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The End


It was very late on Friday, August 30, when Harry and Alicia returned home from Paole and Bianca's wedding, which was the 7th one they'd been involved in this summer. The reception was still going strong when they left close to midnight, but due to Alicia's discomfort at being 8 months pregnant with twins, they had decided to call it a night.

As they laid in bed, Harry rubbing Alicia's tired and sore feet, Alicia commented with a chuckle, "Can you believe we've been in seven weddings this summer alone? I'm glad there aren't anymore before the twins are due…I don't think they'd be able to make another attendant dress large enough to fit me. I'm huge!"

"You, my dear Alicia, are beautiful…not huge. It is hard to believe we've been to so many weddings. Let's see, it started with George and Su-Li, then Oliver and Alicia's, then Remus and Tonks…who was next? I can't seem to remember." asked Harry, racking his brain for the answer, but drawing a complete blank.

"Adrian and Hannah were next, then Neville and 'Mione after them, and just last weekend, Dean and Ginny. It looks like were going to have a busy winter, too…what with all the engagements that have been happening lately. I think everyone's got marriageitis….and we started it!"

"I know what you mean, Baby. The most shocking has to be Bill and Tracey…who would've thought those two would hit it off?"

"I don't know, Harry…I kinda think Fred and Lavender took most of us by surprise. They've only dated a few months, and they're already engaged."

"Well, I think it's great. I knew almost instantly that I wanted to marry you, and really, we had only dated 8 months before I asked you…and look how great we turned out!"

"True. I can't wait to go to Padma and Pavarti's double wedding. I've never been to a cultural based wedding before. It should be very beautiful."

"I agree…I know Padma takes her Indian heritage very seriously. Did you notice Sirius being very attentive to Lisa tonight? I know he's had his eye on her for a few months now, so it should be interesting to see where that goes."

"Yeah, I did…he was so cute about it, too. Always making sure she had a fresh drink…he even escorted her to the restroom, and waited for her to come out!" with this they both started laughing. It really was quite the site to see the normally suave Sirius acting like a love sick puppy.

"How do you feet feel now? Do you want me to keep rubbing them?" asked Harry.

"No, I'm good. Let's just go to sleep…I'm beat." said Alicia, only to have Harry move up behind her, spooning his wife while rubbing her very large, very pregnant belly.

"Goodnight, Baby…I love you." said Harry, kissing her tenderly.

"I love you, too, Harry…Goodnight." replied Alicia, and they both settle down for what they thought would be a restful night.

Shortly before 4am, Alicia awoke to a sudden, sharp pain running from her back around to the front of her stomach. Unsure what was wrong, as she breathed through the pain, she shook Harry awake.

"What's wrong?" asked a groggy Harry.

"I…don't….know!" panted Alicia. This got Harry's attention and he instantly sat up, fully awake. Noticing his wife rubbing her lower back, he removed her hand, replacing it with his and began massaging it for her, using slow, comforting circles.

After about a minute, Alicia breathed out a final long breath, then looked back at her husband and said, "That was strange…I think I just had my first false labor pain. Poppy said it was normal."

"Are you okay? Should I call Poppy?" asked Harry, very concerned about his wife.

"No, it's just false labo….AAHH!" Alicia yelled, feeling another pain wrack through her.

"Alicia, that's not false labor…the pains are to close. That was only like three minutes between! I'll be right back, Baby. I'm going to go get Poppy." said a now very nervous Harry, rushing from the room.

Within two minutes, Harry was back by Alicia's side, with his godmother in tow. After Poppy examined her, she confirmed that the twins were definitely on their way, and by 4:30am, the three had all moved to the infirmary for the birth. After two more hours of labor, Alicia was pushing out the first of the twins.

"Your doing it, Alicia…just a little more, Baby. Oh, God! I can see the head!" said and excited Harry.

"Your doing great, Alicia. On the next contraction, I need you to push really hard, okay?" said Poppy.

To tired to speak, Alicia just nodded, and sure enough, moments later her faced contorted into a grimace as another contraction hit, and with all she had, Alicia cried out in pain, delivering their first child, a baby boy. Not long after, their baby girl was born, with Alicia falling back to the bed, tired and sore, but overjoyed that the babies had arrived.

Wiping Alicia's hair off her sweaty forehead, Harry leaned over, laying a gentle kiss upon it and quietly said through the many tears of joy streaming down his face, "Alicia, that was amazing…you were amazing. Thank you...I love you."

Accepting the gentle kisses from her husband, as they waited for their children to return once Poppy was done checking them over, weighing, measuring, and cleaning them, Alicia said, "I love you, too, Harry." Then as she looked Harry in the eyes, she smiled and with laughter in her voice she said, "Merlin! That really hurt!"

Chuckling at his wife, but awed that she could even joke after delivering two children, Harry replied, "I bet it did…it sure looked that way from my point of view, anyways. You did great though."

"Yeah, I did do good, didn't I?" she said, awe in her voice at what she had just done.

As Harry gave Alicia another tender kiss, Poppy came back in, wheeling two bassinets with her. She picked up the baby boy first, and handed him to Alicia, then placed the baby girl in Harry's arms. Smiling at the new family, she said, "Alicia, you did outstanding. I know woman are made to give birth, but your body seem to take to it like a fish to water. The twins are perfect…in everyway. Did you two decide on any names yet?"

Smiling down at the little girl in his arms, Harry ever so gently gave her little nose a kiss, then smiled at Alicia, who was also placing a little kiss to their baby boys cheek when he answered his godmother's question, "This beautiful little girl's name is Chloe Noel Potter, Chloe for Alicia's grandmother, and Noel is because Christmas is so special to Alicia and I. Not to mention, they were both conceived right around that time." Harry said with a sly chuckle.

"Harry, stop that." said Alicia, smiling even as she chastised him gently. "Poppy, I'd like to introduce you to Evan James Potter…Evan to represent Harry's mother and James for his father. What do you think?" asked Alicia.

"I think their wonderful and fitting names. Would you like me to floo-call the people on the list that were to be here after the twins were born?" asked Poppy, still smiling at the happy expressions on the couple's faces.

"Please, Poppy…that would be a tremendous help, considering I really don't want to put Chloe down just yet." said Harry.

Within half an hour, the infirmary was packed with people, all oohing and aahing over the most adorable babies any of them had ever seen. When Harry told everyone the names they'd chosen, Rhonda, who was holding Chloe, smiled gently through the tears flowing down her face, remembering her mother with fondness, and Sirius who was holding Evan, also let a few tears drop at Harry's choice to honor his deceased parents.

Around 11am, Poppy shooed everyone away, except Harry, saying that Alicia needed to feed the twins and that she also needed to rest. As Alicia guided Evan to latch onto one of her breasts, Harry watched in awe as his little man began drinking from his mother with gusto. Looking into each other's eyes, Harry and Alicia shared a loving, tender smile, then turned their attention back to Evan who was still sucking like a starved man, causing the young couple to chuckle.

When the baby girl in his arms began to wiggle some, Harry tore his eyes away from his wife and son to look down into the eyes of his sweet baby girl, who had been sleep up to this point, and said, "You're going to have Daddy so wrapped around that adorable little pinky, aren't you? What's Daddy saying….. you already have me wrapped. God, you are so beautiful, and your brother, what a handsome little man he turned out to be. It's all your Mommy's doing…cause we both know she's were you two get your good looks from. Chloe. I love that name, and I love you my sweet little girl."

This is how the couple spent the rest of the day, quietly experiencing this new adventure together. They did have a few more visitors, but all in all, they were able to just rest and enjoy the twins, getting to know them a little more as each hour passed. When both Harry and Alicia asked what eye color the twins would have, Poppy had explained that it would take a little time for that to works itself out, but guessed that Evan's would be brown, and Chloe's would be green…going by the shading of blue that they both sported right now.

As the months went by, the twins grew quickly, and indeed, as usual, Poppy was right about the twins eyes. Chloe and Evan, thanks to the wonderful genes from their parent's, were quickly becoming known as two of the most beautiful children the wizarding world had seen in quite some time. They had the warm skin tone of their mother, and both sported dark locks, compliments of both Harry and Alicia, being soft and silky like Harry's, but having a natural, soft curl that came from Alicia.

On August 31, 2000, during the massive birthday party thrown for Evan and Chloe's second birthday, Alicia announced that she was pregnant again, this time, however, she was having only one, another little boy. On February 5, 2001, Harrison Marcel Potter joined the happy family, much to the delight of his older brother and sister.

As the years progressed, the 'Warp Crew' went on, flourishing in the hard won peace the wizarding world now enjoyed. Blaise and Katie married in June of 2001, and over the next three years added two children, a boy and girl, to the Zabini clan. Katie got her Healer's Certificate in 2002, and replaced Poppy at Hogwarts after she retired in 2003. Blaise earned a Mastership in the field of Potions in 2002, then after a few years of intense research, combining potions with blood magic, made a revolutionary break through in the lycanthropic disease. Using the Wolfsbane Potion as a starting point, Blaise was able to build from that a new potion that when activated with the blood of the drinker, through runic work, allowed the werewolf to only have to transform once every 6 full moons, meaning only 2-3 times a year. This earned him many awards and accolades in the wizarding world, forever imprinting his mark on their society.

Susan married an American wizard and had three children, two boys and one girl, and followed in her Aunt Amelia's footsteps, becoming a well honored Auror, then heading the Department when her Aunt ascended to Minister of Magic, after Cornelius retired in 2010. Cornelius retired as one of the most popular Minister's to have ever held the office.

Adrian and Hannah waited five years to add to there family, but once they did, had two boys and one girl. Adrian retired from professional Quidditch in 2010, taking the assistant coaching position for Irish National until 2015. After that, Adrian went into politics, becoming Minister of Magic in 2022, his proud wife and children helping him on his way.

Oliver also retired from playing Quidditch in 2010, taking the head coaching job for Irish National the very next year. He and Angelina had four children, one boy and three girls, and after graduating Hogwarts, their son and one daughter followed in their parents footsteps and had spectacular Quidditch careers, Oliver coaching his daughter who played for I.N. Oliver would go down as the most successful Head Coach ever seen in the sport.

George and Su-Li surprised everyone by giving birth to triplet boys, and heaven help the world if they took after their father and uncle. Fred and Lavender never had children, but became the best Aunt and Uncle to all their friends and family's kids. Fred and George bought out Zonko's in early 2005, and soon took W.W.W. world wide, becoming the largest magical prank store chain around.

The Constantine's only had one son, named Paole Constantine, Jr. On the anniversary of their 5th year of marriage, Bianca was turned, and the family left Great Britain for Romania shortly after, so Paole could head the International Vampire League, which oversaw the rules and laws of the vampire nations. They did visit their friends often, and Paole Jr. went to Hogwarts, joining Blaise's Potions research group shortly after graduation.

With the wonderful Wolfsbane II potion that Blaise had developed, Remus began looking healthier than ever before, and it allowed him to hold down the permanent position of Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. He and Tonks ended up having two boys, a year apart, after she retired from the Auror Corp in 2002, and Remus went on to become Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts, and serving as Gryffindor's Head of House until he retired.

Bill and Tracey Weasley who had been married during the summer of 2000, announced that they were expecting, in 2002, which lead to the first of their 6 children, three of each sex. Bill left Gringotts and opened his own business, Ward Installers, that blossomed, franchising it out and later using his wealth to dabble in the stock market. With Tracey's savvy business head, they quickly amassed a financial empire, taking advantage of both the muggle and wizarding stock exchanges. The Weasley line would prosper for generations to come.

Dean and Ginny had a beautiful fall wedding in 2000, and had one child, a daughter. Both joined the Auror Corp, rising up through its ranks quickly, until the retired in 2020, to travel the world.

Sirius and Lisa were married New Year's Eve, 2004, and quickly started producing the first of their four boys. Sirius had invested money in W.W.W., earning him millions of galleons in return and coupled with his already magnificent financial portfolio, neither he or Lisa had decided to work, rather, they raised their children together, enjoying life to its fullest. Sirius figured he'd earned this right with is thirteen year stay in Azkaban.

Neville and Hermione Longbottom welcomed their first born, a son named Franklin Neville Longbottom shortly after Harrison was born, in March of 2001. Over the next three years, the added two daughters named Alyssa and Acadia all while continuing to live and teach at Hogwarts. After Professor Sprout retired in 2006, Neville took over the Herbology professorship, and became head of Ravenclaw House when Flitwick was elevated to Headmaster in 2008, after Minerva retired to her Manor in the Scottish hillside. Hermione took over the Charms Department, and became Deputy Headmistress in 2008, ascending the Headmistress in 2024, where she stayed for over 50 years, going down as one of the smartest, fairest witches of her age. Neville and Hermione both retired together in 2074.

Harry, too, retired from Quidditch in 2010, after leading his team to their 8th championship, and third in a row. Harry and Alicia, having the ever active sex life, went on to have four more children, including another set of fraternal twins, making it four boys to three girls, much to the amusement of their friends…the Potter line was once again alive and thriving. Harry continued to serve on the Wizengamot, Hogwarts Board, and run his financial empire, but other than that, Harry took pride in staying home as much as possible, raising his very large family along side his wife. As the years passed, Harry's family grew to include 22 grandchildren, oddly enough, 11 of each sex, and 68 great-grandchildren, and by the time he and Alicia lay in their bed, the seconds ticking down on their lives together, they had welcomed over 73 great-great-grandchildren. There last words to each other on Christmas Eve, 2137, as they took their last breaths, were, "I love you, forever."

The End.


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