'so this is what its like to be kissed' "What the hell do you think your doing!" yelled Kyle. Kyle got up and ran over to Kairi. Kyle, filled with jealousy, punched Jay in the stomach, and then kissed Kairi. 'Two boys fighting over me, never thought this would happen' thought Kairi.

Later that day Kairi thought about how she was going to choose between the two boys. 'Maybe I could have a competition or something' 'Well I can at least figure out the pros and cons' Kyle was 15 like she was and was a relative to the island, or in other words lived here since it was inhabitable. Jay, was 16, but still a great kisser and really handsome and nice. "Err, this is going to take a while, why me!" This was going to be a long week for Kairi.

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And Don't Worry the Next Chapter Will Be Much Longer.

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