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Note: I wanted to make a place for a 'hopefully-going-to-grow' collection of my Elricest drabbles…so…yeah.


Edward Elric sat, bored, on the couch, flipping over the pages of the book in his lap. He had, of course, read the book before, and he was completely unsure why he had it again. Probably because there was a) nothing else to do and b) he had read every other book in the house. He supposed that if there was any downside to restoring his little brother's body it would be this; completely, and utterly nothing to do anymore. Maybe he'd find something else to research to occupy himself over the long days when he wasn't off doing something or other for the state.

With a sigh, Ed shook his head, knowing full well that the boredom was worth it-he had gotten his baby brother back, after all.

Setting the book down on the coffee table, he flopped onto his side, lying there on the couch, wondering why hadn't tried to get any sleep yet, by this hour.

Light foot steps alerted him to another presence approaching him, and instantly he shot up, sitting upright, putting his left, human arm over the back of the couch. Looking over his shoulders, he felt the corner of his lips being tugged into a hint of a smile as he looked to Al.

His little brother stood there, barefoot, rubbing sleep from his eyes, wearing kid-ish, light blue pyjamas, decorated with pictures of tiny kittens. His long golden blonde hair (longer then Ed's, falling to about his waist) was loose, and Ed thought that he frantically looked adorable, despite being about 15.

"Hey," Ed finally spoke, "What are you doing up?"

"Another nightmare." Al sighed, fully opening his bright golden eyes, and moving over to sit down next to his big brother on the couch.

"Another one?" Ed shook his head, "It seems like you've been having nightmares constantly…"

"I just keep getting nightmares about the night we tried to transmute mom, of the gate, and…" Al sealed his eyes shut, shaking a little, "Mostly of you dying, or getting hurt, brother."

With a sigh, Ed smiled to his little brother, putting his right arm around his shoulders, giving him a gentle, one armed hug. "It's alright, Al. I'm right here for you."

Al nodded, leaning against his brother, "I hate it, though."

Ed smiled to his little brother, picking him up gently, and setting him into his lap. Almost luckily for Ed, Al was fairly small, because his body hadn't exactly been getting proper nutrition while it was in the Gate.

Blushing, Al stammered, "Br-brother? What're you doing?"

Wrapping his arms around Al's waist, he smiled, resting his head on his shoulders. "Nothin'."

Al sighed again, slumping down, so that his head was against his big brother's chest, closing his eyes.

Using his left hand to brush golden bangs out of Al's face, Ed leaned down a little to kiss his forehead.

A smile tugged at the corners of Al's lips, and he soon drifted off, dreaming sweet dreams, and sleeping peacefully.