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Hannah Sohma (Hanna-chan) my own charter is twin sister to Hatori Sohma. Like Hatori-san Hannah-san is also a doctor, for the Sohma family. Hannah-san falls in love with Akito Sohma, head of the family. She knows he will never return her love, and she can't stand to see him in pain from is frequent illness. So one day she leaves telling no one where she's going. She changes her name and becomes a writer. She thinks she will never go back and tell Akito-san how she feels. She doubts she will ever she her family again. Until four years later Hatori-san shows up at her doorstep.

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'My True Love'

Chapter 1: Allison Martian

All it seems is that I sit around and cry anymore these days. You see I can never be with my true love. Those that knew about my secret love told me that I should forget him. They told me that I should just get over Akito Sohma. That I didn't need him. But how do just stop loving someone? If you know will you tell me, person who is reading this. You see as you probably know Akito-kun is the head of the family. He is 18 and very frail. Its because of our family curse. Our family is rather large and hardly anyone in the family knows of the curse. And no one outside the family knows of curse, well one girl does. She lives with my best friend Shigure-kun. I've never met her though, I think her name is Tohru Honda.

I'm a writer now. I live as far away from the Sohma's as I can. I don't even go back for the news years banquet. I used to be a doctor like my twin brother, we were born in the year of the dragon by the way. His name is Hatori Sohma, but I call him Tori-nii. I loved being a doctor. But since Tori-nii and me were the family doctors I couldn't take seeing Akito-kun in pain and so weak day in and day out. I had sat with him though so many fevers. I couldn't take it anymore so I left. I gave up and ran away.

I told no one where I was going. I left a note for Akito-kun with Tori-nii. It explain much really it didn't say much at all. Just that I was running away from the family and that I didn't want to be apart of it anymore. I felt bad and really tore up over leaving the family. It was who I was, or at least who I used to be. I doubted anyone would ever look for me. Who would want to find the family outcast and bring them back into the same family that they were trying to escape from. I didn't think that even Tori-nii would want me back. After all I didn't belong with the Sohma's anymore. I wasn't welcome, I shouldn't go back it would make matters worse if anything at all.

Tori-nii did enough research to find my phone number and address. I didn't count on that. Seriously I thought I had covered my trail. I was really proud of my work to tell you the truth. I never imagined that someone as busy as Tori-nii would take the time to track me down, be he did.

I hardly ever wear my suits anymore, I just mostly wear a house kimono. Its white with cherry blossoms. It was all part of my change. I had all of my suits and my lab coat tucked away in the back of my closet. I cut my waist long black hair so that it was just barley above my ears. I hade planned on leaving it long and bleaching it, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. So I cut it and bought a long blond wig. I changed my green eyes to blue using contacts. I also whore thin black frames. Finally the last change was going from Hannah (Hanna-chan) Sohma to Allison (Alli-chan) Martian.

My career as an author was off to a great start. I was following in my Shigure-kun's footsteps. He was also a novelist. I've written a few best selling novels. There are a lot of other books I've written though there not quite as good. When I left I had considered still being a doctor, but I realized it would be easier for Tori-nii and the other Sohma's to find me. Shigure-kun has always been kind to me. As soon as he found out that I wanted to leave the main house, he offered me a place to stay with him. I really considered accepting his offer. But I was till to easier to find and to close to the main house for my comfort. I moved to a town about a three hour drive from the main house.

The day Tori-nii showed up on my doorstep was a dark and rainy one. It was so cold. It was almost winter, and the rain was almost snow. Just to open the door sent chills up my spine. It had be only in the 10's out there. Maybe low 20's. When the doorbell first rang that day I thought it was my editor Rika-san here to get my manuscript. She would have been a day early though. However she was the only one to come to the house though. No one here knows my real name. To them I really was Allison Martian. When I opened the door and saw Tori-nii there I was in shock. He looked so pale and rundown. Play cool I told myself and maybe he'll go away, with out finding out the truth.

"Hello?" Hatori asked "Does a Hannah Sohma live here?"

His question made me happy, yet broke my heart all the same. How could he not know his own sister. His identical twin, I only wasn't therefore two minutes of his life. I am the younger twin being born two minutes behind him. Of course I could understand why he doesn't recognize me. With all the stuff I had to hide the real me I know longer looked like Hanna-chan. I wasn't Hanna-chan anymore I was Alli-chan.

"I'm sorry sir my name is Allison Martian" I told him how can I help you?"

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