Gabriella got up and rushed downstairs and out the door. She hurried along the familiar roads and soon found herself at the Evan's home...again. She crept around the house and glanced in one of the windows.

Her jaw dropped. Ryan and Erin were dancing very slowly around the living room and as she was watching them, they began kissing. Gabriella felt tears in her eyes as they stopped moving and Ryan easily lifted Erin up into his arms.

He spun her around and she again threw her head back and laughed. Tears were now streaming down Gabriella's face as she watched them silently sit down on the couch and continue kissing.

She backed away slowly, picked up and rock and hurled it as hard as she could at the window.

Ryan looked through the shattered glass to Gabriella's hurt face, disentangled himself from Erin and walked over to her. He held out his hand but before she could do anything...

she woke up.

Gabriella leapt to her feet and glanced at the clock. 15 minutes had hardly passed. She quickly crawled onto her balconey then jumped down, and took off into a sprint through the woods.

Gabriella tiptoed quickly to the same window she had just visited in her dreams and peeked in. Ryan and Erin were sitting on the couch together, talking. She could barely make out what they were saying, but they weren't inaudible.

"He says I have to come home, but I don't want to leave yet! We've hardly spent any time together! It's not fair!" She sounded close to tears.

"Hey, we have all the time in the world! When does he say you have to leave?"

"Tomorrow!" She said, now in tears.

"How about I call and ask him to let you stay a bit longer."

"I just want to be with you, I mean I see Sharpay more than you. And I love spending time with you!" She choked out, sobbing.

"We'll get through this, ok?"

"Gabriella? What are you doing here?" Gabriella jumped and looked to her side and saw Sharpay standing in the doorway of the back entrance to the house.

"I, um..." Gabriella was at a loss for words.

"Whatever, listen, just come inside, come on! I'll help you!" Sharpay feverishly whispered then pulled Gabriella inside and stuff her into a closet.

Gabriella was really surprised at how nice Sharpay was being and didn't surface from her thoughts until she heard Ryan get up. She pushed the door open a crack and saw him kissing her forehead, before picking her up and carrying her upstairs.

Gabriella was furious! She crawled out of the closet then leaned in the doorway of the hall between the stairs and the living room. Ryan came back down and jumped at the sight of Gabriella standing there.

"Gabriella? what are you doing here?"

"I'll tell you what! You lead people on! You think that you can just toy with a girls heart while being in a relationship with someone else! That is just so typical of men!" Gabriella started ranting while Ryan took a few steps towards her, so that he was only a foot and a half away from her.

"You men think that you can just flounce around being all wonderful without breaking anyones heart, while they're are people who are completely affected by this! What is wrong with you anyway! Do you enjoy being so, so...ugh!" Gabriella now was on a tirade, so Ryan cleared his throat, closed the gap between them and clamping his mouth onto hers.

All of Gabriella's anger seemed to seep out of her, as Ryan kissed her.

Ryan's kissing me...Ryan's kissing me...Ryan's kissing me... Her mind screamed.

She took a step back, breaking off the suction between their lips and closed her eyes. "Gabriella...I'm not sure what you're talking about but I think I have an idea..." Ryan started but was cut off by Erin walking into the room in one of Ryan's T Shirts, rubbing her eyes.

"Everything alright..." She muttered sleepily.

"You!" Gabriella hissed practically pouncing on her, but being stopped by Ryan.

"You have some nerve! Did you know that!" Gabriella continued. "Coming here and stealing men from innocent people!" Erin glanced between Ryan and Gabriella then realization seemed to strike her.

"OH! You're Gabriella!" She squealed. "Oh my gosh, Ryan has told me so much about you! Like about your hair, and eyes, and lips and everything!" She gushed on and on, while Ryan blushed deeply.

Sharpay walked in, wearing a pink tank top and white sweat pants. "What are you all doing?" She asked, mocking confusion.

Erin jumped in a half circle and grabbed Sharpay's arm. "That's the Gabriella!" She practically screamed.

"Yeah... that's her." Sharpay replied in an almost bored voice.

"What on earth is going on!" Gabriella burst out suddenly. "Why are you going on and on about me! Aren't you Ryan's girlfriend! Shouldn't you be like beating me up or something!"

Erin stopped jumping about and arched her brow. "Girlfriend! Me and Ryan! As if! He's my cousin!" She said matter of factly.

"Cousin..." Gabriella asked faintly.

"Ya-huh!" Erin repleid brightly then skipped out of the room.

"Wow, you really are a genius!" Sharpay stated sarcastically then strut back to her room.

Gabriella slowly turned back toward Ryan, who gave her a sheepish grin.

"Yeah, she's my cousin and she was upset because her dad wants her to come home early."

"Oh..." Gabriella said, looking down at the floor.

"Hey...I was just wondering...if maybe'd like to, maybe, go out with me. For like a smoothie or something." Ryan started hesitantly.

Gabriella glanced up at him and smirked slightly, pulled him in for another kiss.


Gabriella spent the next few weeks blissfully unaware of her surroundings. She sat with Ryan and Sharpay at lunch and Ryan would drive her home after their practices had let out.

Erin convinced her dad to let her stay in New Mexico for another week and she and Gabriella became fast friends.

Sharpay and Troy were rumored to be together, though no one was truly certain.

And they spent many many months happily ever after...well for the time being, after all, they're only in high school!

Well, what do you think...that's the end...let me know! Thank you for reading this story! And sorry about the cheesy ending...