Kairi Had No Idea the Kind of Torture She Was In Store For

"Why are you doing this" whined Kairi. Namine just sat there while Kairi squirmed and screamed in the pod. She had no idea how long she had been there. First she was raped, and now she was being tortured. "What are you going to do next?" asked Kairi. "Well let's see how you react to this" Namine pulled up a curtain and revealed two other pods. The pods opened revealing two boys. "Kairi, meet Sora and Riku" Kairi looked at them with bewilderment. Something in her brain fired. Had she seen these two before? "You probably don't remember these boys, but how about I refresh your memory" Namine continued. "A few years ago, you stumbled upon a hole in the wall, it was located in the Market Street. You stepped through to find a mansion. You went inside, and found a room. It was pure white, with drawings everywhere" she continued. "I was ordered to read your memories to determine where I could find these two. After doing so, I erased your memory and then kept you here. The two boys, Kyle and Jay, dreams. Simply false memories I put into your mind, doing so would keep you from finding out everything" still she continued. "But someone had given you a clue. A picture of me, I could not let you find out what I was doing. So, I led you here, causing you to fall into my trap. Finally, back to these two boys. Sora, a keyblade master, and Riku, well, I don't know, but he must be important"

Kairi's memories were beginning to come back to her. 'This is my lucky charm, so be sure to bring it back to me' 'What… my lucky charm, wait, my pocket' "Namine, I think there is something in my left pocket" "Whatever, let me see" Namine reached into her pocket. 'I knew it, that's what that thing was' "What is this?" asked Namine. "It's my lucky charm. I know it will help me get out of here, you'll see"

Kairi had fallen asleep, and Namine was busy looking through her memories. Why was she so obsessed with her? Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.