This is my first fanfic. It started off as just the reunion scene, but people wanted it to be continued. Thanks you reviewers! Hope you like it! I will update more chapters as I write them. Please be patient; I'm my biggest critic.


Artemis Fowl the Second gazed out the window of his corporate skyscraper in Dublin. He looked out over the Fowl empire he had helped build. His empire now, he reminded himself. His father had handed executive power over to him three years ago, but he had controlled it far longer than that. At thirty, he was now one of the youngest multi-millionaires on earth. He was well known in business circles, even to the point of having his name become a catchphrase. People who succeeded while not appearing to work hard were said to have "Fowled with gold." With such success, many were surprised that he was still unmarried. In fact, some business magazines listed him as the trade world's most eligible bachelor. They also wondered if he would be the last Fowl heir.

He was quite happy with his success. Almost all of it was done through very legal and aboveboard practices. Although, he thought with a wry grin, sometimes he did have to "help it out" a little. But, all in all, he had formally renounced his criminal ways. He didn't need to steal for financial gain anymore, but the thrill of the challenge never left him. He sometimes caught himself eyeing a rare piece of art or other hard-to-catch prize and wondering how easy it would be just to take it, or at least borrow it for awhile.

He was feeling oddly reminiscent today. His thoughts drifted towards his old friends. Butler had retired some years ago, not entirely voluntarily. He was now helping train other would-be bodyguards in Switzerland. Artemis's head of security was once Butler's best protégé. At first Butler had insisted that he stay in Ireland to protect Artemis himself, but as Artemis put it, protect him from what? With each passing year fewer and fewer people wanted to kill him. Besides, Butler was now feeling his age, which biologically speaking was around 65.

Juliet was charting her own course in the world. His most recent letter from her had been from Brazil. She was now conquering the Amazon jungle with her husband Stefan. The two were perfectly matched as far as Artemis could see. They had met on an Arctic exploration team, and neither of them backed down from a challenge. They had taken their vows while spelunking, for Pete's sake.

His parents were still living at the mansion, but continued to jet off to exotic locations for what they called "redundant honeymoons." They were as happy as Artemis had ever seen them.

And Holly. He missed Holly more than any of the others. At least they could be contacted far more easily than she could. Artemis hadn't spoken with Holly in almost ten years. No, wait, it had been longer. When did he speak to her last? It was with the sprite thing, wasn't it? That had been, God, thirteen years ago. Artemis was amazed at how such a seemingly close friendship had faded. He had gotten swamped with work when he turned eighteen, namely continuing to make the family business as respectable as possible. Holly had apparently needed less of his help over the years. In the last message she had sent him, she'd said that they had a business boom. Mostly jealous spouses spying on each other, but work was work. With a small chuckle he wondered if Holly was still tolerating Mulch as a partner, or if he had mysteriously vanished by her hand.

Artemis had gotten into the habit of checking out the tabloid headlines each day. Any mention of strange little men being sighted, or weird new technology being discovered could potentially uncover the existence of the People. He found he had become very protective of their secret. He didn't want someone finishing what Opal Koboi had started.

Artemis turned sharply away from the window and walked over to his large mahogany desk. He removed a key from his breast pocket and opened a small safe that he had installed in his office. To anyone who knew Artemis, they would have been surprised that a former criminal mastermind would only have a keyed safe instead of anything state-of-the-art. But the key only opened the first door; when this was opened it revealed a keypad. This only opened with the right six-digit code and fingerprint. Artemis knew that any determined elf or resourceful dwarf could crack it, but it was good enough to discourage human thieves.

Inside was a stack of rather unremarkable papers. Artemis reached beneath these and pulled out the two-way communicator Holly had given him all those years ago. It looked more than a little battered, as Artemis never went anywhere without it. But he had rarely used it. He flipped it open to see the view screen. It switched on easily enough, but when he tried to call Holly he got nothing but static.

Odd, he thought. He tried the other contacts listed with no result. Artemis sighed and replaced the communicator in the safe. Then he got back to work.


Three days later, Artemis was working out the details on a Japanese contract when his e-mail dinged. He looked up in surprise to see that he had a new message. Warily he opened it, expecting someone downstairs wanting attention. Instead, the entire message contained dozens of lines of complete garbage. Wondering who would send him such a waste of time, he looked at the address. His eyes widened in shock when he saw it was from "horsesense.gno." That was Foaly's address. Foaly was trying to contact him. His heart leapt with anticipation. But how to decode the message? Artemis smiled when he noticed the now obvious pattern in the lettering. Foaly had known Artemis would have no trouble with it. For all the excess lines, it was a short message:





So this was just business, not a pleasure trip. Artemis felt disappointed for a moment. As much as he loved working with Holly, he had hoped to be able to catch up with her first. He wondered what could have happened at Haven now. At least they couldn't blame him this time. Trying to feel inconvenienced, but feeling more excited than he had in years, Artemis started preparations. He called Butler first. If something went wrong, he wanted someone there who knew about the fairy population and could offer advice. He was grinning wildly as he dialed. Fowl and the fairies, back on the case. How he missed it.

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