The cats dropped Hammy's now unconscious body to the ground.

Stella's face was covered in layers of tears.

Then, she attacked.

She gassed the other cats holding her, and they ran. Then, she jumped Tiger.

Tiger scratched her back, and Stella slammed her knee between his legs, making him cry out in pain.

Tiger then punched her in the face, and knocked her against a tree.

RJ and the others struck, but the other cats grabbed them all, preventing them from helping Stella or Hammy.

Stella looked up in anger at Tiger, who glared at her.


Tiger kicked her side, knocking her out.

Stella woke up, and saw that she was in the log.

Her friends were with her, and she saw Hammy's unconscious form next to her.

Tiger was staring at her, and she then noticed the other cats blocking the exits.

"You should have married me," he said.

"I hate you."

Tiger growled in anger, and pushed her up against a wall.

"Fool," Tiget said.

He dropped her, and walked over to Hammy.

"Stay away from him, you monster!"

Tiger ignored her.

Stella somehow managed to jump onto his back, and bit into his neck.

Tiger roared in pain, and tried to shake her off. RJ & the others than attacked the other cats, and began beating them.

Stella stabbed her claws into Tiger's side, leaving small red holes and making Tiger cry in pain again.

Tiger then shook her off, and Stella ran up a tree to escape.

Tiger followed her up the tree, and cornered her at the edge of a branch.

Stella could see him breathing heavily from his wounds, and knew he was weak.

Tiger charged her, but in a surprising few seconds, Stella jumped over him, and pushed him off the branch.

Tiger meowed in terror as he fell to the ground with a thud.

Stella looked down. He was dead.

Stella crawled down the tree, and to Hammy's unconscious body.

Tears poured down her face, and she wrapped her arms around him.

"I'm so sorry, Hammy. I'm sorry I couldn't stop him from hurting you."

No response.

"I love you, Hammy. I love you so much."

Stella kissed him, and felt him move.

Hammy woke up, and looked at her weakly.

"I love you too, Stella. And I forgive you."

Tears of happiness poured down Stella's face, and she kissed him hard and long, not going to ever let him get hurt again.

The other cats had been chased away, and they didn't come back. Everyone finally accepted Stella & Hammy being togeth-

er, and they later got married. Nothing would ever stop their love.