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Through Draco's Eyes

-Chapter 1-

The Train

Narcissa Malfoy and her son, Draco, walked hurriedly down platform 9 and three quarters, the clock reading three minutes until nine. "Draco," Narcissa said, her blonde hair whipping in her face, "Please remember to be safe this year."

"Mother," Draco panted, his quick run turning into a slight jog, "Have I ever disappointed you before?"

They stopped running, and Narcissa turned to Draco, "Last year you were nearly expelled. Don't play games, young man!" Narcissa wrapped her arms around her nearly-seventeen year old son, "and remember," she whispered in his ear, "I love you."

"Mom!" Draco hissed, "You- are- embar-rassing- me!" He struggled out of her strong embrace.

Draco's eyes caught sight of a snickering Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Narcissa rubbed some dirt off his cheek, and sent him on the train.

Draco strode through the hallways looking for his "friends," or more correctly, his bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle. True, Draco could protect himself if needed, he was the second best wizard in his year. Second to that mudblood, Hermione Granger. Oh, how it sickened him to see that girl's hand shoot up in every class they had together. Draco's stomach lurched, though not because of a sickening thought, but a nervous thought of how awkward it would be if they both were to receive the titles of head boy and girl this year. Coming back to reality, Draco noticed a dark Blaise Zabini and a pale Pansy Parkinson sitting in an otherwise empty compartment.

"Hey, how are you both?" Draco greeted his two friends, and was greeted back with a rib-cracking hug from Pansy Parkinson.

"Ooh!" Pansy squealed, her eyes lighting up, "How are you Draco, baby?" She cooed over Draco while he tried to wriggle free of an unwelcome embrace for the second time today.

"Get- off- me—WOMAN!" Draco finally pushed her away and Blaise snickered behind the latest copy of the Daily Prophet. "I AM NOT YOUR 'BABY' OR ANYTHING ELSE! I AM DRACO!"

"I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU, DRACO!" Pansy shrieked and Draco knew her voice was much too loud to stay confined to a tiny compartment such as the one they currently occupied.

"I TRY TO GREET YOU NICELY!" Draco noticed a small crowd forming outside in the hall, and began backing up towards the window, Pansy advancing on him.


"BECAUSE THERE ISN'T!" Draco screamed back. Snape burst through the door, wand at the ready, expecting the need to jinx someone.

"What is the meaning of all this?" Snape snapped (A/N: I couldn't resist.. lol).

"I.." Draco started loudly, then fixed his voice to an acceptable tone, "Girl problems, Professor, my apologies."

"You or Parkinson?" Draco could hear Ron Weasley yell out over the crowd.

"Saturday night, my office, Weasley!" Snape yelled back into the hall outside, earning him a grumble from the red-head. "Well," Snape hissed into the compartment, "I suggest you settle this argument some other time!"

With a mumbling reply of "Yes, sir," Snape left.

Pansy plopped herself down next to Blaise, causing him to be forced to move down. Draco threw his luggage into the over head storage and left for the yearly prefects meeting.

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